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April 19, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
Discussion:  The meeting was called to order by Chair Bredman at 7:03 PM
2. Roll Call
Discussion:  Members present: Dion Bredman, Marla Field, Ryan Lindbom, Greg Berg, Leslie Shirek, David Herbranson and Superintendent Ellerbusch
Jacob Thonpson arrived at 7:50 PM
Guests present: Bryan Strand, Mike Schaub. Chris Messer, Michael Stein, Jodi Samuelson and Brooke Fradet
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Agenda
5. Approval of Minutes
7. Appreciation, Recognition and Presentations
8. Recognition of Citizens for Input Purposes
9. Reports/News
9.A. High School Principal's Report
9.B. Elementary Principal/Activities Director's Report
9.C. Superintendent's Report
9.D. Board Committee Reports
Discussion:  Greg Berg gave a history and description of the Region 1.
10. Removal of Consent Items for Discussion
11. Approval of Consent Items
11.A. Personnel
Description:  All hirings are based upon the findings of each individual's background check, licensure status, and discipline report from the Minnesota Department of Education.
11.A.1) Resignation Letter from Cindy Ullrich as Elementary Secretary
11.A.2) FMLA Leave Request from Marissa Westerberg
11.A.3) Mike Schaub as Head Boys Track Coach
11.A.4) Mariah Dant as Elementary Music Teacher
11.A.5) Kristin Hovde as Elementary Administrative Assistant 
11.A.6) Desi Erickson as Kids Club Program Co-Leader
11.B. Donations
11.B.1) $500 Donation from Barnesville Community Fund for 2021 Post Prom Activities
11.B.2) $150 Donation from Barnesville Rod N Gun for Trap Team
11.C. Project Application and Project Certification for Payment (Draw 12)
12. New Business
12.A. $6,000 Contribution to Lakeland Mental Health for Services
12.B. $2,000 Contribution to Barneville Legion for use of Baseball Field
Discussion:  Motion was made to approve up to a $2,000 contribution as needed.
12.C. Agreement with Barnesville Bus Company for Transportation Services in 2021-2023
12.D. Memorandum of Understanding between Hope Lutheran Brethren Church and Barnesville Public School
Attachments: (1)
12.E. Agreement with Finance Officer 2021-2023
Attachments: (1)
12.F. Agreement with Buildings and Grounds Supervisor 2021-2023
12.G. Membership in Lakes Country Service Cooperative's ECFE Consortium for FY22
12.H. Agreement between Lakes Country Service Cooperative and Barnesville Public School for Career and Technical Education Director Services during SY2021-22
12.I. Agreement with USI Consulting Group, Inc. for Actuarial Services 2021-22
12.J. AIA Contract Between Barnesville Public Schools and Innovative Builders of Alexandria, Inc.
13. Addendum
13.A. Tyler Sylliaasen as a Long-term Substitute English Teacher 
13.B. Evelyn Jerger as a Long-term Substitute English Teacher
13.C. Mathea Jablonsky as Kids Club Program Student Assistant
13.D. Amendment to the Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager as Advisor
13.E. $8,500 Contribution for Improvements to Softball Fields
13.F. Adfrian O'Brien as Junior High Baseball Coach
14. Discussion/Information
14.A. Summer 2021 Kids Club
14.B. High School Graduation
14.D. ESSER III Allocations
14.E. FF&E Budget
Discussion:  Breakdown of how much K-1 went over for the following:
  • Storage  ($19,257.48)
  • Playsets/Toys  ($4,547.20)
  • Soft seating  ($15,887.20)
1st grade
  • Storage  ($10,822.00)
  • Soft Seating  ($9,297.20)
14.E.1) New Shop Furniture
14.E.2) K-1 Classroom Furniture
15. Enrollment Update
Discussion:  Kindergarten-5th Grade: 425,  6th Grade-12th: 469,  Total enrollment: 894
16. Dates to Remember
16.A. Regular School Board Meeting
16.A.1) Monday, May 17, 2021, 7:00 PM, Barnesville High School
17. Adjournment
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