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August 3, 2020 at 5:30 PM - Special Meeting

1. Call to Order
Presenter:  Board President
1.A. Roll Call
Presenter:  Board President
1.B. Invocation
Presenter:  Ross Hendershot, III
1.C. Pledge
Presenter:  Gloria Torres
1.D. Mission Statement
Presenter:  Sandra Gorden
2. Public Comments
Presenter:  Board President
3. Reports
3.A. Superintendent Report
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
Description:  Superintendent will share information on the plans for the  2020-2021 school year.

A) Dr. Hisey and Dr. Humberto Rivas
B) Technology Report
C) Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
D) Return to School Guidance Plan
E) On-Site / On-Line Instructional Delivery
4. New Business/Action Items
4.A. Discuss and Consider Action to approve the Consent Agenda
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
4.A.1. Budget Amendments
4.B. Discuss and Consider Action to approve the Waiver to use alternate K and 7th grade reading instruments due to COVID-19
Presenter:  Sara Gottwald
Description:  The waiver allows districts and charter schools to request a waiver of a requirement, restriction, or prohibition imposed by 
the Texas Education Code (TEC) or rule of the board or commissioner, except as prohibited by TEC$7.056 (e). The waiver is a waiver to use Alternate K and 7th grade reading instrument due to COVID-19.
4.C. Discuss and Consider action to Utilize the Community Eligibility Provisions (CEP) Child Nutrition Program Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year.
Presenter:  Ed Wayner
Description:  The CEP is a program that  enables eligible schools in high-poverty areas to provide breakfast and lunch at no cost to all students. After validation of CEP data by Region 13 and analyzing budget projections with all schools on CEP, administration believes having all schools on CEP is financially feasible.
4.D. Discuss and Consider Action to Approve the Operation Connectivity Interlocal Acquisition Agreement with Region 4 Education Service Center for Technology Purchases
Presenter:  Amanda Smith, CFO and Dr. Renee Fairchild, Chief Technology Officer
Description:  To assist districts with their connectivity needs, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has organized a statewide bulk purchasing event. This interlocal Agreement is a required component for the district to participate in this statewide bulk purchasing event. The agreement is with Region 4 because TEA has selected them to conduct the bulk purchases on behalf of districts.
5. Personnel Matters / Executive Session
Presenter:  Board President
Description:  Personnel Matters Section 551.074 / Legal Matters:
Section 551.071, Property Matters Section: 551.072 /
Security Matters Section 551.076
5.A. Resignations
5.B. New Hires
5.C. New Positions
5.D. Other
6. Adjourn
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