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August 25, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting of the Board of Education

Description:  Meeting is called to order with present board
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1.1. Excused Absence
Description:  Chairman may excuse absent Board of Education members, per Board Bylaw 9121(a) which was approved at the 12-17-98 Board of Education meeting.  Board members may call in absences to the Chairman or Superintendent's Office; also, the Board Chair determines whether an absence is excused or unexcused.
Description:  This item is allowed under Robert's Rules of Order as parliamentary procedure to allow for items to be added which have come up since the preparation of the agenda.
  • Most items can be handled under - Hearing of Individuals and/or Groups or under - Items of Information and Discussion.  These can later be placed on the next special or regular meeting of the Board for further discussion or action.  This does not take Board action, as there is no real change of the agenda.  Also, your policy does not allow for Board action on added items [BP 9322(a)].
  • Certain items could be placed under specific non-action items such as Consent Agenda Acceptance of communications.
  • Items cannot be placed under Consent Agenda Approval, Other Action Items, or New Business for action.
This agenda item was prepared by the Superintendent and Board Chair under Policy BB 9322[a].
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3. Reports
3.1. M. Taw Lindsey, Superintendent 
Description:  Verbal Report/Updates
3.2. Mary Donaldson, Elementary School Principal 
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3.3. Shannon Hudson, Curriculum Director/Charles R. Leask Middle School Principal   
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3.4. Roy Reynolds, High School Principal 
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4.1. Ashley Coila -Business Manager's Budget Expense Report
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4.2. Board of Education Minutes 
Description:  Business Managers Expense Report 
BOE Education Minutes: 6.16.20
5. ACTION ITEMS  The “Action Items” portion of the agenda is used for personnel and other issues that have been discussed in previous meetings and are now ready for Board of Education Action.  [i.e., policy readings, budget hearings, call for bids, etc.]
Description:  BP 1000 Series Community Relations, BP 3000 Series Business & Noninstructional Operations,BP 4000 Series All Personnel, BB 9250 Remuneration, Reimbursement, and Other Benefits, Expansion of Elementary School Program, PPE Supplies, MOU AASB FIRE Grant, August Wellness Program, FY 21 AISD Re-Entry Plan Draft, Certified Contract, Mark McCarty-Type M, Extra Duty Contract Sally Hayward Cross Country Coach
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5.1. 3rd Reading BB 9250 Remuneration, Reimbursement, and Other Benefits  
Description:  3rd Reading and Discussion 
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5.2. 2nd reading BP 6114.4 Pandemic Policy
Description:  Discussion 
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5.3. Fiscal Year 21 Classified Contracts 
Description:  Custodian: Richard Dundas, Rebecca Gue, Daniel Hewson, Jennifer Lynch, Carol Walker
Food Services: Richelle Johnson, Stacy Leask, Tina Dundas, Rondy Fawcett, Martin Vera 
Maintenance Person/Media: Phoenix Chinnis
Maintenance Tech. Apollo Marsden
Paraprofessional: Carline Anderson, Janelle Caspersen, Cecilia Lori Christiansen, Candice Dundas, Natasha Dundas, Elizabeth Eaton, Kalen Edenshaw, Sarah Edenshaw, Katherine Gifford, Ron Guthrie Jr, John Hancock, Nicole Horne, Raquel Horne, Tamara Horne, Savannah Johnson-Duncan, Sandra King, Ivan Lomeli-Bolanos, Jacob Milne, Jocelyn Milne, Autumn Nelson, Dvid Nelson III, Courtney Olsen, Brandi Patterson, Brittany Royal, Danielle Sa'ako, Theresa Wellington-McGilton
Secretary: Jody Caspersen, Jamie Guthrie, Carly Williams
SPED Secretary/Assistant: Evelyn Booth 
5.4. Richard Johnson Elementary School Handbook
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5.5. Charles R. Leask Middle School Handbook 
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5.6. Metlakatla High School Handbook 
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5.7. Annette Island School District Digital Handbook 
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5.8. Forklift & Manlift 
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5.9. Great Minds PBC 
Description:  Fy21 Completion of Curriculum  K-2
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5.10. School Social Worker
Description:  Joe Henry 
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  • 8/21/2020 at 4:12 PM
5.11. Long Term High School Counselor Substitute   
Description:  Lisa Nelson 
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5.12. School Nurse
Description:  Cynthia Hudson 
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  • 8/21/2020 at 3:06 PM
5.13. Approval to award Glacier Construction, Inc, DBA Southeast Road Builders, 
Description:  The contract for the CTE Site Development Project with the understanding that the bid price of $1,593,888 will be reduced through negotiations with the contractor on the schedule, fill materials, and value engineering.
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5.14. Custodial Equipment 
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Description:  A Call For Adjournment
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