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March 15, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regularly Called Board Meeting

Call to Order (1 min)
Description:  Announcement by presiding officer whether a quorum is present, that the meeting was duly called, and that a notice of the meeting has been posted in the time and manner required by law
Invocation (2 min)
Goal/Constraint Progress Measures (40 min)
Goal Progress Measure 1.1 Pre-K Vocabulary CIRCLE Assessment
Goal Progress Measure 1.2 Kindergarten Reading TX-KEA Assessment
Description:  We ran into a snag with this GPM, as Mrs. Elmore has described on the attached report.  We will need to regroup and decide what we need to measure for this GPM.
Goal Progress Measure 1.3 First Grade Reading TPRI Assessment
Constraint Measure 5.2 Recruit Teachers with Master's Degrees to Teach College Classes
Hear from Patrons (5 min)
Consent Agenda (1 min)
Recommended Motion(s):  I move that we accept the consent agenda as presented. This motion, made by {Insert Board Member} and seconded by {Insert Board Member}, {Insert Action Result}.
Consider action on/correct minutes from previous meeting(s)
Consider action on financial statements and payment of bills.
Description:  The books are balanced to zero once again this month. The books indicate balances as of March 1, 2021 to include balances of $5,117,705.05 in total M&O bank deposits (includes Edu-Vet Set Aside, M&O Debt Service, General Operating, Payroll, Money Market and CD) with $4,580,442.23 of available cash, $1,638,333.15 in I&S checking, and  $18,734.05 in I&S Savings for a Total Fund Balance of $6,774,772.25.  You may notice that we replenished the money market account which now has a balance of $515.849.76.  We can discuss finances further in the Provost’s report.
Consider action on reports from Campus Deans, Dean of Academics, Dean of Continuing Education, Dean of College Readiness, Athletic Director.
Description:  I have attached all of the reports from our district and campus administrators.
Consider action on acceptance of teacher resignations
Description:  I have attached a copy of resignation letters from Mrs. Black, Mrs. Parsons, and Mrs. Lara.  Mrs. Black has been wanting to retire for the past several years and we can't talk her into staying another year.  Mrs. Parsons would like to continue working, but her health has detiorated over the past year.  Mrs. Lara has decided that it is time for her to move on, but appreciates the opportunies that she has had while employed at RCISD.
Consider action on approval of a resolution to pay district employees for days missed during the Winter Weather event of February 2021
Description:  During the February ice event, teachers and administrators were able to continue working due to remote instruction, but most of our at-will employees were not able to work.  Rather than dock them pay or leave, I reccomend that you consider the attached resolution that will allow us to pay them as normal.  The district will not be out any addtional funds for this.
Consider action on approval of waivers for missed school days and low attendance due to inclement weather in January and February.
Description:  Amy has prepared three waivers for you to consider.  All of them are related to bad weather in January and February.
Consider action on approval of a resolution to give the superintendent authority to resend and reinstate infectious disease protocols as necessary.
Description:  In response to the governor's recension of the mask order and occupancy order, I have drafted a resolution to authorize the superintendent to either resend or reinstate the COVID-19 protocols as appropriate.  I have provided a draft resolution, but I will be looking for sample resolutions next week. So expect some changes to the one that is attached.  The administrative team and I have discussed this at length, and we agree that the best course of action is to have the ability to respond to infections in an swift and appropriate manner when necessary.  We also agree that no recension should take place before April 5th, which allows students and staff two weeks back in school after Spring Break to see if there are many (or any) COVID-19 infections.
Consider action on approval of HB 5 Community and Student Engagement Accountability (TEC Sec.39.045) for the 2020-2021 school year
Description:  This is an annual exercise in self-reflection that is conducted by our district site-based team and led by Kellie Seals.  I have attached the document.
Action Agenda (10 min)
Description:  I have removed the construction item from the action agenda since we no longer have construction projects.  I will update you on the construction lawsuit in the Superintendent's report when there is something to report.
Superintendent's Report (15 min)
Description:  I will update you on items that I was not able to include in the packet and answer any questions that you may have at this time.
Update on Tax Collections and Financial Statements
Description:  Tax collections through February 28, 2021 are now in. For the fiscal year on Current Collections you collected $3,282,337.39 for a total of 97.47% of the total Current M&O allocation of $3,368,805.21. In I&S, for the fiscal year Current Collections you have now collected $1,631,120.08 of the total I&S levy of $1,661,199.37 for a total of 98.21% of the total Current I&S allocation.

I have attached the Comptroller's 2020 MAP Reports for Fisher and Mitchell
County CAD's.  MAP stands for Methods and Assistance Program.  The Comptroller is required to review appraisal districts’ governance, taxpayer assistance, operating procedures and appraisal standards, procedures and methodology. Each appraisal district is reviewed every other year. This report details the results of the review.  You can see that Fisher did much better than Mitchell County.
Update on Lone Star Governance & Board Development Opportunities
Description:  We have scheduled LSG training for board candidates on April 16th and 17th.  That is a Friday and Saturday.  We would like for our seated board members to present the board goals to the candidates and any community members who are present on Saturday afternoon at 1:00.  All of you are invited to attend the entire LSG training, but since we just went through it a few months ago, you are certainly not obliged to attend the entire two-days.

The LSG grant should be submitted by the time we meet on the 15th.
Update on P-TECH And DOI Plan
Description:  I have attached an updated version of the DOI plan.  We added a section that will allow our staff to purchase health insurance from outside of TRS.  More options is inviting to potential employees and is good for morale for our current employees.  Reminder: we will have a public meeting at 7:00 before the board meeting starts in order to discuss the DOI plan with community members who may be present.
Update on Student Research
Description:  I have included the March edition of Texas A&M Agrilife Extension's Newsletter: Preparing Students for 21st Century Careers through Student Directed Research.  This issue discusses the benefits of 4H STEM Education.
Update on Data Collection
Description:  Kellie Seals reports that the data collection initiatives of the district are being absorbed and more methodologically planned by a CEN data team. (It's going to be nice, neat, and useful!) All CEN districts will have a consistent schedule of data collection and analysis outside of MAP and STAAR that measure student grit, community culture, P-20 indicators, teacher innovativeness, and parent satisfaction, just to name a few. We will start getting reports as those data come through. I believe Drs. Briers and Shinn are doing most of the analysis while Dr. Coulter is doing most of the communication and consulting.
Update on Collegiate Edu-Nation
Eichelbaum Wardell Board Minutes Newsletter
Update on Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, Post-Secondary, AVID, and Athletic Programs
Description:  I have decided to designate the last item to the deans and athletic director to answer any questions that you may have had from their reports or to update you on items that were not able to be included on their reports.
Closed Session
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