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September 22, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting of the Board of Education

Description:  Meeting is called to order with present board
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1.1. Excused Absence 
Chairman may excuse absent Board of Education members, per BOard Bylaw 9121(a) which was approved at the 12-17-98 Board of Education meeting. Board members may call in absences to the Chairman or Superintendents' Office; also, the board Chair determines whether an absence is excused or unexcused. 
Description:  Verbal roll call is taken and a quorum is established with 3 or more Board members present
This item is allowed under Robert's Rules of Order as parliamentary procedure to allow for items to be added which have come up since the preparation of the agenda.
  • Most items can be handled under - Hearing of Individuals and/or Groups or under - Items of Information and Discussion.  These can later be placed on the next special or regular meeting of the Board for further discussion or action.  This does not take Board action, as there is no real change of the agenda.  Also, your policy does not allow for Board action on added items [BP 9322(a)].
  • Certain items could be placed under specific non-action items such as Consent Agenda Acceptance of communications.
  • Items cannot be placed under Consent Agenda Approval, Other Action Items, or New Business for action.
This agenda item was prepared by the Superintendent and Board Chair under Policy BB 9322[a].

Topic:  Hearing of Individuals and/or Groups 
Verbal and written reports are given by Individuals and/or Groups.  Other comments, statements, etc. should be limited or referred to the appropriate administrator.

Call to the audience
Call to the Audience:  Please keep in mind that the 3  Minute Rule Is In Effect.  
Once recognized by the Board President you will have 3 minutes to speak, and will not have a second turn until everyone has had an opportunity to speak.
Thank you and we appreciate your participation.
School Board Members
When the School Board President reaches agenda item 3.2 and 7.0 and asks if anyone would like to address the Board, raise your hand until you are recognized by the Board President.
Once recognized by the Board President you will have 3 minutes to address the Board with your topic of interest.
On a call to the audience, the Board may listen to your commentary, but may not address the issue, or make any ruling on your area of interest.
During a call to the audience, you may not call people names, or make accusations, or slander individuals or groups.  Please state your ideas without attacking anyone or the Board President will ask you to come to order and ask you to stop talking.
3.1. MEA President, John Hudson 
4. Reports
4.1. M. Taw Lindsey Superintendent Report
Description:  Verbal 
4.2. Mary Donaldson, Elementary School Principal/SPED Director 
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4.3. Shannon Hudson, Curriculum Director/Middle School Principal  
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4.4. Roy Reynolds, High School Principal 
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4.5. Jesse Abrams, Athletic Director/Tech Director
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Description:  History/Status:                      Review
Reports, letters, recommendations received since the last board of education meeting and received prior to preparation of agenda.  [This does not mean to approve or reject the content of the communication and it does not mean approval of requests within the communications.  Any communications requesting action or approval can be placed on the next board agenda if not resolved by appropriate administrative action].

Accept/Approve consent agenda items 4.1 thru 4.4

5.1. Ashley Coila -Business Manager's Budget Expense Report
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5.2. Board of Education Minutes 
Description:  Regular Meeting of the Board: August 25, 2020 
Emergency Meeting of the Board: September 10, 2020
5.3. Correspondence information  
5.4. Letter of Resignation correspondence 
6. ACTION ITEMS  The “Action Items” portion of the agenda is used for personnel and other issues that have been discussed in previous meetings and are now ready for the Board of Education Action.  [i.e., policy readings, budget hearings, call for bids, etc.]
6.1. FY 20 Unreserved and Reserved Fund Balances transfers. 
6.2. Secondary Paraprofessional 0.5 FTE, Mark McCarty
Description:  Mark McCarty 
6.3. Extra Duty Contracts: High School Volleyball Amber Williams, Middle School Cross Country Alexandria Parise, E-Sports Christina Garza, DDF (Drama, Debate & Forensics) Owen Fulton, Student Government Owen Fulton, After School Study Hall Ian Hudson, High School Annual Jeannie Lindsey
6.4. Approval of afterschool clubs for the Elementary School as submitted by Mary Donaldson
Nagyetgm, Study Hall, The Troubadours, 2nd-5th, STEAM, Chess Club
Description:  Includes: Brad Schoolland, Christina Garza, Marcelle Barret, and Joe Henry 
6.5. Band Club 6-12 & Piano Club 6-12, Amanda Schoolland 
6.6. Homework After School, Lorna Porter
6.7. Sustainable Living Projects FY21 Contract & Proposal
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6.8. Updated 1st Reading BP 6111.4 
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6.9. Middle School drop off/pick up Access. road Planning Proposal 
Description:  LCG Lantech, Inc
Up to $17,000
13,950.33 estimate plus 25% contingency. 

Call to the Audience:  Please keep in mind that the 3  Minute Rule Is In effect

Once recognized by the Board President you will have 3 minutes to speak, and will not have a second turn until everyone has had an opportunity to speak.

Thank you and we appreciate your participation.

School Board Members
  1. BB9250 
  2. Student Activities 
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Description:  A Call For Adjournment
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