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April 6, 2021 at 5:00 PM - Regular Study & Voting Session


2. CALL TO ORDER - President Deb Dillon
3.A. Welcome - President Deb Dillon
3.B. Pledge of Allegiance 
4. APPROVAL OF AGENDA - President Deb Dillon
4.A. Consider approving the agenda, as presented.

RELEVANT INFORMATION: Board Policy requires the approval of the agenda.
5. APPROVAL OF MINUTES - President Deb Dillon
5.A. Consider approving the minutes from the Regular Study and Voting Session meeting of March 2, 2021, as presented.

RELEVANT INFORMATION: Board policy requires the approval of minutes.
Attachments: (1)
6.A. Taylor Hicks Elementary School - Parent/Student conversation with the Governing Board regarding positives and suggestions for Taylor Hicks Elementary School. 
  1. The principal will introduce families/students and share their history/grade level with the school.
  2. Board President will ask:
    1. Can you give us a few examples of what you have really appreciated about your school?
    2. What is an idea or some suggestions you can share with us about something we could add or do differently at our school?
  3. Board members have discussion and ask questions of the families and principal. 
Presenter:  Kelsey Secor, Taylor Hicks Principal
6.B. Assessment data for Student Achievement

Presenter: Rene' Steingraber, PUSD Testing Coordinator
Presenter:  Rene' Steingraber, Testing Coordinator
6.C. Auditor-General Report

Presenter: Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer
Presenter:  Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer
7.A. Summary of Current Events
7.A.1. Superintendent
7.A.2. Governing Board Members
8.A. CONSENT AGENDA - All those items listed below may be enacted by one motion and approved as Consent Agenda items with or without discussion.  However, any item may be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately if a Governing Board member so requests.

The resolutions included in the Consent Agenda have been posted in order to waive the reading of the body of the resolutions.

Consider approving the Consent Agenda as presented.
8.A.1. Consider approving the certified and classified personnel actions as presented.
A copy of the personnel report is attached for review.

Presenter: Christa Simmons, Human Resources Director
Presenter:  Christa Simmons, Human Resources Director
Attachments: (1)
8.A.2. Consider approving the donations as presented.

Board policy requires acceptance by the Governing Board of all donations.  

Presenter: Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer
Presenter:  Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer
Attachments: (1)
8.A.3. Consider ratifying the vouchers as presented. 
Arizona Revised Statutes requires approval/ratification of all vouchers.

Presenter: Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer
Presenter:  Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer
Attachments: (1)
8.A.4. Consider approving the Student Activities Fund Statement of Receipts and Disbursements for March 2021, as presented.
Please see the attached reports.

Presenter: Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer
Presenter:  Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer
Attachments: (2)
8.A.5. Consider approving the Yavapai County Education Service Agency (YCESA) Consortium Memorandum of Understanding FY 2021-2022, as presented. 
This Memorandum of Understanding represents the agreed-upon program, service, and products to be provided to English learner (EL) students in the Beaver Creek Elementary School District, Franklin Phonetic Primary Charter Schoo, Inc., Prescott Unified School District, and the Snowflake Unified School District, (Members) during the 2021-2022 project year. The Yavapai County Education Service Agency will act as the Lead LEA (local educational agency) / Fiscal Agent of the consortium. A consortium of districts receiving a Title III subgrant must meet the same requirements as districts or charters receiving subgrants individually. 

YCESA Consortium Memorandum of Understanding FY 2021 – 2022 is attached for review.
Presenter:  Mr. Joe Howard, Superintendent
Attachments: (1)
8.B. STUDY AND VOTING SESSION -  (if a member of the public wishes to speak to one of the following voting items, please complete and return exhibit (BEDH-E) to by 4:00 pm on the day of the meeting).
8.B.1. Consider approving four FTE positions focusing on Math intervention and filling in gaps for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year, funded with COVID relief monies, as presented. 

As we returned from hybrid to in-person instruction, principals were sharing concerns with enrollment spikes, shortage of substitute teachers, and the continued planning for filling in gaps created by COVID during distance learning. The District Leadership team brainstormed solutions and recommended that any added position, especially with a focus on mather intervention, would be an efficient and much-needed use of COVID relief monies. The proposal would place full-time teachers at Prescott High School and Mile High Middle School. Abia Judd and Granite Mountain would share one FTE. Lincoln and Taylor Hicks would also share one FTE. The total for four teachers for the fourth quarter only would be just below $65,000.

Presenter: Joseph W. Howard, Superintendent
Presenter:  Joseph W. Howard, Superintendent
8.B.2. Consider approval of one FTE Mental Health Counselor position focusing on student mental health interventions for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year, funded with COVID relief monies. 

RELEVANT INFORMATION: As we returned from hybrid to full in-person instruction, principals and counselors are sharing concerns about student mental health created by the disruption and isolation of the COVID pandemic. Our counselor caseloads have increased substantially. Concerns and disorders being seen at the school include grief of losing a caregiver, self-harm, anxiety, depression, and support for two completed suicides. The proposal would allow this full-time counselor to support needs at all our schools rotating on an established schedule as well as intervening at particular schools when crises arise. The total cost for the counselor for the fourth quarter would be about $12,800 (depending on the placement of the candidate on the salary schedule).

Presenter: Joseph W. Howard, Superintendent
Presenter:  Joseph W. Howard, Superintendent
8.B.3. Consider taking action to temporarily suspend the District's restriction against the presence and consumption of alcohol on district grounds, specifically for Prescott Mile High Middle School football field and track area, for two special events as requested by the City of Prescott Recreation Services, as presented.
According to Governing Board Policy BGF - Suspension/Repeal of Policy, the Governing Board has the authority to temporarily or permanently suspend by a majority vote the operation of any section or sections of Board policies not established and required by law or vested by contract. Legal counsel has stated that the Governing Board has the authority to temporarily suspend the restriction regarding alcohol, but that the "No Tobacco" policy must be enforced and cannot be waived.

Special Events in the City of Prescott are an important part of the fabric of our community. Not only do they generate a positive economic impact for the community, but they also create a positive image for our visitors and residents and demonstrate support for local charitable organizations. Allowing the use of the proposed space will help to grow these events and the associated benefits while relieving congestion in the downtown area for the traveling public and local businesses. The revenue generated for PUSD from these two events is expected to be $4,500.00. In addition to these events, there is a request for eight additional events that are not requesting alcohol, which will generate an additional $1,400.00, for the district. 

The two events are as follows:

August 14, 2021: Beanbags for Kids' Sake (in place of Bowl for Kid's Sake):
Applicant: Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters
Event Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Includes Alcohol, live music

September 18, 2021: Oktoberfest to benefit Zietz Sister City and Foreign Exchange Program

Applicant: Eagle Management and Events. LLC, Steve Gottlieb
Event Time: 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Includes Alcohol, live music, kids zone, and food.

Presenter: Joseph W. Howard, Superintendent

Presenter:  Joseph W. Howard, Superintendent

8.C.1. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer, has prepared the School Board Summary Budget Report for your review. 
Attachments: (1)
8.C.2. Update and discussion on the most recent COVID information.

   a.  Description of instructional minutes during COVID and distance learning
   b.  Discussion with DLT about site progress in filling instructional gaps from COVID disruptions.
Attachments: (2)
8.C.3. Discussion on possible board liaison/site council meeting concept.
8.C.4. Strategic Plan Discussion - Community and Stakeholder Relationships

     a.  Review major accomplishments in goal area
     b.  Review what is currently being worked on in the goal area
     c.  Board Member Questions and Discussion
8.C.5. Future Agenda Items
Description:  The public is invited to request future agenda items. The request must be in writing on the form provided and turned into the Board Secretary at the beginning of the meeting or prior to the agenda item. The form must provide a very specific agenda item to be considered by the board. The public member may state the agenda item to be considered,  however, no description or conversation may take place at this time. The Board may not respond to questions or comments from the public, but may ask the superintendent to respond when appropriate. The Governing Board President or district office designee will contact the person making the request as of the status of the requested future agenda item.
8.C.6. Meeting Dates: 
Regular Study and Voting Session: May 4, 2021, at 5:00 pm in the PUSD District Office Boardroom.
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