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April 14, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

Description:  If you have questions or comments related to items not on the agenda, you may address the Board during Part II of the agenda. For public comment related to items which are listed on the agenda for discussion and possible legal action, you may provide input during the time the Board discusses the item.  In either case, please complete a "Request to Speak" Form and submit it to the Board Secretary before the meeting is called to order. Your name will be called when it's your turn to speak. Citizens are asked to restrict their comments to three (3) minutes. Groups wishing to speak should select a spokesperson to represent the view of the group.   Before you begin to speak, please identify yourself by clearly stating for the record your name and address.
I.1. Call to Order
I.2. Roll Call
I.3. Pledge of Allegiance
I.4. Moment of Silence
I.5. Adoption of Agenda
II. Public Comments 

(Action taken as a result of this open call for public comments or requests regarding items that are not on the agenda will be limited to directing the staff to study the matter or to reschedule the matter for further consideration at a future Board Meeting. Board Members are permitted to respond to criticism from the public, but may not discuss or take legal action on matters raised during the open call to the public).

III. Board Meeting Minutes Not Previously Approved
III.1. Regular Meetings
March 10, 2022
III.2. Public Hearing
March 10, 2022

IV. Presentations and Reports

Description:  (Notice must be specific as to the type of report that will be given, subject matter and who will be making the report. The Board may engage in discussion but will take no action during the meeting.) 

IV.1.  Superintendent’s Report 

IV.1.1. Interim report #1 from Salary and Benefits committee 

Presenter:  Mike Westcott
IV.2.  Site Administrative report
IV.2.1.  Academic progress report
Presenter:  Genie Gee, Gretchen Wesbrock
IV.2.2. AIA services provided to District
Presenter:  Yancey Devore
Description:  (Specific information on routine vouchers and personnel will be available at the District Office 24 hours prior to Board Meetings. Please see the Governing Board Secretary during regular office hours.(All items listed hereunder are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Board member so requests, in which event the item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be discussed separately.)
V.1. Approval of Routine Vouchers
V.1.1. Expense
1030 - $    9,353.18
1031 - $       15,547
1032 - $166,280.13
1033 - $    3,043.00
1034 - $  78,761.45
1035 - $    1,022.00
V.1.2. Payroll
23 - $343,019.41
24 - $318.248.00
25 - $356,313.95
V.1.3. Bookstore Activity
V.2. Personnel
V.2.1. HR Personnel Report
V.2.2. Administration
V.2.2.1. Classified/certified administrator contract 2022-23
V.2.2.2. Support services contract (psychologist) 2022-23
V.2.3. Certified Staff

V.2.3.1. Certified counselor’s contract for 2022-23

V.2.4. Classified Staff

V.2.4.1. Classified notice of employment, fixed term, (exempt) for 2022-23 and classified indefinite term contract for 12, 11, 10- month hourly employees and bus drivers. 

V.3. Donations
DonorsChose - Julie Heal's Classroom - $689.12
Hope Center Monthly Report
V.4. Policy Second Readings

V.4.1. 2nd Reading of modifications to Policy JFB Open Enrollment

V.4.2.  2nd Reading of modifications to Policy IKFB Graduation Exercises 

V.5. Scrapped Cars - Auto Shop
  • 2001 Jaguar S Type
  • 2004 S Forester 
  • 2003 Saturn Vue 

(Specific items of District business as listed for consideration - may include various categorical areas as the business of the District necessitates Board discussion, deliberation, and action)   

VI.1. Making Proud Choices Sex Education Curriculum 
Presenter:  Mike Westcott
Description:  (Consideration and possible approval of the MPC sex education curriculum for school year 2022-23 as previously presented by Laurel Abdelnour, Community Health Education Coordinator for Yavapai County Community Health Services) 

Link to view the digital copy of Making Proud Choices:
VI.2. Science Textbook adoption
Presenter:  Mike Westcott
Description:  (As required by Policy IJJ,  the McGraw-Hill text "Inspire Physical Science" has been properly displayed/linked from our website and is being recommended to the Board for consideration and adoption).

Link to preview the text: 

Login Information:
Username: InspireGr9-12
Password: MHEscience21
VI.3. Employee Benefits for the school year 2022-23
VI.4. Proposed Staff Holidays 
VI.5. Recommendations of the 2022 Salary and Benefits Committee
Presenter:  Mike Westcott
Description:  The governing Board may consider and possibly approve recommendations for Classified staff (new hire) chart increases, substitute and class coverage compensation, Certified staff salary advancement per credit hour, and COVID-related leave considerations.
Description:  (Matters about which the Board may engage in discussion but will take no action during the meeting)
VII.1. Information and Discussion regarding K-12 District policy services provided by The Trust.
Presenter:  Mike Westcott
VIII. Executive Session 
(Pursuant to A.R.S.§38-431.03 (A) (1) - The Board may vote to convene an Executive Session to discuss personnel matters related to the Superintendent’s annual evaluation and District policy CBI, CBI-E.)
IX. Consideration and possible approval of the Superintendent’s performance pay.

Board will consider approval of the Superintendent’s performance pay as specified by the Superintendent’s 2021-2024 contract, Exhibit A, and related to the Superintendent’s goals for the 2021-2022 school year.

X. Information Only Items 
Description:  (The Board will not propose, discuss, comment, or take legal action during the meeting)
X.1. Requests for Future Agenda Items 
Description:  (Discussion of items is not in order)

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