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June 19, 2021 at 9:00 AM - Board of Directors' Meeting

I. Welcome and roll call (15 minutes) 
I.A. Adoption of Resolution to Commemorate Juneteenth (2 minutes) - ACTION 
II. Approve agenda (3 minutes) - ACTION
III. Consent agenda (3 minutes) - ACTION
III.A. Approval of minutes
III.A.1. February 5-6, 2021 Board of Directors' meeting minutes
III.A.2. March 18, 2021 Board of Directors meeting minutes
III.B. Acceptance of minutes
III.B.1. April 1, 2021 Executive Committee minutes
III.B.2. May 3, 2021 Executive Committee meeting minutes
III.C. Staff written reports
III.C.1. Year-end reports
III.C.1.a. Litigation Services year-end report, Haley Percell
III.C.1.b. PACE Administration year-end report, Dave Harvey 
III.C.1.c. Legislative Services year-end report, Lori Sattenspiel
III.C.1.d. Communication Services year-end report, Alex Pulaski
III.C.1.e. Board Development year-end report, Steve Kelley
III.C.1.f. Policy Services year-end report, Spencer Lewis
III.C.1.g. Business Services year-end report, Chris Davidson 
III.C.2. Summer Board Conference and Annual Convention Planning, Steve Kelley
III.D. Board written reports
III.D.1. OSBMCC report, Sami Al-AbdRabbuh
III.D.2. OCCA ex officio report, Libra Forde 
III.E. Ex officio written reports
III.E.1. OAESD, Kelly Bissinger 
III.F. Appointments
III.F.1. PACE Trustees (three-year terms ending June 30, 2024)
III.F.1.a. Tim Belanger, Business Services Director, Oregon Trail SD
III.F.1.b. Brad Henry, CFO, Bend La-Pine SD
III.G. OSBA-PACT Restated Trust Agreement revision
IV. Leadership
IV.A. Recognition of outgoing board members (5 minutes) 
IV.A.1. LeeAnn Larsen
IV.A.2. Jesse Lippold 
IV.B. New Board Member Welcome Ambassador Program (5 minutes) - ACTION  
V. Association
V.A. OSBA Governance Committee
V.A.1. Recommendation on regional governance structure (10 minutes) - ACTION
V.A.2. Recommendation on Executive Director evaluation timeline, criteria and process for 2021-22 (5 minutes) - ACTION 
V.B. Adoption of 2021-22 board goals (10 minutes) - ACTION 
V.C. Budget and Finance
V.C.1. Finance Committee and Budget Committee update (10 minutes) - INFORMATION  
V.C.2. 2021-22 Fee Structure for Association Services (5 minutes) - ACTION 
V.C.3. Proposed 2021-22 OSBA budget (25 minutes) - ACTION  
V.C.4. Finance Committee Operating Guideline (5 minutes) - ACTION 
V.C.5. Real property transaction (10 minutes) - REPORT  
V.D. Executive Director's year-end report (10 minutes) - REPORT
V.E. Executive Director year-end evaluation (15 minutes) - REPORT/DISCUSSION
V.F. Executive Director compensation package and Employment Agreement (10 minutes) - ACTION
VI. Meeting adjourns

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