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March 15, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Regular Monthly Meeting

1) Call Meeting to Order
2) Consider/Action of Reorganization of the Board of Trustees
4) Approve or Adjust Agenda
5) Discussion and possible action to: accept the Application of Greasewood II LLC for an Appraised Value Limitation on Qualified Property; authorize the Superintendent to review the Application for completeness and submit to the Comptroller; and authorize the Superintendent to enter into any agreement to extend the deadline for Board action beyond 150 days subject to Board ratification.

6) Discussion and possible action to retain consultants to assist the District in processing of Application from Greasewood II LLC. 

7) Consideration of action item relating to a new Application for Value Limitation Agreement from Greasewood II LLC pursuant to Chapter 313 of the Property Tax Code.

Greasewood II LLC indicated they are interested in submitting a new Chapter 313 application to Buena Vista ISD. Greasewood II LLC is proposing to invest in a renewable energy solar farm. The company expects construction to begin on December 1 of 2022 with commercial operations to begin Q1 of 2025. The company is planning on investing $310,000,000 dollars through the Qualifying Time Period.

After a review of the application and its impact on the District, the District will seek public input before taking any action on the application.

All costs for professional services will be covered by the application fee.

8) Consider/Action Hiring consultants for new Greasewood II LLC Chapter 313 Application.


Board members will be asked during the public meeting to approve the hiring of Moak, Casey & Associates, and O’Hanlon, Demerath & Castillo pursuant to District Policy CCGB (Local) to review the Greasewood II LLC, Application for completeness and accuracy, prepare school finance analyses for District review, and to negotiate and draft appropriate legal documents as necessary and appropriate for the Board’s consideration of the Greasewood II LLC Application.  



Upon receipt of an Application for Appraised Value Limitation on Qualified Property and the Application Fee, CCGB (Local) requires that the District take certain actions with regards to processing the application.  One of those required steps is to identify appropriate consultants to assist the Board in completing the Application review process and negotiating an agreement to implement the appraised value limitation. 

The consultants selected by the District will conduct all required analyses to properly protect the District’s financial interests.  The consultants will also provide all required information necessary to assist the staffs of the Comptroller and the Texas Education Agency ("TEA") with the analyses required by Chapter 313 of the Texas Tax Code and the Comptroller’s rules.

Upon retention by the Board, the District's consultants will review the Application to ensure that the Application documents and any other required reports include all information required by the Comptroller’s rules, set forth in 34 Tex. Administrative Code §§ 9.1053 and 9.1054.  The consultants will simultaneously begin an analysis of the impact of the projects on District finances, any legal implications of the applications, develop an appropriate revenue protection agreement, and when the reports become available, review the studies from the Comptroller’s Office and the TEA.

9) Recognition(s)
10) Consent Agenda
10)A. Minutes of previous meeting(s)
10)B. Disbursements
10)C. Financial Statements
10)D. Monthly Tax Report
10)E. Transportation Report
11) Reports
11)A. Investment Report-December 2021-February 2022
Discussion:  Mr. Castillo gave the investment report.
11)B. Athletic Report
Discussion:  Coach Pustejovsky gave the investment report.
11)C. Superintendent Report
Discussion:  Mr. Dominguez gave the Superintendent report.  Next regular Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for April 13
12) Discussion Item(s)
Discussion:  Bond discussion on possible planning dates April 5 & April 19. Organize informational meeting staff & board members.
13) Action Item(s)
13)A. Consider/Action Approving Extra Duty Pay for Staff Members Performing Extra Duties
13)B. Consider/Action Professional Contracts:  Business Manager Contract, Principal Contract, Counselor Contract, Athletic Director Contract.
13)C. Consider/Action of Insurance Contingency Agreement with Coryell Roofing 
13)D. Consider/Action of TASB Risk Management Fund Membership Interlocal Participation Agreement

14) Executive Session: Pursuant to Texas Governmental§ 551, the Board may retire to closed session for discussion of items listed on notice.
                    A. Personnel
                    B. Principal Contract
                    C. Counselor Contract
                    D. Athletic Director Contract
                    E. Business Manager Contract

Discussion:  Entered into executive session at 8:14
Returned into regular session at 9:50 p.m 

Action: Motion made by Jacob Heritage seconded by Malcham Williams to Move forward with Site-Based Committee Hiring for Principal Process-members to include Dale Pustejovsky, Seth Jackson, Crystal Alford, Julian Castillo, Revis Daggett, Diandra Gomez, Jose Martinez, Courtney Phillips, Laura Martinez, Eric Fierro.  Should there be a conflict of interest by a committee member, they will need to be removed from the committee. Would prefer to have a short list of possible candidates with first round interviews  completed by April Board Meeting.  Committee lead will be Seth Jackson & finalists will be recommended & contacted by to Superintendent for final interviews. 

Passed 5-0
15) Adjournment
Discussion:  Meeting adjourned at 10:31 p.m.

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