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March 21, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance
II. Commendations/Board Recognition
III. Social Contract
IV. Public Forum/Citizens Comments
IV.A. This meeting will be held in person at the above location and will also be live streamed.  Seating may necessitate the use of more than one room in the administration building subject to the capacity that can safely convene.  

The public may access this meeting by calling the following toll free number: 1 346 248 7799.  Meeting ID: 873 9570 4488; Passcode:151080 by the following link: 

Meeting ID:873 9570 4488 ; Passcode: 151080

An electronic copy of the agenda may be viewed at the following link:  

Any member of the public who wishes to address the Board on an agenda item who will not be physically present, may request in writing to address the Board virtually or submit written comments to the following email box: no later than 5:00 PM on Monday, March 21, 2022.  Comments may be limited in length depending on number received.    
V. Public Hearing to discuss WISD Annual Report
VI. Board Subcommittee report on WISD Board Operating Procedures
VII. Action Items
VII.A. Consideration and possible approval of consent agenda
VII.A.1. Minutes of February 17; 2022; 7:00 p.m., Regular Meeting
VII.A.2. Minutes of March 7, 2022; 6:30 p.m., Special Meeting
VII.A.3. Approve financial reports
VII.A.4. Consideration and possible action to approve 2022-2023 Teacher Salary Schedule
VII.A.5. Consideration and possible action to approve 2022-2023 Strategic Staffing Initiative (SSI)
VII.A.6. Consideration and possible action to approve 2022-2023 Student Growth Incentive Plan
VII.B. Consideration and possible action to approve revisions to WISD Board Operating Procedures
VIII. Reports
VIII.A. Landy Williams, Wharton ISD Chief of Police
VIII.A.1. Annual Racial Profiling report
VIII.A.2. Updated Wharton ISD Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)
VIII.B. Charli Lennon, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
VIII.B.1. 3-year Discipline Data presentation
VIII.C. Superintendent's Report
IX. Adjourn to Closed Meeting pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.074 of the Open Meetings Act for the following purpose:
IX.A. Personnel Matters
IX.A.1. Contract renewal of teachers, nurses, counselors, librarians, diagnosticians and other professional contracts
X. Reconvene Open Meeting
X.A. Contract renewal of teachers, nurses, counselors, librarians, diagnosticians, and other professional contracts
XI. Adjournment

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