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July 20, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting of the School Board

1. Preliminary Actions
1.1. Call to Order
1.2. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Communication
2.1. Open Forum
Description:  Due to current federal and state emergency declarations and guidance about limiting person-to-person contact due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, all meetings will be conducted in accordance with Minnesota Statutes 13D.021— Meetings by Telephone or Other Electronic Means until further notice. You can share comments at Comments may be referred to the superintendent or staff if follow-up is necessary.
3. Consent Agenda
Description:  Consent items are those which usually do not require discussion or explanation prior to school board action, are non-controversial and/or similar in content, or are those items which have already been discussed and/or explained and do not require further discussion or explanation.  Items shall be removed from the consent agenda by a request by an individual school board member for independent consideration.
3.1. Minutes of the June 22 Regular Meeting
3.2. Personnel Items
3.3. Bills for Payment, Wire Transfers and Construction
3.4. Gifts and Donations
3.5. 2020-21 Metro ECSU Membership
3.6. 2020-21 AMSD Membership
3.7. 2020-21 MSBA Association Dues
3.8. Bid Awards- Concrete and Snow Removal
3.9. Policies:
3.9.1. Affirmed:
Presenter:  Policy Owner-Director #501-Firearms and Weapons Prohibition
Presenter:  David B. #502- Search of Student Locker, Desks, Personal Possessions, & Person
Presenter:  David B. #506- Student Discipline
Presenter:  David B. #509- Nonresident Students
Presenter:  David B. #514- Bullying Prohibition
Presenter:  David B. #529- Staff Notification Violent Behavior
Presenter:  Jim O. #530- Immunizations
Presenter:  Laura P-K. #533- Wellness
Presenter:  Laura P-K. #521- Student Disability Nondiscrimination
Presenter:  Laura P-K.
3.9.2. Revised:
Presenter:  Policy Owner-Director #410- Family Medical Leave
Presenter:  Jim O. #419- Tobacco Free
Presenter:  Jim O. #415- Reporting Maltreatment of Minors
Presenter:  David B. #510- Shared Time Student
Presenter:  David B. #544- Student Internal Transfers
Presenter:  David B. #516- Student Medication
Presenter:  Laura P-K. #532- Use of Peace Officers- Crisis Teams
Presenter:  Laura P-K. #551- Protection of Student with Life Threatening Allergies
Presenter:  Laura P-K. #520- Student Surveys
Presenter:  Amy L. #524- Technology and Internet Acceptable Use
Presenter:  Amy L. #531- Pledge of Allegiance
Presenter:  Amy L. #601- Curriculum and Instruction Goals
Presenter:  Amy L. #603- Curriculum and Development 
Presenter:  Amy L. #611- Early Entrance
Presenter:  Amy L. #616- School District System Accountability
Presenter:  Amy L.
4. Recommended Actions
4.1. LTFM 10-Year Plan
Presenter:  DeeDee K. & Jim M.
4.2. Resolution Calling District General Election
Presenter:  Caroline L.
5. Reports
5.1. COVID-19 Update
Presenter:  DeeDee K. and Erin R.
5.2. Equity Update
Presenter:  Keith B.
5.3. Enrollment Update
Presenter:  DeeDee K. and David B.
5.4. Field Trip Update
Presenter:  David B.
6. Communication / Information
6.1. Communications from School Board
6.2. Communications from Superintendent
7. Adjourn
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