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September 27, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1. 6:15-6:45 School Board Listening Session.  Board Chair Andy Lindow will be available in the Cafeteria/Common to listen to public comments, questions, and concerns.  The school board member may share the context of these discussions with the full school board during the school board meeting.
2. Call to Order
3. Roll Call
4. Pledge of Allegiance
5. Approval of Agenda
6. Recognition of Guests - Spotlight On Education (Brian Michaelson/Jodi Sandmeyer) MCA III Results
7. Approval of Minutes
7.a. Approve Minutes - Regular School Board Meeting, July 26, 2021
7.b. Approve Minutes - Regular School Board Meeting, August 23, 2021
8. Financial Reports - Gary Stennes and Justin Isaacson to Audit Payment Register at 6:15
8.a. Monthly Cash Balance Report
8.a.1) Balance Sheet
8.a.2) Electronic Funds Transfer
8.b. Revenue / Expenditure Report
9. Consent Agenda
9.a. Accept Donations
9.b. Approve Date for Truth-in-Taxation Meeting
Presenter:  Dr. Parks
Description:  Annually, the school district must have a Truth-in-Taxation meeting to discuss the current budget and identify the next fiscal year's tax impact based upon the payable levy.  The meeting must be held in December prior to the end of the month, and it can be held during the regular school board meeting.  This year's Truth-in-Taxation meeting will take place at 7:00 p.m. on December 20, 2021 in the school media center and via Zoom.
9.c. Approve - Milk Bid for 2021-2022 School Year
Presenter:  Superintendent Parks
Description:  Prairie Farms, a division of Land o' Lakes, was the only bidder for milk products for the 2021-2022 school year.
10. Action Items
10.a. Approve Preliminary 2021 Payable 2022 Levy Limitation and Certification
Presenter:  Dr. Parks
Description:  The 2021 Payable 2022 Preliminary Levy must be certified and sent to the County Auditor by September 30, 2021.  The Payable 2022 Levy is a 4.98 percent increase from the Payable 2021 Levy.  The 2022 total is $1,223,540.54 (maximum limitation).  I recommend approving the Preliminary levy at the Maximum rate to allow for any adjustments prior to the December 20 final certification.
10.b. Accept Bid - Peterson Sheet Metal of $465,750 for Classroom Unit Ventilators
Presenter:  Dr. Parks
Description:  The board had previously approved plans to move forward with an Indoor Air Quality project to increase the flow of air and provide for dehumidification in classrooms currently without these capabilities.  The plan combined the use of ~$205,826 in ESSER II funds, ~$395,105 of ESSER III funds, and up to $130,000 of earmarked Long Term Facility Maintenance funding.  The total projected cost is ~$636,000.

Bids were requested and provided by:
Peterson Sheet Metal $465,750
Ackerman Plumbing and Heating $559,359
Leading Edge Mechanical $678.000
10.c. Approve Bid Proposal - NAC, Installation of Temperature Controls and Building Automated Systems Upgrade 
Presenter:  Dr. Parks
Description:  NAC provided the only bid of $125,200 for the temperature controls and Building Automation System.  This is a very specialized field with limited vendors within our area with experience working with our current Alerton BAS
10.d. Approve Bid - Levi Durgin Electric, LLC, Electrical Installation Univent Replacement Project
Description:  There were three contractors who submitted bids for the electrical work.
Durgin Electric LLC, $34,965.62
Avenson Electric $45,309.60
Northern States Electric $63,000
10.e. Approve - 2021-2023 Master Agreement with Nevis Federation of Teachers
Presenter:  Board Negotiation Team
Description:  Terms and Changes from previous agreements:
  1. Salary and Co-Curricular 21-22 3%, 22-23 3%
  2. 403b increase of $25 to $150 per month
  3.  VEBA increase to $2,000
  4. Longevity - See attached chart
  5. Stipend for teaching college courses - $100 per credit per semester
  6. Carry 2 personal days forward
The 2021-23 negotiations represents an opportunity to increase competitiveness and close salary gaps with our neighboring districts.  Rarely do we have an opportunity to replace such a large segment of our senior staff with more junior staff members.  The board felt they should take advantage of this reduction in overall salaries to make a long-term commitment to our teaching staff.
11. Discussion Items
12. Reports
12.a. Student Representatives
12.b. Board Members
12.c. Principal Michaelson
12.d. Certified Staff Representative
12.e. Classified/Confidential Staff Representative
12.f. Superintendent Parks
13. Next Meeting - 7:00 pm Monday, October 25, 2021
14. Adjourn

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