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January 8, 2018 at 7:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

1) Call to Order
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call
4) Administer Oath of Office
Description:  Presenter: Mr.  Kent Moore
5) Organization of Board
5)A) Election of President
5)B) Election of Vice President
5)C) Election of Secretary
5)D) Appoint Treasurer & Deputy Treasurer and establish amount of the bond (currently $100,000)
5)E) Appoint Board Attorney and set retainer and fees
Description:  Mr. Moore's annual retainer shall remain at $4,335.00. His rate for additional services is recommended to remain at $175.00 per hour.
5)F) Make Appointments to Other Boards & Committees
6) Approval of Minutes
Description:  The minutes of the December 11, 2017 Regular School Board Meeting and the December 11, 2017 Executive Session are presented for approval.
Attachments: (2)
7) Staff and Student Recognition
8) Public Participation
9) Recommendations
9)A) Fuel Bid Award
Description:  Presenter: Eric Rody
9)B) Disposition of Outstanding Checks
Description:  Presenter: Eric Rody
10) Employee Recommendations
Description:  Presenter:  Les Huddle
The Administration recommends approval of the following employee requests:
 Joanie Adams, cafeteria aide, Edgelea, effective December 12, 2017
 Mirza Balg, instructional assistant, Cary Home, effective December 7, 2017
 Paula Baird, paraprofessional, Glen Acres, effective December 13, 2017
 Natasha Foster, paraprofessional, Linnwood, effective December 21, 2017
 Jill Friesen, French teacher, JHS, effective August 1, 2018
 Susan Gibson, nurse/para, Harrison Life Skills, effective November 10, 2017
 Guadalupe Hernandez Lopez, cafeteria supervisor, effective December 21, 2017
 Martha Pavese Revellon, Title I instructional assistant, Glen Acres, effective December 22, 2017
 Amanda Phillips, bus driver, Transportation, effective October 7, 2017
 Kaylee Simms, paraprofessional, Vinton, effective December 21, 2017
 Karen Yates, Title I, Glen Acres, effective December 22, 2017

 Candice Lee, Title I interventionist, Vinton, effective December 13, 2017

 Whitney Frederick, Miami, Pregnancy/Childbirth Leave, effective May 17, 2018
 Kasie Slater, Murdock, Pregnancy/Childbirth Leave, effective April 25, 2018
 Holly Buskirk, parprofessional (new)
 Brittany Connell. paraprofessional (replacement)
 Kelsey Dunham, interventionist (replacement)
 Joe Hicks, security officer (new)
 Patrick Kreckeler, paraprofessional (replacement)
 Sonia Marker, paraprofessional (new)
 Melinda Savage, GLASS Nurse/Para (replacement)
 Christopher Silva, security officer (new)
 Randall Thompson Jr, bus attendant (new)
 Michelle Toth, title I instructional assistant (replacement)
 Jordan C Wells, paraprofessional (replacement)
 James Woten, paraprofessional (replacement) 

Additional Leave After the Original Agenda was Prepared
 Kristina Middleton, Pregnancy/Childbirth Leave, effective January 30, 2018-April 2, 2018

Additional Employee Recommendation After the Original Agenda was Prepared
 Debra Burkhart, Music Office Assistant/Level V (Reassigned/Change in Wages)
11) Acceptance of Gifts
Description:  Presenter: Eric Rody


The following donations were received during the month of December:

F.2050-Supts. Discretionary Fund (Nurse Account) received a monetary donation of $150.00 from the First Christian Church Women.  Clothing was also given for use by all schools.

F.2200-LARA monetary donations in the amount of $9,255.01.

Edgelea School received a donation of $150.00 from the Harrison Kiwanis Club to be used for school field trip expenses.

 Jefferson HS ECA received donations totaling $1,955.00 and will be used according to the enclosure.

12) Treasurer
12)A) Financial Reports
12)B) Approve Claims and Ratify Payrolls
Description:  Presenter:  Eric Rody

The Administration recommends approval of the vendor claims and ratification of payrolls.
13) Information Only
13)A) Construction Updates
Description:  Presenter: Eric Rody & Les Huddle
14) Board Reports
15) Adjournment

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