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August 17, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Regular Business
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Roll Call
I.C. Approval of Agenda
I.D. Expressions/Comments from the Audience
Description:  Public opportunity to comment on agenda items.
II. Presentation
II.A. Early Childhood Education
Presenter:  Michelle Nicholson
III. Action Items
III.A. Consent Agenda (enclosures for each item listed):
Description:  Items listed below may be approved with one motion unless a board member requests that an item or items be removed for separate action. Any of the items may be questioned at any time. 
III.A.1. Regular Meeting Minutes 
III.A.2. Human Resources Report
III.A.3. Calendar of Events
III.A.4. Gifts
III.A.5. Payment Summary Report
III.A.6. Investment Report
III.B. Board Policies - Spring 2021 Update
Presenter:  Jason Mellema
Description:  The following policies are presented for a second reading and adoption.
III.B.1. Section 0000 - Bylaws
  • 0151 Organizational Meeting
III.B.2. Section 1000 - Administration 
  • 1422 Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
  • 1623 Section 504/ADA Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination in Employment
  • 1662 Anti-Harassment 
III.B.3. Section 2000 - Program
  • 2240 Controversial Issues
  • 2260 Nondiscrimination and Access to Equal Education Opportunity
  • 2260.01 Section 504/ADA Prohibition Against Discrimination Based on Disability
  • 2266 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities
  • 2270 Religion in Curriculum
III.B.4. Section 3000 - Professional Staff
  • 3122 Non Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
  • 3123 Section 504/ADA Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination in Employment
  • 3362 Anti-Harassment
III.B.5. Section 4000 - Support Staff
  • 4122 Non-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
  • 4123 Section 504/ADA Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination in Employment
  • 4140 Termination and Resignation
  • 4362 Anti-Harassment
III.B.6. Section 5000 - Students
  • 5341 Emergency Medical Authorization
  • 5342 Do Not Resuscitate Orders (DNR) for Minor Students
  • 5343 Physician Order for Scope of Treatment (POST) 
  • 5517 Anti-Harassment
  • 5610 Emergency Removal, Suspension and Expulsion of Students
III.B.7. Section 7000 - Property
  • 7300 Disposition of Real Property
  • 7440.01 Video Surveillance and Electronic Monitoring
  • 7540.06 District Issued Student Email Accounts
  • 7543 Utilization of the Districts Website and Remote Access to the Districts Network
  • 7544 Use of Social Media 
III.B.8. Section 8000 - Operations
  • 8315 Information Management
  • 8320 Personnel Files
  • 8321 Criminal Justice Information Security (Non-Criminal Justice Agency) 
  • 8330 Student Records
  • 8400 School Safety Information 
  • 8500 Food Services
  • 8510 Wellness
III.C. SAIL Program - Increase in FTE
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Recommendation to increase FTE for a paraprofessional in the SAIL Program. 
III.D. Instructional Coach, Special Education Focus
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Proposal of a new position to assist with supporting Ingham ISD's internal instructional programs. 
III.E. 2021 Winter Tax Levy Certification 
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Resolution to certify the 2021 Winter Tax Levy for the 2021-22 fiscal year. 
III.F. Music Therapy Services
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Purchased services from CODA Music Therapy Service LLC to provide Music Therapy/Adapted Music Education for Heartwood and Evergreen students for the 2021-22 school year.
III.G. Temporary Staffing Services
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Purchased services from Birch Agency and Soliant Health, LLC d/b/a the BlazerWorks division of Soliant Health, LLC to provide temporary staffing services as needed for coverage of open specialist positions as needed during the 2021-22 school year.
III.H. Presence Learning, Inc.
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Purchased services from Presence Learning, Inc. to provide psycho-educational assessment services for a local district as requested.
IV. Superintendent's Report
IV.A. MSBO Certifications
V. Board Reports
VI. Correspondence
VII. Closed Session 
Description:  The Board will move into closed session for the purpose of discussing the superintendents evaluation and goals. 
VIII. Adjournment
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