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September 12, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1) Call to Order
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call
4) Approval of Minutes
Description:  The minutes of the August 8, 2022 Regular School Board Meeting, the August 22, 2022 Work Session, the August 22, 2022 Special Board Meeting and the August 22, 2022 Executive Session are presented for approval.
5) Staff and Student Recognition
6) Public Participation
7) Recommendations
7)A) Public Hearing- Formal Bargaining 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
7)B) Budget Public Hearing 
Presenter:  Eric Rody
Description:  Budget Public Hearing
The administration presented the overall budget and appropriate plan documents to the Board at the work session on August 22, 2022. At that meeting it was explained that the budget and plan document public hearing would be advertised by the end of August for September 12, 2022.  Legal ads to this effect were posted on August 31 on our website and that of the Gateway system, accordingly. It would, therefore, be appropriate for the Board President to open and close three different public hearings to this effect, as follows: 

1.) Open Public Hearing on the overall budget of the Education, Debt Service, and Operations Fund as advertised. After the public comment- close hearing. 
2.) Open Public Hearing on Capital Projects Plan 3- Year Plan Document. After public comment- close hearing. 
3.) Open Public Hearing on Bus Replacement Plan for 2023-2034. After public comment- close hearing. 

This action concludes what needs to take place at the September 12 Board Meeting. The Treasurer can answer any questions from either the public or the board.  Further action by the Board in terms of budget adoption will take place on October 10, 2022.

7)C) Revised Sunnyside Handbook 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
7)D) Reading Resolution Goal 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
7)E) Fuel Tank Replacement Consultant 
Presenter:  Eric Rody
Description:  Fuel Tank Replacement Consultant
In January 2022, LSC was reviewed by IDEM on our underground storage tanks (UST) at the Transportation Facility.   LSC was fine with the review. However, IDEM did point out that our fuel tanks are reaching their normal life span of 30 years and IDEM recommends replacement of the tanks in the next couple years.   With that information, administration began a process of obtaining proposals from a few engineering firms who would act as our consultant for replacement of fuel tanks as a public work project.  In this case, the engineer would be acting much like an architect in a regular construction project, however, architects typically do not specialize in this type of work.  

Two proposals were received and those were from TBird Design in Lafayette and Etica Architects.   Those two firms attended a review meeting with Chuck Bear and Jim Scroggin to review the tanks we currently have and the overall site where our tanks are located.    It is estimated that this project could cost between $1-1.4M.   Both firms submitted complete proposals and administration is recommending TBird Design to act as the consultant for this work as they were the lowest proposed cost.   TBird’s service cost estimate was $124,000 while Etica’s was $198,000.    TBird has done a lot of tank replacement projects in Tippecanoe County for other school corporations and businesses and they come highly recommended.   

Administration recommends approval of TBird Design as the consultant for this future project and further recommends that the Superintendent and/or Chief Financial Officer be authorized to execute documents accordingly.   
7)F) Disposal of Obsolete Books 
Presenter:  Eric Rody
Description:  Disposal of Obsolete Books
The enclosed resolution allows the administration to dispose of obsolete books via the legal avenue of the items being declared as surplus property with no value.  Administration recommends approval of the disposition of these obsolete books per the attached resolution.
8) Employee Recommendations
Description:  The Administration recommends approval of the following employee requests:
 Sandra Corwin, Non Public Interventionist, GLASS, effective July 27, 2022
 Candice Lee, Paraprofessional, Earhart, effective August 22, 2022 
 Felicitas Rocha, Paraprofessional, Little Bronchos, effective July 29, 2022
 Keri Turrell, Attendance Assistant, JHS, effective August 21, 2022 
 Bethany Bartlett, Lunch Supervisor (replacement) 
 Elizabeth Bonner, Title I Assistant (replacement) 
 Taffaney Burse, Paraprofessional (replacement) 
 Mackenzie Cacucciolo, Paraprofessional (replacement) 
 Julie Cain, Bus Attendant (new) 
 Mackenzie Calloway, Paraprofessional (new) 
 Cynthia Garvey, Parraprofessional (new) 
 Niyana Gates, Paraprofessional (new) 
 April Martin, FOCUS After School Administrative Assistant (new) 
 Kimberly Powell, Resource Room Paraprofessional (replacement) 
 Gene Rider, Bus Driver (replacement) 
 Sandra Ridgway, Paraprofessional (new) 
 Maria Robledo, SLPA (replacement) 
 Vicki Ryan-Falls, Bus Attendant (new) 
 Helen Sunkel, Substitute Nurse (change in status) 
 Michel'le Sykes, Bus Attenant (new) 
 Summer Shockey, Behavior Facilitator (new) 
 Catherine Walgamuth, Aide (replacement) 
 Lydia Wells, Cafeteria Monitor (new) 

Additional Employee Recommendation After the Original Agenda was Prepared 
 Chontae Clay, Paraprofessional (replacement)
 Cindy Gerlach, Director of Communications and Community Engagement (new) 
 Michelle Johnson, Spanish Teacher (replacement)
 Wendy Newman, Custodian (replacement)
 Kassandra Nicol, Paraprofessional (replacement)
 Mildreth Vallejo, Office Clerk (replacement)
 Dillon Young, Student Success Coordinator (replacement)
9) Acceptance of Gifts
10) Treasurer
10)A) Financial Reports
10)B) Approve Claims and Ratify Payrolls
Description:  Presenter:  Eric Rody

The Administration recommends approval of the vendor claims and ratification of payrolls.
11) Board Reports
12) Information Only
12)A) Construction Updates
Description:  Presenter: Les Huddle and Eric Rody
12)B) Policy Review 
Presenter:  Dr. Katie Reckard
12)C) Strategic Planning Process/Timeline 
Presenter:  Dr. Alicia Clevenger
12)D) Lafayette School Corporation Communications Plan 
Presenter:  Dr. Laurie Rinehart
13) Adjournment

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