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May 18, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Regular Business
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Roll Call
I.C. Approval of Agenda
I.D. ECOL Attendance Reports
I.E. Expressions/Comments from the Audience
Description:  Public opportunity to comment on agenda items (BP 1348.00) or the ECOL plan. 
II. Presentation
II.A. Mental Health Month
Presenter:  Sandee Donald
II.B. Student Growth Data
Presenter:  Jason Mellema
III. Action Items
III.A. Consent Agenda (enclosures for each item listed):
Description:  Items listed below may be approved with one motion unless a board member requests that an item or items be removed for separate action. Any of the items may be questioned at any time. 
III.A.1. Regular Meeting Minutes - April 13, 2021
III.A.2. Human Resources Report
III.A.3. Calendar of Events
III.A.4. Gifts
III.A.5. Payment Summary Report
III.A.6. Investment Report
III.A.7. Extended Continuity of Learning Plan (ECOL)
III.B. Software for Applicant Tracking
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  2021-22 services provided by Frontline Technologies Group LLC for
Applicant Tracking software.
III.C. Edgenuity Licenses
Presenter:  Daryl Tilley
Description:  This proprietary service provides districts with one-on-one online instruction in core and elective courses for students in grades 6-12 and includes license, hardware and training.  
III.D. 2021-22 Summer Tax Levy Certifications
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Board action on the resolution to certify the collection of 2021 summer taxes.
III.E. Changes in FTE for Student Support Services Staff
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Request for an increase in services for the School Social Worker and School Psychologist positions. 
III.F. Increase in FTE - Mental Health Specialists
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Request to add up to 2.0 FTE for Mental Health Specialist positions who will be providing direct service to students. 
III.G. Recommendation for Hire - Assistant Principal, Heartwood School
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Whitney Collins is being recommended to fill the Assistant Principal, Heartwood School position. 
III.H. Resolutions of Tribute
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  The following are being recognized with a Resolution of Tribute: 
  • Brad Erickson - Instructor, Applied Academics/Math
  • Candy Abood - SE Support Services/Early On Secretary
  • Deb Wantor - Administrative Assistant, Wilson Talent Center
  • Marianne Argenta - Teacher, Emotional Impairment
III.I. Resolutions of Tribute for District Superintendents
Presenter:  Jason Mellema
Description:  Resolutions of Tribute in recognition of the work performed by our local district superintendents during the COVID-19 pandemic are presented to: 
Ms. Amy Hodgson - Dansville Schools
Ms. Dori Leyko - East Lansing Public Schools
Mr. Steve Cook - Haslett Public Schools
Dr. David Hornak - Holt Public Schools
Mr. Sam Sinicropi - Lansing School District
Mr. Scott Powers, Leslie Public Schools
Mr. Ron Drzewicki - Mason Public Schools
Mr. John Hood - Okemos Public Schools
Mr. Bruce Brown - Stockbridge Community Schools
Ms. Kelly Blake - Waverly Community Schools
Mr. Brian Friddle - Webberville Community Schools
Dr. Adam Spina - Williamston Community Schools
III.J. Board Policies - Second Reading
Presenter:  Jason Mellema
Description:  The board policies are presented for a second reading and adoption. 
III.J.1. 0000 Bylaws
III.J.2. 1000 Administration
III.J.3. 2000 Program 
III.J.4. 3000 Professional Staff 
III.J.5. 4000 Support Staff 
III.J.6. 5000 Students 
III.J.7. 6000 Finances
III.J.8. 7000 Property
III.J.9. 8000 Operations
III.J.10. 9000 Relations
IV. Discussion
IV.A. 2020-21 Appropriations Act Amendment
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  The 2020-21 2nd Budget revision will be reviewed for the three operating funds, the Capital Project Fund, and the Student-School Activity Fund as a discussion item. 
IV.B. 2021-22 Proposed Budget Review
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Review of the 2021-22 Proposed Budgets for all funds. 
IV.C. Heartwood Pool Deck Restoration
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  This item is for the restoration of the deteriorating pool deck in the Heartwood building.
IV.D. K-8 Reading Curriculum
Presenter:  Sandee Donald
Description:  The Student Instructional Services Department has identified a need to update the K-8 Reading Curriculum for our local districts due to the age and expiring licenses of the current curricula being used. 
IV.E. Special Education Curriculum
Presenter:  Emily Brewer
Description:  This agenda item is for the Special Education Curriculum that is currently being utilized by Ingham ISD and our local districts. 
IV.F. Increase in FTE -Speech & Language Pathologists, Adaptive PE
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Request to increase FTE for Speech and Language Pathologists and Adaptive Physical Education for 2021-22. 
IV.G. Reclassify Early Childhood Coach Position
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Recommendation to reclassify Early Childhood Coach position. 
IV.H. New Position - Transition Coordinator
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Request to add a Transition Coordinator position who would be responsible for providing services to students in Ingham ISD programs who are enrolled in regular, vocational or special education. 
V. Information 
V.A. Tenure Recommendations
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  The following teachers have successfully implemented their job responsibilities and are granted tenure: 
  • Brooke Locher - Teacher, ASD Classroom
  • Holly McCue - Teacher, ASD Classroom
  • Jamie George - Teacher, Health Foundations
  • Jenna Kogut - Teacher, Special Education
V.B. Joint Application for Administrative Rule Waivers
Presenter:  Emily Brewer
Description:  Days and hours requirement waivers for internally operated programs as well as programs operated in our partner districts. 
VI. Superintendent's Report
VI.A. MSBO Certification - Robert Holiday
Presenter:  Jason Mellema
VI.B. Curriculum Committee 
VII. Board Reports
VII.A. Superintendent's Evaluation Committee
Presenter:  Lori Zajac and Nancy Stanley
VIII. Correspondence
IX. Closed Session
IX.A. Request for Closed Session
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  A closed session is being requested for the purpose of discussing IIPSA and OPEIU contract negotiations. 
X. Adjournment
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