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May 10, 2021 at 5:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call and Establish a Quorum
4. Additional Items
5. Public Comment
6. Agenda
6.A. Consent Agenda:  Cinda Jensen
All items listed below are considered to be routine by the Crosslake Community School Board of Education and will be acted upon by one motion; however, any Board member may request that items on the Consent Agenda be removed from it for independent consideration. Any items so identified will be moved to the Action Item portion of the Agenda.
6.A.1. Board of Education Minutes from April 12, 2021 Board meeting
6.A.2. Finance Meeting Minutes
6.A.3. EE Committee Meeting Minutes
6.A.4. Health and Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes
6.A.5. Marketing Committee Meeting Minutes
6.A.6. Long-Term Leadership Planning Committee Minutes
6.A.7. Personnel Matters
Resignation of Shanna Anderson, Paraprofessional, effective May 12, 2021
Retirement of Julie Friday, Paraprofessional, at the end of school year
Retirement of John Richardson, Social Studies Teacher, at the end of school year
Posting for a Seat-Based Special Education Teacher
Posting for an Online Special Education Teacher
Posting for a Seat-Based Math Teacher for 5th-8th Grades
Posting for a Special Education Paraprofessional
6.A.8. Food Service Reports
6.A.9. Gifts and Donations
Hand-Sewn Masks by Kitty Daniels
Masks and Hand Sanitizer by Abbott Family
$500 Donation from Crow Wing Energized
$1,000 Donation from Crow Wing Energized
6.B. Action Items: Cinda Jensen 
6.B.1. Approve March 2021 Financial Information
6.B.2. Review and Approve Creation of Collaboration Committee
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
6.B.3. Approve Facility Use 
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
Description:  Approve Facility Use for Kamp Kimchee (July 11-16, 2021)
Kamp Kimchee President; Angela Herzog
CCS Primary Contact: Jodi Schott, (arrangement initially discussed by former CCS Executive Director)
Facility Rental $200/day, plus custodial ($20/hr). Use of gym, common areas,  kitchen, 3 classrooms (Kathy Faust, and teacher permission has been granted). A common use agreement will be signed.

The Mission of Kamp Kimchee is io provide families with an inclusive, supportive Korean cultural community in order to build self-esteem, common identity, and healthy relationships. Kamp Kimchee is a week-long family day camp held annually in Central Minnesota. Kamp is traditionally hosted the second week of July. Classes are offered for children ranging in age from 4 years old through 12th grade. Special daily programming is provided for Kamp parents. 
6.B.4. Approve Child Nutrition Costs
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen; Kathy Faust
Description:  Due to increased milk costs, CCS proposes to increase individual milk carton cost from $.30 to $.40 (when students buy an extra milk).

CCS also proposes to renew its partnership with Minnesota School Food Buying Group (MSFBG), which helps CCS to reduce costs by saving money through volume purchasing. To continue participating in MSFBG, CCS will need to make a payment of $450.00.
6.B.5. Approve Policies 
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
Description:  These Policies were reviewed at 4/12/21 Regular BOE Meeting and no revisions were requested/made.
405 Veterans Preference - Hiring
424 License Status
510 School Activities
532 Use of Peace Officers and Crisis Teams to Remove Students with IEPs from School Grounds
550 E-Learning Days
615 Testing Accommodations, Modifications, and Exemptions for IEPs, Section 504 Plans, and IEP Students
902 Use of School Facilities
6.B.6. MACS 2021-2022 Dues
6.C. Information/Discussion Items:
6.C.1. Osprey Wilds: CCS Contract Renewal Process
Presenter:  James Ewer, Osprey Wilds
Description:  James Ewer, Osprey Wilds, will discuss CCS Contract Renewal Process
6.C.2. Review Career and Technical Education Update/Recommendation 
Presenter:  Director of Health Services
6.C.3. Osprey Wilds: Academic Performance Evaluation
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
Description:  Consider moving to Action Item after reviewal
6.C.4. Discuss Finance Workshop Session for 2021/22 Budget
Presenter:  Beverly Loeffler
Description:  Consider Monday, May 17, or May 24, from 4-8 pm.
6.C.5. Review CCS Hiring Process Guidelines/Practices
Presenter:  Beverly Loeffler
6.C.6. Review BOE-Approved Committee Needs
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
6.C.7. 2021-2022 Board Meeting Schedule
6.C.8. Review 2021/2022 School Calendar
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
Consider moving to Action Item after Review
6.C.9. First Review of Policies
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
Description:  The following policies must be reviewed annually. Those that are in bold also are referenced in the CCS Student/Family Handbook. We will also be adding the E-Learning Days Policy to our Student/Family Handbook. 

410 Family and Medical Leave
413 Harassment and Violence
414 Mandated Reporting of Child Neglect or Physical or Sexual Abuse
415 Mandated Reporting of Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults
506 Student Discipline
514 Bullying Prohibition
522 Student Sex Nondiscrimination
524 Interned Acceptable Use and Safety Policy
616 System Accountability
806 Crisis Management Policy

The following policies are not reviewed annually, but are referenced in the Student/Family Handbook and therefore need to be reviewed:

419 Tobacco-Free Policy
502 Search of Student Lockers, Desks, etc.
526 Hazing Prohibition 
903 Visitors to Building and Site

6.C.10. Second Review of School Policies
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
Description:  408: Subpoena of a School Employee
Spelling correction of CCS made in IV., Section B. 

421: Gifts to Employees and School Board Members
Do we want to define "nominal value?"
Do we want to include something about donations to classrooms for students are acceptable?

515: Student Records
Spelling correction of CCS in General Statement section.

6.C.11. Professional Development
6.C.11.a. Board of Education
MSBA Workshop Series: School Law Update Handout
6.C.12. FY 21 Revised Budget
6.D. Reports: (55 minutes)
6.D.1. Interim Leaders Update
Presenter:  Holly Amaya, Jill Arendt, Annette Klang
CCS ADM Breakdown School Year 20-21
Budgeted ADM is 325
ADM Submitted to State is 346
Total Number of Students is 373
Number of Online Students is 224
Number of Seat-Based Students is 149
6.D.2. Long-Term Leadership Strategic Planning Committee Update
Presenter:  Mindy Glazier and Amy Scheuman
6.D.3. EE Seat-Based Committee Report: Lance Swanson (5 minutes)
6.D.4. EE Online Committee Reports: Kysa Corbett (5 minutes)
6.D.5. Finance Committee Report: Beverly Loeffler (5 minutes)
6.D.6. Academic Performance/Assessment Results: Beverly Loeffler (5 minutes)
6.D.7. Health and Wellness Committee: Kysa Corbett (5 minutes)
6.D.8. Community Engagement Committee: Heidi O'Brien (5 minutes)
6.D.9. Marketing Committee: Maggie Heggerston (5 minutes)
6.D.10. Facilities Committee: Lance Swanson (5 minutes)
6.D.11. Director Evaluation Committee: Cinda Jensen (5 minutes)
7. Authorizer Update:
7.A. Board Observation Feedback
8. June 14, 2021  Meeting Preparation: Cinda Jensen (5 minutes)
8.A. Suggestion for Discussion Topics for Next Meeting
8.A.1. High Reliability Schools (HRS) Update
Presenter:  Mara Powers
8.B. Policy Review
8.C. 2021-2022 Staff Handbook
8.D. 2021-2022 Student and Family Handbook
8.E. 2021-2022 Crisis Manual
9. Board Meeting Evaluation:
10. Adjourn the Regular Board of Education Meeting

Next regular Board of Education meeting: June 14, 2021 at 5 p.m.  The Board of Education members are encouraged to meet at Crosslake Community School for the Board meeting.  A digital link will be available for the meeting as well.
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