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October 8, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
Presenter:  Ralph Ramon
2. Invocation
3. Pledge of Allegiance
Presenter:  Ralph Ramon / Doug Neff
4. Open Forum / Public Comments
5. Consent Agenda
Presenter:  Dr. Eddie Bland, Ed.D.
Description:  Action Required
5.A. Minutes from Regular meeting- September 10, 2020
5.B. Accounts Payable
5.C.  Financial Items
Presenter:  Morgan Preston
5.D. Communities in Schools Partnership
Presenter:  Rachael McClain
Description:  Snyder ISD ACE partners with Communities in Schools to place a CIS employee on the Snyder Junior High campus.  The CIS program supports students at-risk of academic failure due to behavior, attendance, or classroom performance.  The caseworker supports a caseload of students throughout the year.  Responsive Ed and the Snyder Junior High campus have committed to continue the partnership.  The annual fee requires board approval.  The contract for the 20-21 school year is attached. 
D. Snyder High School Hybrid Option
Presenter:  Rachael McClain/Shaye Murphy
Description:  In order to offer higher quality instruction and support for struggling students while mitigating the opportunity to spread COVID-19, the high school is considering a 4-day a week face-to-face program with a 5th day of virtual attendance for most students.  Board approval is required for hybrid plans for secondary campuses.  The attached waiver will be submitted to TEA.  The Agency has indicated they are still accepting waiver requests is the district feels the hybrid option is needed. 
E. ADSY-Full Day Voluntary Summer Program
Presenter:  Rachael McClain/Ana Montoya
Description:  Snyder ISD was selected to participate in a full-day voluntary summer learning program as part of the 21st Century ACE Grant program.  The selection provides additional funding to partner with a technical support provider to design a robust academic summer program targeting K-5th graders for up to 30 days in the Summer 2021. 

The ACE staff and the summer programs principal met with two technical support providers to determine the best fit for the needs of the district.  The team selected BellXcel due to the ability of the partner to meet multiple areas of summer program support.  The attached proposal details the support plan. The cost for the support is above the $25,000 threshold required for board approval.   The proposal covers the planned initial costs.  Based on changes due to COVID, the technical support provider may be allowed to travel prior to the summer which would incur additional costs above the information in the attached proposal. 
6. Executive Session (G1-G4)
The Board may go into closed session in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act,     Government Code, Chapter 551, Subchapters D and E. Before any closed meeting is convened, the presiding officer will publicly identify the section or sections of the Act authorizing the closed meeting. All final votes, actions, or decisions will be taken in an open meeting. 
7. Action Agenda
7.A. Teacher Incentive Allotment Program
Presenter:  Rachael McClain
Description:  The Teacher Incentive Allotment, created under HB3, provides a pathway to teachers for significant salary increases based on teacher performance and student growth.  Snyder ISD's plan has been developed with District Education Improvement Committee and Campus Leadership Team input and approved by TEA.  The narrative explanation of the plan is attached along with student growth rubrics developed with teacher groups within the district.  
7.B. Academic Planning & Goals
Presenter:  Rachael McClain
Description:  The annual academic performance goals and monitoring calendar require adjustments due to the loss of data in the 19-20 school year and current adjustments to the 20-21 instructional plans.

The proposed adjustments to the academic goals are attached showing the annual targets for both the board goals and the goal progress measures as well as targets for the sub-populations. 

The current monitoring calendar is attached but discussions about adjustments to the monitoring schedule are needed to capture the most current data from the campuses during the academic year. 
7.C. Emergency Operations Plan Approval
Presenter:  Clay Cade

Texas Education Code 37.108(c-2)(8) requires that the Superintendent or designee to schedule an annual review of the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) with the Board of Trustees.


8. Reconvene from Closed Session
9. Information
9.A. COVID-19 Udate
Presenter:  Administrative Staff
Description:  District personnel will discuss current district statuses regarding COVID-19.  Because this data is changing constantly we will provide additiional up to date information at the board meeting.
9.A.1. District Dashboard
Description:  The link below will take you to our web page for COVID-19 information.
9.A.2. Prevention Protocols
Description:  Attached is a copy of the letter sent to all Snyder ISD staff members on Wednesday September 30th.
9.A.3. Face to Face and Virtual Enrollment 
Description:  We will look at enrollment by grade, campus and district for face to face and virtual students.  We will discuss current attendance rates for both methods of instruction.
9.A.4. District activities
Description:  Homecoming, Academics, Athletics, Fine Arts, etc...
9.B. SISD Greenhouse Update
Presenter:  Clay Cade
Description:  The SISD Greenhouse (south building) is now fully operational, including all heating, cooling, irrigation, and humidity systems.  Student interns will begin their onsite internship on October 5th, and will begin seeding on October 12th for spring/summer plant sales.  

The classroom space renovations are in the procurement phase.  We are soliciting quotes now for insulation, HVAC and electrical.  Restroom facilities for this area will be completed once the space is ready for instruction.  There is currently a functioning restroom in the north greenhouse.

Since the north greenhouse building was the main commercial operating space for the prior owners, maintenance items are needed.  The most extensive item is a roof replacement, which we estimate to be in excess of $25,000 but less than $50,000.  There was prior roof damage to the building which was repairable.  Since closing, there was a minor hail storm that damaged the rest of the roof on this building due to its age.  Quotes for the roof replacement are in process, and we will bring a recommendation for consideration/approval in November.  Considering the current property insurance market difficulties facing Texas schools and the fact this amount is below the deductible on the District's policy we will not be filing an insurance claim.
9.C. HVAC System Replacements
Presenter:  Clay Cade
Description:  Several areas in the District are in need of additional cooling/heating capacity or unit replacement.

Snyder Primary - Two units serving the kitchen have lost one stage of cooling, causing the units to run fulltime.  These are R-22 units, which are no longer manufactured.  We are attempting to have the units repaired by a local contractor prior to replacing the systems.

Snyder Intermediate - The TechTeach classroom is one of four areas that is served by one system.  Since the classroom is at the end of the system, it is often uncomfortable and/or humid.  We are soliciting quotes for a mini-split system to heat/cool the area.  Additionally, this room is part of the chiller/boiler system that is slowed significantly during the summer months when TechTeach students are required to be on campus.

Snyder High School - The SHS snackbar is utilized by a high number of students for breakfast and lunch.  Much like the Intermediate system, it is one room on a larger network.  There are several cooling compressors running to serve iced coffee and fruit juices, as well as heating elements to hold hot food.  We are soliciting quotes for a mini-split system to heat/cool the area.

SISD Greenhouse - As discussed during the SISD Greenhouse Update, the classroom space for this facility is in need of heating/cooling.  We are soliciting quotes for a system to serve this area.

This item will require board approval due to the projected amount spent on HVAC in the aggregate during this fiscal year.
9.D. Sale or Exchange of Property - Formerly Central Elementary
Presenter:  Clay Cade
Description:  The property formerly known as Central Elementary is still owned by the District.  There are no plans to use the property now or in the foreseeable future.  Due to the size of the existing campuses, this property is difficult to maintain properly.

Board policy CDB (Legal) and Chapter 272 of the Local Government Code provides specific requirements for the sale, lease, exchange, or donation of school property.

The attached resolution declaring the former Central Elementary campus as surplus property and authorizing the Administration to proceed the the process mandated by the Local Government Code and Board policy for disposing of that property is attached for your review.  If the Board desires, this item will be presented in November for approval.
9.E. Procurement of Custodial Supplies
Presenter:  Clay Cade
Description:  Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, SISD began ordering yearly custodial supplies from one vendor. Previously, these supplies were ordered monthly from multiple vendors.  Since the COVID pandemic, we have been ordering monthly due to shortages.

A request for quotations (RFQ) will be submitted to purchasing cooperative members and brought back in November for approval.  The annual amount spent on custodial supplies is in excess of $125,000.  Since the aggregate annual spending amount for custodial supplies exceeds $25,000, Board approval will be required.  
9.F. Information Item:

Special Education Bus Update
Presenter:  Morgan Preston
Description:  The current Special Education bus is over 10 years old and has approximately 167,000 miles.  Over the past year the electrical components in the bus have become an increased liability.  We would like to begin the process of getting information on a replacement bus for that department.  
9.G. October 2020 Academic Update
Presenter:  Rachael McClain
Description:  Initial MAP Data results will be shared reviewing student levels as compared to national norms.
9.H. Library Purchases
Presenter:  Rachael McClain/Elaine Bragg
Description:  The Snyder ISD Board of Trustees approved a multi-year plan to update the campus library collections to increase the quality and quantity of books for the students.  The 20-21 school year is year three for the SIS campus and year one for the SHS campus.  All four campuses have maintenance budgets as well to support new materials for the students.

The attached spreadsheet is the original plan approved by the board in 18-19.  
10. Superintendent's Report 
Presenter:  Eddie Bland, Ed.D.
10.A. First Day Enrollment Comparison
10.B. November Regular Board Meeting- November 12, 2020
11. Adjourn
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