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August 18, 2021 at 4:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I.A. Open the Public Hearing
I.B. 1.  Presentation of the Instructional Time Models.

As a mitigation strategy to prevent the further spread of Covid 19 within each school, and in accordance with A.R.S. 15-808, each school will present their Instructional Time Model for public input.

H.B. 2862 was passed to allow schools to adopt an Instructional Time Model (ITM) to the instructional hour requirements in A.R.S. 15-808 and 15-901 which provides flexibility for a school district to determine the manner in which instructional hours are provided for students, including, remoter courses, project - based learning, mastery-based learning, weekend courses or evening courses.

Our schools have decided to go to hybrid which would be group A: Monday and Tuesday, group B:  Wednesday and Thursday with making our PD day on Friday with enrichment/Response to intervention in the morning and Professional Development in the afternoon.

I.B.1. Changing Professional Development Days
I.C. Close of the Public Meeting 

A copy of the agenda of the matters to be discussed or decided at the meeting may be obtained by contacting:
Donna Manuelito:  (928) 475-2135 #1208
Email address:

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