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November 8, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1) Call to Order
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call
4) Approval of Minutes
Description:  The minutes of the October 11, 2021 Regular School Board Meeting, the November 1, 2021 Work Session, the November 4, 2021 Executive Session and the November 4, 2021 Special Meeting are presented for approval.
5) Staff and Student Recognition
6) Public Participation
7) Recommendations
7)A) Approval of Collective Bargaining Agreement with LEA 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
7)A)1. Approval of Collective Bargaining Agreement with Local 2601
7)A)2. Approval of Salary Increases for LSC Employees 
7)B) Federal Grants and Awards Administration Policy- 1st Reading 
Presenter:  Eric Rody
Description:  A new policy is being recommended for first reading entitled Federal Grants and Awards Administration. The policy is included herein as recommended and previously discussed. 
7)C) Cyber Insurance Renewal 
Presenter:  Eric Rody
Description:  LSC began purchasing cyber insurance approximately 5 years ago. The renewal date for the policy is November 15, 2021 and the policy is brought to us through the Mitchell Agency. The cyber insurance market has seen a drastic increase in claims since the start of COVID-19 and upon Board approval our policy will renew at the renewal date. We are fortunate that a vast majority of the industry standards for internal control of internet and email usage are being implemented by our corporation. A few of those steps can be increased and administration will be working to that end over the next year. The administration recommends approval of cyber insurance renewal through the Mitchell Agency. 
7)D) Architectural and Construction Mgt Contracts 
Presenter:  Eric Rody
Description:  As explained at the Board work session, we will be putting together a few extra projects with VTSBC money that has accumulated now that completed projects are done and the bond sale premium has been realized. With that, we will need new contracts with Keystone Architecture and Kettlehut Construction for design specs and construction management services. Administration recommends acceptance of the two contracts included to proceed with these final projects. 
8) Employee Recommendations
Description:  Presenter:  Dr. John Layton
The Administration recommends approval of the following employee requests:
Amber Duel, Head Custodian, Miller, effective October 20, 2021
Hoai Luu, Custodian, Earhart, effective December 31, 2021
Rayna Pollard, Bus Attendant, Transportation, effective October 29, 2021
Jody Wilson, Custodian, Miller, effective November 5, 2021
 Mereidy Howard, 4th Grade, Oakaland Elementary, effective May 28, 2022
 Tom Miller, Social Studies, JHS, effective August 1, 2022 
 Marsha Schafer, Facilities Secretary, Facilities, effective December 1, 2021
 Emily Bell, 3rd Grade Teacher, Edgelea, effective February 10-April 21, 2022
 Alexandra Noble, 4th Grade Teacher, Glen Acres, effective March 20-Fall 2022
 Kendra Pike, 2nd Grade Teacher, Murdock, effective December 29, 2021-March 14, 2022
  Ashley Withers, Reading Specialist, Hiatt, effective March 4-May 2, 2022
Jami Andrews, Lunch Supervisor (replacement) 
Taylor Cox, Preparing for College & Careers (replacement) 
Mary Farrell, Title I Instructor (new) 
Hallie Schmidt, Lunch Supervisor (replacement)
Rita Wells, Bus Driver (replacement)
Alex (Amelia) White, English Teacher (replacement)
Kasandra Zink, Recess Supervisor ( replacement)

Additional Resignations After the Original Agenda was Prepared 
Hawley Lane, Paraprofessional, Sunnyside, effective June 4, 2021
Linda Maddox, Lunch Supervisor, Vinton, effective November 2, 2021
Haleigh Oliver, Paraprofessional, Sunnyside, effective June 4, 2021
Alana Rainey, Recess Supervisor, Edgelea, effective October 25, 2021
Kendra Rettig, Paraprofessional, Sunnyside, effective June 4, 2021
Roxanne Thurston, Recess Supervisor, Edgelea, October 25, 2021
Tabitha Waltz, Paraprofessional, Earhart, effective November 2, 2021

Additional Employment After Original Agenda was Prepared 
Sam Leclere, Custodian (replacement) 
Hannah Majewski, Paraprofessional (replacement)
9) Acceptance of Gifts

The Administration recommends the acceptance of the following gifts for the month of October: 
F.2050 Superintendent's Discretionary Fund- received a monetary donation in the amount of $4.41 from Huntington Bank. 

Oakland Academy received a monetary donation of $2,000.00 from the Harrison Kiwanis Club. 

Jefferson HS received monetary donations totaling $64,476.16 in the month of October. 


10) Treasurer
10)A) Financial Reports
10)B) Approve Claims and Ratify Payrolls
Description:  Presenter:  Eric Rody

The Administration recommends approval of the vendor claims and ratification of payrolls.
11) Board Reports
12) Information Only
12)A) Thanksgiving Break- November 24-26, 2021
13) Adjournment

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