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September 17, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Board of Directors' Meeting

I. Welcome and introductions (5 minutes)
II. Approve agenda (3 minutes) - ACTION 
III. Consent agenda (5 minutes) - ACTION 
III.A. Approval of minutes
III.A.1. June 19, 2021, Board of Directors meeting minutes
III.A.2. August 9, 2021, Board of Directors meeting minutes
III.B. Acceptance of minutes
III.B.1. August 2, 2021, Executive Committee meeting minutes
III.B.2. August 23, 2021, Executive Committee meeting minutes
III.C. Staff written reports
III.C.1. 2021 Virtual Summer Conferences, Steve Kelley
III.C.2. 2022 Bonds, Ballots & Buildings Conference, Alex Pulaski
III.C.3. Legislative Services Department update, Lori Sattenspiel
III.D. Ex officio written reports
III.D.1. OAESD, Linda Brown
III.D.2. OCCA, Annette Mattson 
III.E. 2022 Calendar of OSBA, NSBA and PACE events
III.F. OSBA Committees
III.G. OSBA 2021 Election - Candidates
IV. Association
IV.A. Officer Succession Planning Committee (5 minutes) - INFORMATION 
IV.B. Nomination and election of OSBA officers (10 minutes) - ACTION 
IV.B.1. President-elect
IV.B.2. Vice President
IV.B.3. Secretary-Treasurer
IV.C. Finance Committee update (5 minutes) - INFORMATION
IV.D. Executive Director's 2021-22 goals and action plan (10 minutes) - REPORT
IV.E. Staff action plans for 2021-22 (10 minutes) - REPORT  
V. Advocacy
V.A. 2022 NSBA Annual Conference
V.A.1. Permanent selection of NSBA Delegate Assembly representatives, Jim Green (5 minutes) - ACTION 
VI. Meeting recesses until 8:00 a.m. Saturday, September 18, 2021  

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