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March 8, 2022 at 5:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Roll Call
I.C. Pledge of Allegiance
I.D. Governing Board Comments**
III. OPENING (Continued)
III.A. Review, revision and ratification of Agenda
IV.A. Superintendent's Report
IV.B. Assistant Superintendent of Academic Excellence Report
IV.C. Chief Financial Officer's Report
V.A. * Personnel Items:  Discussion and possible approval on the following personnel Items:
V.A.1. Request to approve retirements: Hopkins, L., Victor, A.
V.A.2. Request to approve for abandonment of duties:  Mull, K.
V.A.3. Request to approve the recommendation to hire for San Carlos Middle School custodian: Antonio, A., Haozous, A.
V.A.4. Recommendation to request approval for the San Carlos Middle School STEAM Coordinator:  Loyd, D.
V.A.5. Recommendation to approve the following personnel for additional pay utilizing for Professional Learning Community Training:  Upshaw, E., Punzalan, L., Tolimao, R., Kitcheyan, V., Pura, M., Miles, S.,  Tower, D., Smitley, T., Loayon, M., McAdams, S., DelaCruz, E., Jackson, L., May, I., Cerilla, E., Sam, S., Monroid, C.
V.A.6. Recommendations for the 2021-2022 athletic coaching positions, to include possible 2022 summer coaching, if necessary:  Rundle, M., Joe, M.
V.B. Ratification of Expense Vouchers:  2221, 2222
V.C. Ratification of payroll vouchers: 14, 15
V.D. Approval of the San Carlos Unified School District's Governing Board meeting minutes of February 8, 2022.
V.E. Requesting approval for disposal of numerous desks, chairs and tables that are damaged.
V.F. Recommendation to approve out of state for the following to attend the 2022 PowerSchool University in Anaheim, California in June 26 - 30, 2022:  Tohtsoni, Z., Bates, C.
VI.A. Curriculum and Instruction - Action and or discussion as indicated.
VI.A.1. Request for approval to replace Response to Intervention (RTI) with the Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS).
VI.A.2. Recommendation to approve the Prop 301 Plan for 2021-2022.
VI.A.3. Recommendation to approve the 2022-2023 School Instructional Calendar reflecting 190 instructional days, half day staff professional development on Wednesdays.
VI.A.4. Recommendation for approval of San Carlos Unified School District COVID-19 Education Plan.
VI.B. Business and Operations - Action:
VI.B.1. Recommendation for approval of FY22 February monthly budget reports for general ledger and student funds.
VI.B.2. Recommendation on approval for the proposed FY23 salary increase for classified staff of 7% increase as well as adjusting the classified range based on scope of duties and responsibilities.
VI.B.3. Recommendation approval for the proposal for FY23 salary increase for school administrators includes a 7% increase. 
VI.B.4. Recommendation on approval of adding the certified miscellaneous schedule to the certified salary schedule with a 7% increase.
VII.A. Rice Primary School Report
VII.B. Rice Intermediate School Report
VII.C. Federal Program Board Report
VII.D. Exceptional Student Service Board Report
VII.E. San Carlos Middle School Board Report
VII.F. San Carlos High School Board Report
VIII.A. Upcoming Events:
  • March 13 - 15, 2022, National Association of Federally Impacted Schools Conference, Washington, DC
  • March 21 - 25, 2022; San Carlos U.S.D. Spring Break
  • April 2 - 4, 2022; National School Board Association Conference, San Diego, California
  • May 18, 2022; San Carlos High School Graduation
  • June 6, 2022; San Carlos U.S.D. Summer School 
  • June 9 - 10, 2022; Arizona School Board Association's Summer Leadership Institute, Flagstaff, Arizona

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