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September 14, 2021 at 10:00 AM - Meeting of the ECHO Executive Board of Directors

A. Pledge of Allegiance
B. Roll Call
C. Adoption of Agenda
D. Presentation of Agenda Items & Questions/Comments from the Public
Description:  Public comments are limited to three (3) minutes per person.  At this time, the Board President will call on those who have requested to make Public Comment.  Please understand that the Board will not respond to comments made during Public Comment but may direct the Superintendent to address the matter at a later time. 
E. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes
F. Financial Reports: Consent Agenda Items: 
F.1. Accounts Payable Report
F.2. Payroll Report
8/6/2021 126,883.95
8/20/2021 655,825.52
Total August 2021 782,709.47
G. Committee Reports
Description:  The ECHO Standing Committee Chairpersons or their designee will report on items presently in progress.
G.1. Policy Committee
G.2. Finance & Personnel and Building Ad Hoc Committee
G.3. Curriculum Committee
H. Board President's Report
H.1. Discussion Regarding Structure of ECHO Board Meetings
I. Administrator's Reports
Description:  The Board will be updated on items presently in progress by the ECHO Central Office Administrators.
I.1. ECHO Central Office Administrators
I.1.a. Dr. Celia Arresola, Assistant Superintendent, HR & Curriculum 
I.1.b. Ms. Tarra Batts, Director of Finance & Operations/CSBO
I.1.c. Mr. Calvin Harden, Director of Technology
I.1.d. Mr. Brian Paczesny, Buildings & Grounds Coordinator
I.2. Superintendent's Report
I.2.a. Capital Improvement Update
J. New Business
J.1. Approval of FY22 Budget
J.2. Approval of ECHO E-Learning Plan
J.3. First Reading of Amended and/or New ECHO Policies
  • 1:20 Cooperative Organization, Operations and Cooperative Agreements
  • 1:30 Mission Statement
  • 2:10 Cooperative Governance
  • 2:130 Board-Superintendent Relationship
  • 2:240 Board Policy Development
  • 5:10 Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment
  • 6:100 Using Animals in the Educational Program
  • 6:185 Remote Educational Program (NEW)
  • 6:235 Access to Electronic Networks
  • 6:255 Assemblies and Ceremonies
  • 6:260 Complaints About Curriculum, Instructional Materials and Programs
  • 7:220 Bus Conduct
  • 7:280 Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease
J.4. Approval of Construction Change Order from Hayes Mechanical
J.5. Approval of the ECHO ESSR III Plan
J.6. Approval of COVID-19 Emergency Contract Amendment for School Year 2021-2022 for Food Management Services.
J.7. Authorization of Payment to Didax Incorporated for Eureka Math Curriculum Materials 
J.8. Approval of Contract with Tri-Electronics, Inc.
J.9. Approval of FY22 Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Balmaseda, Dominic
  • Belton, Sandy
  • Wydra, Lindsay
J.10. Approval of Personnel Items
J.10.a. Resignations
J.10.b. Retirement Notification:
J.10.c. Leave of Absence Request
J.10.d. New Hires
K. Closed Session
L. Possible Actions after Closed Session
L.1. Possible Action re: Termination of Staff Member(s)
M. Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting: October 12, 2021
N. Adjournment

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