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April 5, 2021 at 4:15 PM - Site-Based Meeting

District and Campus Improvement Plans (Deans/Counselors)
Discussion:  ECC and Elementary will meet on 4-6-21 to discuss CNA and CIP updates.
High School- Mr. Elmore and Mrs. Wilcox - Both plans are on track with the items we can be on track with. 
Discussions today that will improve the CIP (expanding areas)
High School CNA? Spring or early summer...Will meet with Elementary

SHAC update - 3 staff were tested this month. No positives
18 staff got the vaccine here at campus. The 2nd round will be administred last week of April here at campus. 
We had the tooth club for our 1st graders today.
Update on TIA
Discussion:  Regular Wednesday Meetings- Mr. Wilson shared that we are on the application process and the narrative that goes along with that. 
Discussing with Texas Teck to help with Teacher Appraisal System to get us where we need to be. 
Application is due the middle of April.
Discuss Title I, Comp Ed, Needs Assessments, Parental Involvement, New Programs
Discussion:  Spring Meeting in May at the May sitebase meeting.
Outline the surveys...
Parent demonstration Night and DARE Graduation- Parents will be welcome to come.
The Easter Egg Hunt was a success - great parent participation

*Mr. Wilson - make up days- looking at May 1st and May 15th.  Waivers were sent in, but we have not heard back yet on if those were approved.
2020-2021 Enrollment and Campus Updates
Discussion:  ECC 139 - 2 remote
Elementary 208 no remote
High School - 281 - 1 remote

LSOA - well over 1500 (we do not know if we will be able to continue or not)
Stipulations - 3rd grade and up so k-2 could not be involved
                      limits open enrollment
                      Synchronous only instruction
It received an 87% approval rating... 
Early Childhood
Discussion:   We will require an application with the state.
Update on District of Innovation Plan
Discussion:  Has been posted on the website and will be taken to the April board meeting to take action.
Mr. Wilson feels this will be passed by the board.
This is a 5 year plan, but can be updated as we go.
P-TECH (P-TECH Director, Deans)
Discussion:  Mrs. Wilcox - Bachelor Degrees - 1st cohort that started last year are all either already graduated or will graduate in May 2021 from WTC.One of these students will move on to Texas Tech to complete the vet program  Cohort 2 - 3 at ASU, and 2 at WTC, and 2 at TSTC-  (2 Associate of applied science, and 6 bachelors)

Bachelor's Degrees
IBC/Post Secondary Certifications
Associate Degrees
Discussion:  18 Juniors are TSI complete.
9 are lacking math, 4 are lacking math and english..

So of the 32 - 59% are TSI complete across the board!

ASU is on board with our bridge program. 9-11th graders will be sent to ASU!
Working with Snyder on a grant to help fund this.

8th grade will go to WTC this year.
Morgan Martin - shared that our 1st cohort graduate on May 8th. 
Took 8 students to TSTC today - and Abilene next Friday. They toured the campus and went over programs they offer.
We will be able to tour aircraft and welding next week in Abilene.

Career Pathway Development
Business Internships
Discussion:  PTECH students will be starting internship this summer! 

Angelo - 1 student will work here this summer and Morgan is working on the other student at Angelo.
Workforce Grant
Discussion:  Mr. Wortham - it is still under review!
Student Research through 4-H & FFA (Research Director/Program Specialist)
Discussion:  Juniors and Seniors are still presenting..
Juniors will finish this week. 
Seniors will have theirs at the PTECH meeting on Monday night.

Cynthia Black - Presentations went good for the juniors today.
Some have competed their investigations.
Community Survey:
Discussion:  Community Survey is out... the link is in boardbook for the survey. 
"The culture of our school"

Everyone was able to get on boardbook today.
Program Development
Discussion:  No updates!

Project Development and 4-H/FFA co-curricular teams
Discussion:  Roxanna is working on summer events and other programs such as water ambasador program.
Meeting on Thursday to go over the plans.
Capstone and other Research Committees (Reaserch Director)
A&M Library Research Partnership
Discussion:  Library - 
Mrs Black - no knowledge of this specific library. No one has said they can't get into it. 

Are folks using it? 
Mrs. Seals usses it for her personal research.

Collegiate Edu-Nation (CEN Chancellor)
Discussion:  Dr. Alexander... update on Edu-Nation
Going to try to help get the bills passed. (Will most likely come up in April)
Need written testimony to get sent to committee members. 
Dr. McClain starts in May... Already working on Perkins Reserve Grant

Texas High Performance School Consortium (CEN Chancellor)
Discussion:  Dr. Alexander
Texas - working on getting  out from under STAAR testing - MAP is a better assessment!
Rounds and Instructional Strategies (Instructional Coaches)
Discussion:  April 12 and April 13 Rounds Training @ 8:30 AM
Contracted with Region 14 to provide the training for our Admin and other Admin from other CEN schools.

Observations on Monday and Training on Tuesday for those observations.

PTECH Advisory meeting will be Monday April 12th. Mr. Wilson will send out a reminder! There is a link to register as well. 
5:00 Capstone Tour before the meeting.

Dr. Flores from ASU will be the speaker! (president of ASU)
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