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January 11, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting along with Public Meeting at 5:45 PM to Discuss Human Sexuality Instruction and Curriculum

1. Call to Order
1.1. Roll call and establish a quorum
1.2. Prayer
1.3. Pledge
1.4. Reagan County ISD Board of Trustees Vision Statement. 
1.4.A. "Reagan County ISD is a District committed to Opportunity, Innovation and Individual Excellence."
2. Public Comments/Open Community Forum - The public is invited to sign up and speak on matters of concern. The Board welcomes comments during the public comment part of the meeting.  However, in accordance with the Texas Opens Meeting Act, Board Members cannot discuss or vote on issues not posted on the agenda.  Please limit comments to 5 minutes per speaker (BED Local).  Sign in with recording secretary.
3. Public Meeting to Discuss Human Sexuality Instruction and Curriculum
4. Parents/Students/Teachers of the Month
5. Administrative Reports to include Campus Reports, Special Populations, Curriculum, Athletic, Technology, Transportation, Food Service Reports as Needed:
5.1. Special Programs Director's Report: Testing Results, Special Programs
5.2. High School Principal's Report: Enrollment, Students of the Month, Updates
5.3. Middle School Principal's Report: Enrollment, Goals/Progress, Attendance, Students of the Month
5.4. Elementary Principal's Report: Enrollment, Attendance, People of the Month, Upcoming Events
5.5. Technology Director's Report: Online Testing, Navigate 360
5.6. Athletic Director's Report: Basketball, Spring Sports, Realignment
6. Superintendent's Report:
6.1.  RCISD Maintenance, Construction and ADA Update
6.2. We had staff development training on January 3rd and 4th. 
6.3. We received payment for Gaine's County Land Production from EOG Resources Inc. for November and December. We will have to send the checks back, and EOG Resources will send the payments to the County.
6.4. We will start developing the 2022-2023 school calendar this month.
6.5. We have a bond planning workshop scheduled for Thursday, January 20th at 6:00 PM.
6.6. We will attend the Proclamation 2022 Publisher Showcase for the new textbook adoption on February 17th. Next Month, the Board Meeting is scheduled for February 14th at 6:00 PM.
6.7. District Enrollment: 813
6.8. 313 Agreement: Targa Pipeline Payment expected in January $547,709
6.9. Federal Programs: 
  • TEA Initial Monitoring Cycle for SPED on January 6th
  • TEa Initial Monitoring Cycle for Dyslexia on January 7th
6.10. Covid Reports: 6-Positive Cases; 2 Employees - 4 Students
6.11. District Enrollment: 813
7. Consent Agenda: (Action Required) 
7.1. Previous Minutes: 12-13-2021
7.2. Business Manager's Report:
7.2.A. Bills as Paid:
7.2.B. Cash Balances, Revenues, Expenditures
7.2.C. Quarterly Investment Report:
8. New Business: Consider/Discuss: (Action Required)
8.1. Closed Session:
Consult with legal counsel to receive advice concerning compliance with the Voting Rights Act of 1965 regarding redistricting of single-member districts.
Sesion a puerta cerrada:
Consultar con el asesor juridico para recibir asesoramiento para cumplir con las disposiciones de la Ley del Derecho al Voto de 1965 relativas a la redistribución de distritos de un solo miembro.
8.2. Review of 2020 Redistricting Report provided by Underwood Law Firm
Revision del Informe del 2020 del bufete juridico Underwood sore la redistribucion de distritos.
8.3. Consideration and possible approval of a Resolution Adopting Principles for Use in the Redistricting Process.
Considerar Para su possible aprobadion un Resolucion Para adopter los principios a utilizer en el process de redistribution de distritos.
8.4. Consideration and possible approval of a Resolution Stating Guidelines for Persons Submitting Redistricting Plans and Comments.
Considerar Para su possible aprobacion una Resolucion Para establecer last pautas Para last personas que presenten planes o comentarios sore la redistribution de distritos
8.5. Consideration and possible action on the possibility of the reinstitution of the teacher/staff additional stipend program.
8.6. Consideration and Possible action on Superintendent's evaluation.
8.7. Consideration and possible action on Superintendent's contract.
9. Consider Adjournment:
10. Future Business: 

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