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February 8, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
Presenter:  Board President
1.A. Roll Call
Presenter:  Board President
1.B. Invocation:  
Presenter:  Sue Gottwald
1.C. Pledge: 
Presenter:  Josie Smith-Wright
1.D. Mission Statement:  
Presenter:  Sandra Gorden
Description:  Gonzales Independent School District is committed to the spirit of excellence in caring service and partnerships that equip students for continuous learning supporting resilience in achieving personal aspiration, and compassionate and dynamic citizenship in an ever-changing world.
2. Public Comments
Presenter:  Board President
3. Recognitions
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Supt. & Robin Trojcak PR Dept.
4. New Business/Action Items
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
4.A. Consent Agenda

Discuss and Consider Action to approve the Consent Agenda
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Supt.
Description:  On the pages that follow, you will find the most recent budget amendments.  Budget amendments are required when funds are transferred between funds and functions, or when there is an increase or decrease in revenue. Transfers of more than 10% of the total budget within a fund or function require Board approval.
4.A.1. Minutes of Meetings:  
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Supt.
4.A.2. Budget Amendments:
4.B. Discuss And Consider Action to Approve the Purchase of Chromebooks and Budget Amendment
Presenter:  Dr. Renee Fairchild, CTO and Amanda Smith, CFO
Description:  The administration will present the benefits of these purchases as well as the financial implications.  Per board policy CH(Local), the board alone has the authority to approve any single expenditure over the amount of $75, 000.00 
4.C. Discuss and Consider action regarding the 2020 Census and Redistricting of the Board of Trustees Single Member Districts
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
Description:  With great thought and consideration, the district would like to recommend Allison, Bass & Magee, LLP as the firm to assist the district with the 2020 Census and any subsequent redistricting.
5. Reports
Presenter:  Superintendent, John Schumacher
5.A. Financial Report
Presenter:  Amanda Smith, CFO,
Description:  The administration will provide the board with an update on the district's finances
5.B. Racial Profile Report
Presenter:  Chief Officer Ross Gottwald
Description:  The GISD Police Department is required to share the Racial Profiling report to the board and get an acknowledgement of receipt of such.
5.C. Results Driven Accountability Bilingual Report
Presenter:  Andrea Chapa, Coordinator for Bilingual and ESL Programs, and Amanda Fullilove Secondary Director of Curriculum and Instruction
5.D. Superintendent Reports
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
5.D.1. Enrollment-Attendance
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
5.D.2. Campus Reports
5.D.3. 2021-22 Calendar Review Report
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent, Sarah Gottwald, PEIMS , Federal Programs
6. Board Business
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
6.A. Board Correspondence
6.B. Dates of Interest
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
Description:  This information is provided through the Board Business section of the agenda aimed at keeping trustees informed of routine correspondence.
7. Personnel Matters: Section 551.074 , Property Matters: Section 551.072, Attorney Matters Section 551.071 & Security Matters: Section 551.076
7.A. Resignations
7.B. New Positions
7.C. New Hires
8. Adjourn
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