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October 26, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting of the School Board

1. Preliminary Actions
1.1. Call to Order
1.2. Pledge of Allegiance
1.3. Adoption of Agenda
2. Communication
2.1. Open Forum
Description:  Forty-five minutes is set aside at each regular meeting for the public to address the school board. In the interest of keeping a timely and orderly meeting, speakers are limited to 3 minutes. Additional, written comments can be given to the board. Speakers are reminded that the board will honor laws protecting student and employee data privacy. The board does not make decisions during open forum. Matters may be referred to the superintendent or staff if follow-up is necessary. The complete public participation policy is available at
2.2. Communications from Student Representatives
2.3. Communication from Superintendent
3. Consent Agenda
Description:  Consent items are those which usually do not require discussion or explanation prior to school board action, are non-controversial and/or similar in content, or are those items which have already been discussed and/or explained and do not require further discussion or explanation.  Items shall be removed from the consent agenda by a request by an individual school board member for independent consideration.
3.1. Minutes of the September 28 Regular Meeting & October 12 Special Meeting
3.2. Personnel Items
3.3. Bills for Payment and Wire Transfers 
3.4. Gifts and Donations
4. Recommended Actions
4.1. Bond Taxable GO Refunding Bonds, Series 2020A
Presenter:  DeeDee K.
4.2. 2019-20 Audit Report
Presenter:  DeeDee K.
5. Reports
5.1. Teaching and Learning- Focus Forward Plans
Presenter:  Dan C.
5.2. Communications Dept.- Website Refresh
Presenter:  Celi H.
5.3. FY2021 Budget Revisions
Presenter:  DeeDee K.
5.4. Second Reading of Policies
Presenter:  Policy Owner
5.4.1. Affirmed Policies:
Presenter:  Policy Owner 511- Student Fundraising
Presenter:  DeeDee K. 701- Budget
Presenter:  DeeDee K. 701.1- Budget Revisions
Presenter:  DeeDee K. 702- Accounting 
Presenter:  DeeDee K. 705- Investment
Presenter:  DeeDee K. 706- Gifts and Donations
Presenter:  DeeDee K. 707- Transportation
Presenter:  DeeDee K. 708- Transportation of Non-public Students
Presenter:  DeeDee K. 714- Fund Balance- GASB 54
Presenter:  DeeDee K. 721- Uniform Grant Guidance-Federal Revenue Sources
Presenter:  DeeDee K.
5.4.2. Revised Policies:
Presenter:  Policy Owner 703- Audit
Presenter:  DeeDee K. 711- Video Recording on School Buses
Presenter:  DeeDee K. 712- Video Surveillance Other Than On Buses
Presenter:  DeeDee K. 413- Harassment and Violence
Presenter:  David B. 515- Protection and Privacy of Student Records
Presenter:  David B. 522- Student Sex Nondiscrimination 
Presenter:  David B. 722- Public Data Requests
Presenter:  David B.
6. Communication / Information
6.1. Communications from School Board
7. Closed Meeting
7.1. Purchase or Sale of Property at 1125 78th Street West, Victoria, MN 55386
(Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 13D.05. subd. 3(c))
8. Adjourn
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