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June 22, 2022 at 5:30 PM - Board Executive Committee Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. ACTION ITEM:  April & May 2022 Legal Updates
3. Committee Updates
3.A. Property & Facilities Committee
3.A.1. INFORMATION ITEM:  Becoming an Entrepreneurial Community College
3.A.2. INFORMATION ITEM:  Close-Out of the McKinstry Project - Engineering Science Building Update
3.A.3. INFORMATION ITEM:  Update on Summer Maintenance Projects
3.A.4. INFORMATION ITEMS:  Pedestrian Bridge 
3.A.4.a. Update on Pedestrian Bridge - Exhibit 
3.A.4.b. Update on Financial for Pedestrian Bridge - Exhibit 
3.A.5. INFORMATION ITEM:  Update on Health Sciences Education Center
3.A.6. INFORMATION ITEM:  Update on Student Housing/Stark Hall
3.A.7. INFORMATION ITEM:  Update on Dodson Auditorium Project Based Fundraising
3.B. Policy & Personnel Committee
3.B.1. INFORMATION ITEM:  Becoming an Entrepreneurial Community College
3.B.2. INFORMATION ITEM: Personnel Agenda - Exhibit 
3.B.3. INFORMATION ITEM:  Update on TASB Salary Study
3.B.4. ACTION ITEM:  To consider approval of the following TASB Policies:
3.B.4.a. DDA (Local) Personnel Positions: Qualifications and Duties - Exhibit 
3.B.4.b. DEE (Legal, Local, Administrative Rule) - Expense Reimbursement - Exhibit 
3.B.4.c. DJ (Legal, Local) - Assignment, Work Load, and Schedules - Exhibit 
3.B.4.d. DLB (Local) Employee Performance Suspension - Exhibit 
3.B.4.e. EE (Local) Curriculum Development and Revision - Exhibit 
3.B.4.f. FEA (Legal, Local) Financial Aid and Scholarships - Exhibit 
3.B.4.g. FLB (Legal, Local) Student Conduct - Exhibit 
3.B.4.h. GK (Local) Relations with Educational Agencies - Exhibit 
3.C. Student Success Committee
3.C.1. Student Success Data Spotlight
3.C.1.a. Student Academic Standing Trend Data - Exhibit 
3.C.2. ACTION ITEM: To consider the purchase of Modern Campus (Destiny One): Continuing Education (CE) Web Portal Software - Exhibit 
3.C.3. INFORMATION ITEM:  Athletics & Academics - Exhibit 
3.C.4. INFORMATION ITEM:  Active Shooter Training for Civilians Overview - Exhibit 
3.C.5. INFORMATION ITEM:  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Committee:
Juneteenth Commemoration & 2022 - 2023 Event Calendar - Exhibit 
3.D. Investment/Finance/Audit Committee
3.D.1. ACTION ITEM: To consider the sale of excess property for the Gregg Appraisal District - Exhibit
3.D.2. ACTION ITEM:  To consider an Interlocal Cooperative Purchasing Agreement between Region 8 Education Service Center & Kilgore College - Exhibit 
3.D.3. ACTION ITEM:  To consider reallocating budgeted FY22 expansion funds to repurpose the KC Commons Cafeteria Building to a Production Print Center. Not to exceed $250,000.00 - Exhibit
3.D.4. ACTION ITEM:  To consider reallocating budgeted FY22 expansion funds to repurpose the KC Bookstore to a KC College Store. Not to exceed $100,000.00. Exhibit
3.D.5. ACTION ITEM:  To consider implementing a new membership and price structure for the reopening of the KC Parks Fitness Center on July 1, 2022. - Exhibit
3.D.6. INFORMATION ITEM:  FY 23 Budget Process
3.D.7. INFORMATION ITEM: Audit Report 
3.D.8. INFORMATION ITEM: Financial Snapshot April 2022 - Exhibit 
3.D.9. INFORMATION ITEM:  Property Tax Projections - Property Tax Hearing - Exhibit 
3.D.10. INFORMATION ITEM:  Pedestrian Bridge RFP and Halff Expenses to Date - Exhibit 
3.D.11. INFORMATION ITEM: Modern Campus: Continuing Education (CE) Web Portal Software
3.D.12. INFORMATION ITEM:  Policy DEE: Per Diem/Reimbursement (Legal, Local, Administrative Rule) - Exhibit 
3.D.13. INFORMATION ITEM:  Consideration of Meeting Dates:
  • August Investment/Finance/Audit Board Committee Meeting: August 2, 2022 at 5:30PM
  • Budget Workshop: August 4, 2022 at 6:00PM
  • August Board Meeting: August 29, 2022 at 6:30PM
  • Property Tax Hearing: September 26, 2022 from 5:45 - 6:15PM
  • September Board Meeting:  September 26, 2022 at 6:30PM
4. Review of Upcoming Board Meeting Agenda - Exhibit
5. New Business Items: President's Report
5.A. Meals/Training before Board Meetings
5.B. Review of 6-11-2022 Board Retreat, Goals, and Action Steps
5.C. Trustees to sign "Conflict of Interest" Statement - Exhibit
5.D. Trustees to sign "KC Information Resources User Agreement" - Exhibit
5.E. Cybersecurity Training Video
  • Provide website and deadline for watching video - Exhibit
  • Email to verify completion of the training
5.F. Original Communication and one reminder
6. Walk-ins: All
7. Adjourn

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