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August 16, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
Discussion:  The meeting was called to order by Co-Chair Berg at 7:00 PM
2. Roll Call
Discussion:  Members present: Dave Herbranson, Jacob Thompson, Leslie Shirek, Greg Berg, Marla Field, Ryan Lindbom and Superintendent Ellerbusch.
Members absent: Dion Bredman
Guests present: Erin Ellingson, Michael Stein, Jennifer Gylland, Sarah Leach, Peggy Mortensen, Teri Kava, Heather Kujava, Nick Kjos, Jen Pickett, Shannon Jablonsky,
Crystal Henderson, Annie Sauvageau, Michelle Tonsfeldt, Holly Inniger, Jodi Samuelson, Bryan Strand, Todd Henrickson and Brooke Fradet
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Agenda
7. Appreciation, Recognition and Presentations
7.A. Fundraiser for Grand Piano
Presenter:  Jennifer Gylland
Discussion:  Jennifer Gylland and Sarah Leach presented to the Board the piano that they are interested in fundraising for to purchase for the new auditorium.  
7.B. Student Trip to New York City
Presenter:  Jennifer Gylland
Discussion:  Jennifer Gylland updated the Board on the options for the New York Trip and that they have until December to decide if they want to go ahead with the trip, as that is when the 1st payments will be due. 
8. Recognition of Citizens for Input Purposes
Discussion:  Peggy Mortensen of the Barnesville daycare center, along with staff of the center and parents expressed their concerns over the children from the daycare walking to school this year, and the liability is poses to the daycare center.
9. Reports/News
9.A. High School Principal's Report
9.B. Elementary Principal/Activities Director's Report
9.D. Board Committee Reports
9.D.1) Lake Agassiz Education Cooperative
10. Removal of Consent Items for Discussion
11. Approval of Consent Items
11.A. Personnel
Description:  All hirings are based upon the findings of each individual's background check, licensure status, and discipline report from the Minnesota Department of Education.
Discussion:  Consent Items A. 1-5, B. 1-7, C. were voted on together .
11.A.1) Kristin Hovde's Resignation as Elementary Secretary
11.A.2) Jane Carr's Resignation as Kitchen Aide
11.A.3) Jennifer Gylland's Resignation as Musical Vocal Director
11.A.4) Ruth Johnson as Assistant Cook
11.A.5) Trish Kevorkian on Community Education Advisory Board
11.B. Donations
11.B.1) $100 Donation from Barnesville C-Store Deans Bulk for Summer Recreation T-Shirts
11.B.2) $100 Donation from Dee's Drive-In for Summer Recreation T-Shirts
11.B.3) $100 Donation from Martinson Lot Maintenance for Summer Recreation T-Shirts
11.B.4) $100 Donation from Sun Control for Summer Recreation T-Shirts
11.B.5) $100 Donation from Valleycare & Rehab for Summer Recreation T-Shirts
11.B.6) $537 Donation from Barnesville Booster Club for Boys Basketball Camp T-Shirts
11.B.7) $837.50 Donation from Microsoft-Benevity Fund for Softball Team Auxiliary Account
12. New Business
12.A. Election of School Board Members and Calling the School District General Election
Discussion:  Resolution called: Those in favor: Marla Field, Ryan Lindbom, Greg Berg, Jacob Thompson, Leslie Shirek, Dave Herbranson
Those against: None
12.B. Proxy Vote for Stratacor
13. Addendum
13.A. Ashley Schwartz as Paraprofessional
13.B. Chandra Buck as Paraprofessional
13.C. Tyler Sylliaasen as English Teacher
13.D. Desi Erickson as Long-term Substitute Teacher 
13.E. Timothy Getz as Elementary Cook
14. Discussion/Information
14.A. Change in Year of General Election
14.B. Construction Project
15. Dates to Remember
15.A. Regular School Board Meeting
15.A.1) Monday, September 20, 2021, 7:00 PM, Barnesville High School
16. Adjournment

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