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August 29, 2022 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. President calls meeting to order
2. Public Comment
3. Accept Board minutes
4. General Information
Description:  Review of programs for planning purposes
4.A. Principal Report
4.B. 2021- 2022 State Accountability Rating 
4.C. Bon-Fire Update
Description:  The Ag mechanics students are working on building the attached figure in lieu of a traditional bonfire. The structure will be located in the open area where the bonfire was held in the past.  This structure will be wrapped with burlap sacks that have been soaked in diesel and then lit.  The structure will be a permanent one, like the other metal designs around the campus. 
5. Business Items
5.A. Discussion and possible actions to approve budget amendments for the following functions:
5.B. Discussion and possible action to approve the 2022-2023 budget for funds 199, 240, and 599
5.C. Discussion and possible action to set the M&O tax rate at $0.8625 and $0.46 for the I&S rate. 
Description:  With the passing of HB3 in 2020, tax rates are now compressed by the state.  MISD is at the compression floor. We no longer have local control over setting the M&O tax rate. The recommenced M&O tax rate includes the 6 golden pennies that the district passed with a Tax Ratification election in 2018. 
I recommend keeping the I&S rate at the same amount of $0.46 so that the district can pay more on the bonds in order to pay them off a little sooner.
I have attached the amortization schedule of the bonds.
5.D. Consideration and/or action to approve an Agreement for the Purchase of Attendance Credit (Option 3 Agreement) and to delegate contractual authority to the Superintendent.

5.E. Resolution of the board of trustees of MISD defeasing and calling certain outstanding bonds for redemption; authorizing the deposit of funds and an escrow agreement; and resolving other matters related thereto. 

Description:  This order will allow the board to take advantage of the increased I&S property value by using surplus tax funds to pay down our bonds faster.  
5.F. Discussion and possible action to move the Student Activity Account and Imprest Checking accounts to BOC in Miami.
Description:  It would be nice to use the local bank to get cash for the gate boxes, concession stands, and fundraisers. 
5.G. Discussion and possible action of replacement on the Roberts County Appraisal Board of Directors
5.H. Executive Session: 551.076: Considering the deployment, specific occasions for, or implementation of security personnel or devices. 
Deliberation and possible action to adopt a resolution or resolutions authorizing certain individuals(s) to possess firearms under Board Policy CKC (LOCAL)  
5.I. Discussion and possible action to approve the 2022-2023 Board Calendar
5.J. Discussion and possible action to approve Joint Elections agreements with Roberts and Gray Counties
6. Consent Agenda: Financial Reports
6.A. Review Bills
6.B. Cash and Investment Report
6.C. General Fund Revenues Report
6.D. Activity Fund Balances
Description:  This will be at the meeting.
6.E. Tax Report
6.F. Transportation Report
7. Personnel
7.A. Hirings, if any
Description:  None
7.B. Resignations, if any
8. Adjourn
9. Erosion update 

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