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March 30, 2022 at 3:30 PM - Board Executive Committee Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Committee Updates
2.A. Property & Facilities Committee
2.A.1. INFORMATION ITEM:  Becoming an Entrepreneurial Community College
2.A.2. INFORMATION ITEM:  Pedestrian Bridge
2.A.2.a. Update on Pedestrian Bridge Timelime
2.A.2.b. Update on Financials for Pedestrian Bridge - Exhibit 2A2b
2.A.3. INFORMATION ITEM:  Update on Health Science Education Center
2.A.4. INFORMATION ITEM:  Update on Bunkhouse Asbestos Removal and Target Date for Demolition
2.A.5. INFORMATION ITEM: Update on Stark Hall Restroom Renovation
2.A.6. INFORMATION ITEM:  Update on ETPA (East Texas Police Academy) Classroom Facility Renovation
2.A.7. INFORMATION ITEM:  FY23 Update on Preliminary Capital Budget Process Timeline - Exhibit 2A7
2.A.8. INFORMATION ITEM:  Update on Fire Alarm Install and Update Plan
2.A.9. INFORMATION ITEM:  Longview University Center (LUC)
2.A.10. INFORMATION ITEM: CDL Testing and Training Facility
2.B. Policy & Personnel Committee
2.B.1. INFORMATION ITEM:  Becoming an Entrepreneurial Community College
2.B.2. ACTION ITEM:  Personnel Agenda - Exhibit 2B2
2.B.3. INFORMATION ITEM:  Update on TASB Salary Study
2.B.4. ACTION ITEM: New TASB Policies
2.B.4.a. CAM (Legal, Local) Grants, Donations from Private Sources - Exhibit 2B4a
2.B.4.b. DBA (Legal, Local)  Credentials and Records - Exhibit 2B4b
2.B.4.c. FDA (Legal, Local)  Residency - Exhibit 2B4c
2.B.5. INFORMATION ITEM:  Remote Work Policy/Procedures
2.C. Student Success Committee
2.C.1. INFORMATION ITEM:  Sigma Kappa Delta (The English Honor Society for Two-Year Colleges) Outstanding Chapter Designation
Heather Fitch, Chapter Advisor
2.C.2. INFORMATION ITEM: Innovation Grant Recipients
  1. Dr. Meredith May
  2. Courtney Akvan
  3. Karen Dulweber - Exhibit 2C2
2.C.3. INFORMATION ITEM:  Becoming an Entrepreneurial Community College
2.C.4. DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Committee
2.C.4.a. INFORMATION ITEM:  DEI Upcoming Events for Kilgore College and Community - Exhibit 2C4a
2.C.5. INFORMATION ITEM:  Dual Credit Update - Exhibit 2C5
2.C.6. INFORMATION ITEM:  KC Connection and Spring Preview Days - Exhibit 2C6
2.C.7. INFORMATION ITEM:  Career Trees - Exhibit 2C7 
2.C.8. INFORMATION ITEM:  Career Fairs - Exhibit 2C8
2.C.9. ACTION ITEM:  2022-2023 Course Catalog Presentation (Includes Calendar) - Exhibit 2C9
2.D. Investment/Finance/Audit Committee
2.D.1. INFORMATION ITEM:  Becoming an Entrepreneurial Community College
2.D.2. INFORMATION ITEM:  Audit Update
2.D.3. INFORMATION ITEM:  Capital Budget Process
2.D.4. INFORMATION ITEM:  FY23 Budget Process
2.D.5. INFORMATION ITEM:  Increasing Revenues - Entrepreneurial College
2.D.6. INFORMATION ITEM:  Pedestrian Bridge Financial Update - Exhibit 2D6
2.D.7. INFORMATION ITEM:  Public Funds Investment Act (PFIA) Quarter 1 - Corrected - Exhibit 2D7
2.D.8. INFORMATION ITEM: PFIA (Public Funds Investment Act) Quarter 2 - Exhibit 2D8
2.D.9. INFORMATION ITEM:  Financials:
  1. December 2021
  2. January 2022
2.D.10. ACTION ITEM:  ETCOG Purchasing Group Resolution & Interlocal Cooperation Contract - Exhibit 2D10
2.D.11. ACTION ITEM:  Interlocal Cooperation Contract/Tax Collection Agreement Between Gregg County and Kilgore College - Exhibit 2D11
2.D.12. ACTION ITEM:  Kilgore College's TASB Risk Management Fund Membership - Exhibit 2D12
2.D.13. ACTION ITEM:  Kilgore Economic Development Council Tax Abatement Compliance - Exhibit 2D13
2.D.14. INFORMATION ITEM:  Credit Card Pilot Program - Exhibit 2D14
2.D.15. INFORMATION ITEM:  Parks Fitness Center Re-opening - Exhibit 2D15
2.D.16. INFORMATION ITEM:  Retail Operations Manager Update 
2.D.17. INFORMATION ITEM:  Managing Print Services - Exhibit 3D17
3. Review of Upcoming Board Meeting Agenda - Exhibit 3
4. Legal Updates
5. New Business Items:
5.A. Meals/Training before Board Meetings
5.B. New Trustee Oath of Office - Exhibit 5B
5.C. New Trustee Orientation
5.D. Upshur County Appraisal District Board Vacancy - Exhibit 5D
5.E. Board Policy Revisit
5.F. Reclassification of Coaches
5.G. KC Nursing Program
5.H. KC Organizational Hours
5.I. Next Board Meeting
6. Walk-ins: All
6.A. Community College Association of Texas Trustees (CCATT) Annual Conference - Exhibit 6A
Thursday, June 16 - Saturday, June 18, Houston, Texas
7. Adjourn

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