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June 1, 2022 at 6:15 PM - Policy & Personnel Committee

1. Call to Order
2. Update Items:
2.A. INFORMATION ITEM:  Becoming an Entrepreneurial Community College
3. Standing Committee Items:
3.A. INFORMATION ITEM: Personnel Agenda - Exhibit 3A
3.B. INFORMATION ITEM:  Update on TASB Salary Study
3.C. ACTION ITEM:  New TASB Policies
3.C.1. DDA (Local) Personnel Positions: Qualifications and Duties - Exhibit 3C1
3.C.2. DEE (Legal, Local, Administrative Rule) - Expense Reimbursement - Exhibit 3C2
3.C.3. DJ (Legal, Local) - Assignment, Work Load, and Schedules - Exhibit 3C3
3.C.4. DLB (Local) Employee Performance Suspension - Exhibit 3C4
3.C.5. EE (Local) Curriculum Development and Revision - Exhibit 3C5
3.C.6. FEA (Legal, Local) Financial Aid and Scholarships - Exhibit 3C6
3.C.7. FLB (Legal, Local) Student Conduct - Exhibit 3C7
3.C.8. GK (Local) Relations with Educational Agencies - Exhibit 3C8
4. New Business Items:
5. Walk-ins: All
6. Adjourn

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