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April 13, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Regular Monthly Meeting

1) Call Meeting to Order
3) Approve or Adjust Agenda
4) Recognition(s)
Discussion:  Mr. Dominguez recognized Lexy Alfanta and Coach Martinez on qualifying for UIL State Tennis Championships.
5) Consent Agenda
5)A. Minutes of previous meeting(s)
5)B. Disbursements
5)C. Financial Statements
5)D. Monthly Tax Report
Discussion:  Expect a budget amendment on Function 34 at next meeting.
5)E. Transportation Report
Discussion:  Mr. Colunga presented the bus #2 has had AC issues.  Bus #9 has fuel rail system issues and liner cannot be rebuilt; if issue continues engine will have to be replaced.  Bus #20 waiting on insurance to get the dents addressed.  Mr. Heritage asked questions about why has that just been noticed since it had previously been in shop prior; new engine would cost 10-15 thousand dollars.  Replaced tires on truck that runs to Coyanosa.
6) Reports
6)A. Principal Report
Discussion:  Mr. Castillo gave the principal report <see attached>
6)B. Superintendent Report
Discussion:  Mr. Dominguez gave the superintendent report <see attached>
7) Discussion Item(s)
7)A. AG Building Sanitization Update
Discussion:  Mrs. Mandujano had some issues due to having students clean out the building prior and this has continued; it is unacceptable.

Mrs. Jackson stated that the smell was in their prior to her accepting the job.  Mrs. Jackson stated that she needs assistance to clean the smoker.

Mr. Ivey questioned "Why did you not address this after your COVID illness, it's hard for me to understand how this occurred.  That's our school, I grew up here, and I am flat out's a slap in the face to all of us."  Was it never addressed with Mr. Dominguez about issues you may have out there?    

Mr. Colunga addressed that he has his crew clean the restrooms & classrooms on MWF.  Before the incident, custodian was going in one or two times a week and employee did not say anything.  Mr. Colunga did notice blood and addressed with Mrs. Jackson.  

PB-If custodians notice smell, make sure that they address it with you so that it can be addressed.  

Mr. Dominguez will conference with Mrs. Jackson & Mr. Castillo on Thursday, April 14.
7)B. Bond Planning Update
Discussion:  No Open house on April 19. 
Board Members would like to get with NHS students so that they can team up to get out in the community & go door to door.
Revis Daggett to print out & send out information with students.
Julian Castillo & Veronica Mandujano have been discussing with Jolie Willis on next steps.

Concerns: Lack of detail on square footage and architect questions.  

Revis to send stickers and packets out.  
8) Action Item(s)
8)A. Consider/Action Facility Usage Agreement for Youth Basketball Tournament
Discussion:  Julie Pustejovsky presented the tournament which will consist of approximately 8-10 team, NHS to referee <See Attached Documents>  Food & drinks must be monitored in the gym as it has always has been a problem in the main gym and old gym.  Make sure that weight room is locked.

Will want to use the Main Gym, Old Gym, & Concession stand.
8)B. Consider/Action Approving Extra Duty Pay for Staff Members Performing Duties
8)C. Consider/Action Probationary Professional Contract Employee(s), Professional Contract Employee(s), & Dual Contract Employee(s)
Discussion:  ion 
8)D. Consider/Action of Site-Base Recommendation for Principal Employment
Discussion:  Mr. Jackson addressed the Board of Trustees in regard to site-base committee.

Board entered into executive session at 9:08 p.m.
Board Reconvened at 11:16 p.m.

9) Executive Session: Pursuant to Texas Governmental§ 551, the Board may retire to closed session for discussion of items listed on notice
                              A. Personnel
                              B. Discussing personnel or to hear complaints against personnel.
                              C. Professional Contract Employee(s)
                              D. Probationary Contract Employee(s)
                              E.  Dual Contract Employee(s)
                              F.  At-Will Employee(s)

10) Adjournment
Discussion:  Adjourn at 11:23 p.m.

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