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April 12, 2021 at 5:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call and Establish a Quorum
4. Additional Items
5. Public Comment
6. Agenda
6.A. Consent Agenda:  Cinda Jensen
All items listed below are considered to be routine by the Crosslake Community School Board of Education and will be acted upon by one motion; however, any Board member may request that items on the Consent Agenda be removed from it for independent consideration. Any items so identified will be moved to the Action Item portion of the Agenda.
6.A.1. Board of Education Minutes from March 8, 2021 Regular Board Meeting
6.A.2. Board of Education Minutes from March 12, 2021 Special Board Meeting
6.A.3. Board of Education Minutes from March 18, 2021 Special Board Meeting
6.A.4. EE Seat-Based Committee Meeting Minutes
6.A.5. EE Online Committee Meeting Minutes
6.A.6. Personnel Matters
Resignation of Employment with Clifford Skagen effective March 12, 2021
Dismissal of Employment with Stacy Bender effective March 12, 2021
Resignation of Katey Wadewitz effective March 19, 2021
Retirement of Janna Blanski at end of SY 20-21
6.A.7. Food Service Reports
6.A.8. Gifts and Donations
Journey North Church (Todd Lyscio) donated rolls of toilet paper
Candy from Wes Hanson Builders (Warren and Waylen Watson's dad)
$3,000 from Crosslake/Ideal Lions to CCS Trap Team
Youth and Adult Hand-Sewn Masks from Jane Burmeister
$500 from Wells Fargo (Kysa Corbett) for anything EE  related
$243.66 from Renee Schumacher
6.B. Action Items: Cinda Jensen 
6.B.1. Review and Approve January 31, 2021 Financial Information
6.B.2. Review and Approve February 28, 2021 Financial Information
6.B.3. Review and Approve Creation of Long-Term Leadership Planning Committee
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
Description:  If approved, nominate/approve committee members and committee chair
6.B.4. Surveys - Student, Parent/Guardian, Staff (Online and Seat-Based)
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
Based on feedback from our last Regular Board Meeting on March 8, 2021, the survey items have been updated to reflect this input. A goal was to have common wording on survey items for both online and seat-based surveys wherever possible. The survey item wording for students should be understood by grade school students as well as high school students.

Discuss timing of release of surveys.
6.B.5. Update and Approve CCS Signer(s) to Jodi Schott and Beverly Loeffler
Beverly Loeffler would have permission to sign off on the PPP Loan forgiveness as well as any additional signings regarding this loan if applicable.
6.C. Information/Discussion Items:
6.C.1. Career and Technical Education (CTE) Update Related to Health Occupations
Presenter:  Cassie Carey
Cassie Carey will share proposed pilot of Health Occupations student program
6.C.2. SY 2021-2022 Calendar Update
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
Edited Board approved calendar.
6.C.3. Creation of a Collaboration Committee
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
Committee will be focused on strengthening the relationships, understanding, and practices between our online and seat-based programs, and potential opportunities to seize for students, staff and communities.
6.C.4. Academic Performance / Achievement Results - STAR Results
Presenter:  Beverly Loeffler
6.C.5. Policy Review
Description:  NOTE: There are several policies to review, however, these are being discussed at this meeting and will be approved at our May BOE meeting. Please send minor edit suggestions to BOE Chair. Discuss substantive comments/questions at 4/12/21 BOE Meeting.

405 Veteran's Preference
408 Subpoena of a School Employee
421 Gifts to Employees and School board Members
424 License Status
503 Student Attendance
510 School Activities
515 Protection and Privacy of Public Records
532 Use of Peace Officers and Crisis Teams to Remove Students with IEPs From School Grounds
550 E-Learning Day
615 Testing Accommodations, Modifications, and Exemptions for IEPS, Section 504 Plans, and LEP Students
902 Use of School Facilities
6.C.6. Strategic Plan Realigment
Consider revisiting after implementation of long-term leadership planning.
6.C.7. Evaluate Need for a Lottery
CCS has received 
10 applications for Kindergarten
4 applications for 1st grade
2 Applications for 4th grade
1 application for 6th grade
1 application for 7th grade
0 applications for 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th 

With rolling over the current enrollment, we have room for all students so no lottery will need to take place. 1st and 2nd grade will be full if everyone stays enrolled.

Currently, no lottery is needed for CCS's online program.
6.C.8. Return of Board of Education to In-Person Board Meetings
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
When should the Board of Education return to in-person meetings?  Suggestion is to begin in May 2021.
6.C.9. Board Composition
Presenter:  Cinda Jensen
Heidi O'Brien - 12/31/2021
Lance Swanson - 12/31/2021
Ronda Veit - 12/31/2021
Kysa Corbett - 12/31/2021
Beverly Loeffler - 12/31/2022
Cinda Jensen - 12/31/2022
Maggie Hegerston - 12/31/2022
Position Open
6.C.10. Compensation Packages
Presenter:  Beverly Loeffler
6.C.11. Job Descriptions
Work in progress - job descriptions are being updated.
6.D. Reports: (55 minutes)
6.D.1. Interim Leaders Report: (5 minutes) 

CCS ADM Breakdown School Year 20-21
Budgeted ADM is 325
ADM Submitted to State is 347
Total Number of Students is 370
Number of Online Students is 222
Number of Seat-Based Students is 148
6.D.2. EE Committee Report: Lance Swanson (5 minutes)
6.D.3. EE Online Committee Reports: Kysa Corbett (5 minutes)
6.D.4. Finance Committee Report: Beverly Loeffler (5 minutes)
6.D.5. Academic Performance/Assessment Results: Beverly Loeffler (5 minutes)
6.D.6. Health and Wellness Committee: Kysa Corbett (5 minutes)
6.D.7. Community Engagement Committee: Heidi O'Brien (5 minutes)
6.D.8. Marketing Committee: Maggie Heggerston (5 minutes)
6.D.9. Facilities Committee: Lance Swanson (5 minutes)
6.D.10. Director Evaluation Committee: Cinda Jensen (5 minutes)
7. May 10, 2021 Meeting Preparation: Cinda Jensen (5 minutes)
7.A. Suggestion for Discussion Topics for Next Meeting
7.B. Policy Review
425 Staff Development
8. Board Meeting Evaluation:
9. Adjourn the Regular Board of Education Meeting

Next regular Board of Education meeting: May 10, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.
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