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March 2, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Work Session

Description:  Meeting is called to order with present board
1.1. Excused Absence 
Chairman may excuse absent Board of Education members, per Board Bylaw 9121(a) which was approved at the 12-17-98 Board of Education meeting. Board members may call in absences to the Chairman or Superintendents Office; also, the Board Chair determines whether an absence is excused or unexcused. 
Description:  Verbal roll call is taken and a quorum is established with 3 or more Board members present

This item is allowed under Robert's Rules of Order as parliamentary procedure to allow for items to be added which have come up since the preparation of the agenda.

  • Most items can be handled under - Hearing of Individuals and/or Groups or under - Items of Information and Discussion.  These can later be placed on the next special or regular meeting of the Board for further discussion or action.  This does not take Board action, as there is no real change of the agenda.  Also, your policy does not allow for Board action on added items [BP 9322(a)].
  • Certain items could be placed under specific non-action items such as Consent Agenda Acceptance of communications.
  • Items cannot be placed under Consent Agenda Approval, Other Action Items, or New Business for action.
This agenda item was prepared by the Superintendent and Board Chair under Policy BB 9322[a].
3. Work-Session 

3.1. Financial Update
3.2. Wrestling Plan
Attachments: (1)
3.3. BP 5112.6 Education for Homeless Children and Children in Foster Care 
Description:  Review for Final Reading 
3.4. BP 1250 Volunteer Assistance Community Relations 
Attachments: (1)
3.5. BP 4112.4/4212.4/4312.4 Health Examinations 
Description:  To review for Final Reading
Attachments: (1)
3.6. Opening plan 
3.7. AASB Legislative Academy March 20th 

Sessions include:

  • Legislative Priorities & Bill Review
  • Focused Sessions on Advocacy in Urban, Rural, and Federal settings
  • Like Size District Forums
  • Scheduled district Zoom meetings with legislators throughout the week.
Attachments: (1)

Description:  A Call For Adjournment
Notice: Copies of Non-Confidential Materials Associated with this agenda are available for inspection at the following locations: Annette Islands School District Superintendent's Office. 
The Board of Education will not hear complaints against pupils or personnel unless the Superintendent through the proper channels has heard such complaints. After remedies have been exhausted at lower levels. Such complaints shall only be heard in Executive Session. 

The Annette Islands School District Board of Education reserves the right to declare executive session according to  Alaska Statutes. Title 44. State Government Chapter 62. Administrative Procedure Act Section 310. Government Meetings Public. previous: Section 305. Judicial Relief in Administrative Matters. next: Section 312. State Policy Regarding Meetings.

AS 44.62.310. Government Meetings Public.

(a) All meetings of a governmental body of a public entity of the state are open to the public except as otherwise provided by this section or another provision of law. Attendance and participation at meetings by members of the public or by members of a governmental body may be by teleconferencing. Agency materials that are to be considered at the meeting shall be made available at teleconference locations if practicable. Except when voice votes are authorized, the vote shall be conducted in such a manner that the public may know the vote of each person entitled to vote. The vote at a meeting held by teleconference shall be taken by roll call. This section does not apply to any votes required to be taken to organize a governmental body described in this subsection.

(b) If permitted subjects are to be discussed at a meeting in executive session, the meeting must first be convened as a public meeting and the question of holding an executive session to discuss matters that are listed in (c) of this section shall be determined by a majority vote of the governmental body. The motion to convene in executive session must clearly and with specificity describe the subject of the proposed executive session without defeating the purpose of addressing the subject in private. Subjects may not be considered at the executive session except those mentioned in the motion calling for the executive session unless auxiliary to the main question. Action may not be taken at an executive session, except to give direction to an attorney or labor negotiator regarding the handling of a specific legal matter or pending labor negotiations.

(c) The following subjects may be considered in an executive session:
        (1) matters, the immediate knowledge of which would clearly have an adverse effect upon the finances of the public entity;
        (2) subjects that tend to prejudice the reputation and character of any person, provided the person may request a public discussion;
        (3) matters which by law, municipal charter, or ordinance are required to be confidential;
        (4) matters involving consideration of government records that by law are not subject to public disclosure.                                      

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