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February 4, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Board of Directors' Meeting

I. Welcome and introductions (10 minutes)
II. Approve agenda (2 minutes) - ACTION
III. Consent agenda (2 minutes) - ACTION 
III.A. Approval of minutes
III.A.1. November 12, 2021, Annual Membership meeting minutes
III.A.2. Nov 12-13, 2021, Board of Directors meeting minutes
III.A.3. December 3-4, 2021 Board of Directors meeting minutes
III.B. Acceptance of minutes
III.B.1. November 2, 2021, Executive Committee meeting minutes
III.B.2. November 15, 2021, Executive Committee meeting minutes
III.B.3. January 11, 2022 Executive Committee meeting minutes
III.C. Board written reports
III.C.1. OAESD ex officio report
III.D. Mid-year department reports
III.D.1. Litigation Services
III.D.2. PACE Administration
III.D.3. Legislative Services
III.D.4. Policy Services
III.D.5. Board Development
III.D.6. Business and Technology Services
III.D.7. Communication Services
III.E. OSBA elections
III.E.1. 2021 Election results
III.E.2. 2022 election calendar
III.F. 2022 Calendar of OSBA and NSBA Events
III.G. 2022 OSBA Board of Directors roster
III.H. 2022 OSBA Board Committee list
IV. Association
IV.A. Appointments
IV.A.1. Board of Directors 
IV.A.1.a. Position 12, Marion Region (5 minutes) - ACTION 
IV.A.1.a.i. Bill Graupp, North Marion School District
IV.A.1.a.ii. Laura Wipper, North Santiam School District
IV.A.2. Legislative Policy Committee
IV.A.2.a. Position 14, North Coast Region (5 minutes) - ACTION 
IV.A.2.a.i. Sondra Gomez, Seaside School District
IV.A.2.b. Position 19, Multnomah Region
IV.A.2.b.i. Heath Curry, Centennial School District
IV.A.2.b.ii. Aaron Barrow, David Douglas School District
IV.B. Financial reports
IV.B.1. OSBA investments report (10 minutes) - INFORMATION 
IV.B.2. Finance Committee report (5 minutes) - INFORMATION 
IV.B.3. Update on Ad Hoc Committee on OSBA Revenue (5 minutes) - REPORT 
IV.C. Executive Director mid-year report (10 minutes) - INFORMATION 
IV.D. OSBA Operating Agreements (5 minutes) - ACTION 
IV.E. Conflict of interest and ethics overview (10 minutes) - REPORT
IV.F. OSBA Call for Equity (15 minutes) - REPORT
IV.G. Communications around OSBA Call for Equity (10 minutes) - REPORT 
IV.H. Communication of OSBA services (10 minutes) - REPORT 
V. Meeting adjourns

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