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June 29, 2021 at 12:00 PM - Special Meeting

1. Call to Order
Presenter:  Board President
1.A. Roll Call
Presenter:  Board President
1.B. Invocation
Presenter:  Gloria Torres
1.C. Pledge
Presenter:  Glenn Menking
1.D. Mission Statement
Presenter:  Sandra Gorden
Description:  Gonzales Independent School District is committed to a spirit of excellence in caring service and partnerships that equip students for continuous learning supporting resilience in achieving personal aspiration, and compassionate and dynamic citizenship in an ever changing world.
2. Public Comments
Presenter:  Board President
Description:  The next item on the agenda is public comment.  Before we begin, I will remind our audience members of the Board's procedures for handling public comments.  The public comment portion of our meeting is available to members of the public who wish to address a meeting item on tonight's agenda or other matter about Gonzales ISD.

Anyone who wants to speak during public comment must sign in before the start of the meeting and list the agenda item they want to discuss.  Each public comment speaker will be allowed a maximum of 5 minutes to address the Board.  If necessary for effective meeting management, or to accommodate large numbers of individuals wishing to address the Board, 
We may shorten the time for each individual wishing to present comments.
The public comment portion of the meeting will allow all speakers who have signed up before the start of the meeting to address the Board regarding an item on tonight's agenda.  Persons requiring a translator will be given additional time.

Please keep your comments or criticisms civil and courteous.  Please also avoid using profanity during your opportunity to speak.  Last, we ask that you not discuss students who are not your children.

If a speaker is seeking Board resolution of a specific complaint, that concern should be addressed through the District's grievance process. District policy DGBA has been established for addressing employee complaints, policy FNG is the avenue for filing parent complaints, and policy GF addresses community member complaints.  Grievance forms can be obtained at any campus administration office, or in the central administration office.
3. New Business/Action Items
3.A. Discuss and Consider Action to Approve the Resolution Regarding ESSER III and Policy CB(Local) to meet the State and Federal Revenue Sources
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent and Sarah Gottwald, Director of Federal Programs and PEIMS
Description:  In order to apply for the ESSER II and ESSER III Grants, GISD must review and update Policy CB(LOCAL) to address how the district will provide the required public notice regarding federal grants and awards for consistency.  The Board is being asked to adopt the following text for inclusion in CB(Local), State and Revenue Sources.

The District shall provide public notice of federal grant applications through an information item at a Board meeting and by publishing information on the District's  website. The District shall make available opportunities for  public input as required by law or the granting agency.

Approval of required grant and award plans shall be the Superintendent.
3.B. Discuss and Consider Action to Approve the Federal Grants Applications
Presenter:  Sarah Gottwald, Director of Federal Programs and PEIMS
Description:  Gonzales ISD will be submitting a Federal Grant Application by July 1, 2021.  The grants will be utilized in the areas of payroll, professional development, contracted services, and educational materials for the 2021-2022 school year. Through collaborative meetings with all GISD stakeholders, specific uses of the funds have been developed and grants have been drafted.  Any amendments to the approved grants will be reported to the Board through Federal Program Update Reports.
3.C. Discuss and Consider Action to Approve the Budget Amendments presented
Presenter:  Amanda Smith, CFO
4. Personnel Matters: Adjourn to Closed Session:  Under Texas Government Code Section 551.072, Regarding Real Property, Section 551.074, Regarding Personnel, Section  551.076, regarding Security, and Section 551.071 regarding Attorney Consultation.

Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
Description:  Under Texas Government Code Section 551.072 (Deliberation Regarding Real Property), Texas Government Code Section 551.074, (Personnel, to deliberate regarding the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer or employee), Texas Government Code Section 551.076 (Deliberation regarding implementation of Security, personnel, or devices) and Section 551.071 (Consultation with Attorney).
4.A. Resignations
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
4.B. New Positions
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
4.C. New Hires
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
5. Adjourn
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