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October 18, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1) Roll Call, Establishment of Quorum, Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer
Presenter:  Bill Childress
2) Open Forum/Public Comment
Presenter:  Bill Childress
Description:  To address the board during a regular board meeting, speakers must sign the "Request to Address Trustees" form and return to the Superintendent Secretary before the meeting begins. During the public comments portion of the agenda, the registered speaker will be allowed to address the board.
To address the board, each speaker should follow these guidelines:
  • Speakers should first state their name upon addressing the board.
  • Speakers are limited to five minutes to make comments.
  • Board of Trustees cannot comment on presentations. The applicable member of district administration or campus administration will be contact with the presenter.
  • Copies of presentations, if present, should be made available to all trustees and the superintendent.
  • Board policy prohibits the discussion of complaints against District employees during an open forum.
3) School Board Superstars--BIS/BHS
Presenter:  Tami Vardy
4) Consent Agenda
Presenter:  Bill Childress
4)A) Approve Minutes
4)B) Approve payment of bills
4)C) Approval to Expend Budgeted Funds for Student Chrome Book Insurance
Presenter:  Chris Chappotin
Description:  This is a Buy Board expenditure of $30,000 (requires board approval). This encompasses the student insurance for Chrome Books in which we collect funds from families that wish to take the insurance.
5) Instructional Focus--#JacketsRise
Presenter:  Tami Vardy
Description:  This brief presentation will highlight accomplishments in Accountability, AP, and Collegiate Partnerships.
6) Missed School Day Waiver
Presenter:  Tami Vardy

Missed School Days

Districts or campuses can request a waiver for excused absences if instructional days are missed due to inclement weather, health, safety-related, or other issues. The first two days missed for any reason must be made up, using either designated makeup days or additional minutes. See Student Attendance Accounting Handbook 3.8.1. House Bill (HB) 2610, passed by the 84th Texas Legislature, effective for the 2015-2016 school year, amends Texas Education Code (TEC), §25.081, by adding (c) which allows a school district to add additional minutes to the end of the district’s normal school hours as necessary to compensate for minutes of instruction lost due to school closure caused by disaster, flood, extreme weather conditions, fuel curtailment, or another calamity.  If because of weather, safety, or health issues, your district misses additional instructional days beyond the two days made up using built in or additional minutes or days, your school district can apply to the TEA for a missed school day waiver. 

7) Board Resolution for Employee Pay During COVID Absences and Cleaning

There is a public purpose served, and a benefit to Boyd ISD for the District to authorize the Superintendent of Schools to compensate school district employees who remained ready, willing and able to work during August 26-27, 2021, but who were prohibited from working due to COVID absences and cleaning.

8) Investment Policy Review, CDA (LOCAL)
Presenter:  Julie Maddux
Description:  According to Chapter 2256.005 of the Government Code, Investment Policy Review, CDA (LOCAL), must be reviewed and approved on an annual basis. 

Please see the attached Board Policy CDA (LOCAL) for review.
9) Wise County Appraisal District--Board of Director Election
Presenter:  Tami Vardy
Description:  Taxing Units in Wise County may submit names for nominations for the Wise County Appraisal District Board of Directors.

Each voting unity may nominate by resolution adopted by its governing board, one candidate for each position to be filled.

Before October 30, 2021, the Chief Appraiser shall prepare a ballot and present it to the presiding officer of the governing body of each taxing unit that is entitled to vote.

Boyd ISD is allowed 307 votes of 5000 total votes.
10) Safety Protocols
Presenter:  Matthew Collings
11) Targeted Improvement Plan Hearing
Presenter:  Chris Chappotin
Description:  Each year, the TIP must be presented to the public in a hearing format to allow comment from the community.
12) Reports
12)A) Superintendent
12)A)1) HVAC/Lighting Project Update
12)A)2) Planning for District Growth
12)B) Assistant Superintendent
12)C) Chief Financial Officer
13) Closed Session - Pursuant to Texas Government Code Sections §551.071, to consult with the District's attorney, in person or by phone, on a matter in which the duty of the attorney to the District under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas clearly conflicts with Chapter 551 of the Texas Local Government Code. 

Pursuant to Texas Government Code Sections §551.074 for the purpose of considering the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer, employee, or to hear complaints or charges against a public officer or employee. 
13)A) Hiring/Resignations/Retirements
Presenter:  Tami Vardy
14) Action Resulting from Closed/Executive Session
15) Adjournment

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