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September 13, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
1.1. Roll call and establish a quorum
1.2. Prayer
1.3. Pledge
1.4. Reagan County ISD Board of Trustees Vision Statement. 
1.4.A. "Reagan County ISD is a District committed to Opportunity, Innovation and Individual Excellence."
2. Public Comments/Open Community Forum - The public is invited to sign up and speak on matters of concern. The Board welcomes comments during the public comment part of the meeting.  However, in accordance with the Texas Opens Meeting Act, Board Members cannot discuss or vote on issues not posted on the agenda.  Please limit comments to 5 minutes per speaker (BED Local).  Sign in with recording secretary.
3. Parents/Students/Teachers of the Month
4. Administrative Reports to include Campus Reports, Special Populations, Curriculum, Athletic, Technology, Transportation, Food Service Reports as Needed:
4.1. Special Programs Director's Report: Special Programs Enrollment, CPI Training, Gifted and Talented, Testing
4.2. High School Principal's Report: Enrollment, Students of the Month, Parents of the Month, Teacher of the Month, Homecoming Court
4.3. Middle School Principal's Report: Upcoming Events
4.4. Elementary Principal's Report: Enrollment, Student Council Representatives, Mr. and Mrs. RCES, Growth Plan, Upcoming Events
4.5. Technology Director's Report: Chromebooks, Guardian Security, Hudl
4.6. Athletic Director's Report: Volleyball, Cross Country Meet, Football
5. Superintendent Report: RCISD Maintenance, ADA, Federal and Covid
5.1.  RCISD Maintenance, Construction and ADA Update
5.2. Staff Development Minutes Waiver approved by TEA (2,100 minutes/4.5 days)
5.3. GPS Air filtration system has been installed at every campus.
5.4. We reviewed bids on Friday, September 27th for the house on 804 North Pennsylvania.
5.5. We are requesting a new Middle School gym floor due to the flood damage from the roofing company.
5.6. The Middle School roof is projected to be done by October 1st.
5.7. We received the 2021 Accountability Ratings (See Attachment)
5.8. TASB Convention (Sept. 24-26 in Dallas)
5.9. Next month, the Board Meeting is scheduled for October 11, 2021.
5.10. District Enrollment 814.
5.11. Federal: 
  • Received Texas Covid Learning Acceleration Supports Grant Award $797,208 (Professional Development, Access to Print Materials, THL Products, Decodable, Texts, Dyslexia Tool, Texas College Bridge, and Paraprofessional Certification and Education)
  • ESL Program Evaluation (See Attachment)
5.12. COVID
5.13. Discuss Athletic Handbook and Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Regulations
5.14. Angelo Titan Technology
6. Chief Financial Officer's Report:
7. Consent Agenda: (Action Required) 
7.1. Previous Minutes:
7.2. Business Manager's Report:
7.2.A. Bills as Paid:
7.2.B. Cash Balances, Revenue, Expenditures
7.2.C. Monthly Collection of Taxes
7.2.D. Budget Amendments
8. New Business: Consider/Discuss: (Action Required)
8.1. Consideration and/or action to approve an Agreement for the purchasse of attendance credit (Option 3 Agreement) and to delegate contractual authority to the Superintendent.
8.2. Consideration and possible action to approve bus accident reporting (zero accidents).
8.3. Consideration and possible action to approve Caltech Agreement.
8.4. Consideration and possible action to approve Anthony Mechanical Agreement.
8.5. Consideration and possible action to approve SHAC Committee Members
8.6. Consideration and possible action to approve the sale of the house at 804 Pennsylvania ($1,100.10)
8.7. Consideration and possible action on a Resolution authorizing Local Emergency Paid Sick Leave due to circumstances arising from Covid-19.
9. Consider Adjournment:
10. Future Business: The regular October Reagan County ISD Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for October 11, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

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