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May 9, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1) Call to Order
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call
4) Appoint Board Member 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
5) Administer Oath 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
6) Organization of Board 
6)A) Election of Vice President 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
6)B) Election of Secretary
Presenter:  Les Huddle
7) Approval of Minutes
Description:  The minutes of the April 11, 2022 Regular School Board Meeting, the April 25, 2022 Executive Session, the April 25, 2022 Special Board Meeting and the April 25, 2022 Work Session are presented for approval.
8) Staff and Student Recognition
9) Public Participation
10) Recommendations
10)A) Tecumseh Jr High Handbook 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
10)B) JHS Dance Team, Eastern Illinois University, June 18-21, 2022, to work collaboratively toward a common goal, learn from collegiate dancers, and meet teams from around the state. 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
10)C) GLASS Authorization to Sign 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
10)D) 2nd Reading of Policy for Indoor Air Quality 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
10)E) New Bus Driver Pay Rate 
Presenter:  Eric Rody
Description:  New Bus Driver Pay Rate
Administration has been reviewing a new driver licensure that has been available to school corporations for 1-2 years now.    The traditional CDL license does not change and it is still required to operate full size school busses from 15-passenger and larger.  However, there is a new Non-CDL license available to school corporations to operate the smaller 15-passenger school bus that still requires testing and physical exams.   LSC has never had this license used in our district and we would like to secure the use of this particular license for our driver(s0 that operate the daily Lafayette/Indianapolis route to the deaf and blind schools.   The 15-passenger bus size fits this need perfectly.  Enclosed with this item is a small survey of schools utilizing this license and the pay involved that they used for such a license.    Administration recommends approval of the use of the Non-CLD license for this one bus route only, and proposes a starting pay rate of $18.00/hour.  If approved this licensure and pay rate would commence with the 22-23 school year, and our bus driver handbook would be updated accordingly.   
10)F) Disposal of Property 
Presenter:  Eric Rody
Description:  Surplus Property
Administration is aware of some excess equipment in possession of LSC that could pose a public danger if sold publicly, or has an estimated value less than $5000 in aggregate.    Accordingly, the enclosed resolution specifies which equipment meets these two standards and has drafted the resolution for disposal of these two specific sets of items per direct disposal or private sale for employees of LSC.   Mr. Laszynski and ISBA legal counsel have been involved in our awareness of these two statutory citings.  Administration recommends approval of the resolution in its form.
10)G) JHS Esports Field Trip Request  
Presenter:  Les Huddle
Description:  JHS, Esports, 9-12, Bendix Arena, South Bend, IN, JHS Esports has made it to the state final tournament. This program allows students to collaborate and compete towards the main goal: a state championship, May 13-14, 2022. 
11) Employee Recommendations
Description:  Presenter:  Dr. John Layton
The Administration recommends approval of the following employee requests:
 Don Benson, Bus Driver, Transportation, effective June 22, 2020
 Karli Bernal, Spanish Teacher, TJHS, effective August 1, 2022
 Lisa Cramer, Bus Attendant, Transportation, effective August 6, 2021
 Maria Darling, Office Clerk, Murdock, effective April 25, 2022
 Adrienne Davis, Title I Aide, Mudock, effective May 26, 2022
 Cindy Diaz, Recess/Lunch Supervisor, Edgelea, effective May 2, 2022
 Jamie Ebershoff, Bus Driver, Transportation, effective May 17, 2021
 Brytne Fenton, Guidance Admin Ast., TJHS, effective April 25, 2022
 Elsie Fisher, Recess Supervisor, Oakland Elementary, effective April 25, 2022
 Whitney Frederick, 4th Grade Teacher, Miami, effective August 1, 2022
 Jeanette Love, Paraprofessional, Glen Acres, effective May 26, 2022
 Breana Maldonado, Paraprofessional, Little Bronchos, effective May 26, 2022
 Lindsey Phillippo, Bus Driver, Transportation, effective August 10, 2021
Tina Pitts, Bus Driver, Transportation, effective August 10, 2021
 Jacob Rea, Paraprofessional, TJHS, effective April 28, 2022
 Patricia Shroeder, Title I, Edgelea, effective June 30, 2022
 Ashley Sneed, Paraprofessional, Glen Acres, effective May 26, 2022 
 Nancy Sousley, Title I Aide, Murdock, effective May 26, 2022
 Shannon Stephenson, Recess Supervisor/Bus Attendant, Edgelea, effective April 25, 2022
 Taryn Walden, Assistant Principal, TJHS, effective June 30, 2022.
 Brittany Williams, Bus Driver, Transportation, effective November 22, 2021 
Cathleen Perry-Balduff, Custodian, JHS, effective January 26, 2022
 Sommer Beard, Admin Assistant to Asst Principals (replacement) 
 Alysia Davis, Custodian (replacement) 
 Macy Duncan, Computer Science (replacement) 
 Anne Hofmann, 4th Grade Teacher (new) 
 Tyler Long, Director of Bands (replacement) 
 Katelyn Miller, PE (replacement) 
 Kristin Ply, Admin Assistant for Music and Dance (replacement) 
 Kyle Warren, Custodian (replacement) 

Additional Employee Recommendations After the Original Agenda was Prepared 
 Abby Hoffman, Co-Teaching Special Ed (replacement) 
 Katelyn Witcraft, 1st Grade Teacher (replacement) 

Additional Resignations After the Original Agenda was Prepared 
 Madeline Roberts, 1st Grade Teacher, Miami, effective August 1, 2022
 Renee Gibert, Math Teacher, JHS, effective August 1, 2022 

11)A) Employee Recommendations #2
Presenter:  Dr. John Layton
Description:  The Administration recommends approval of the following employee requests:
 Leo Leffert,, Assistant Principal (replacement) 
 Jeremy Rodibaugh, Assistant Principal (replacement) 
Julie Schmidt-Goecker, Assistant Principal (replacement) 
12) Acceptance of Gifts

The following donations were received during the month of April:  

F.2050 Superintendent Discretionary Fund received $4.56- Interest from Huntington Bank.

Oakland Academy- received $250.00 from United Way in support of the Tippecanoe County Drug Free Coalition Rally they hosted last fall.

Miller Elementary- received a donation of $3,300.00 from the Lafayette Rotary Club. The funds will be used to purchase school shirts, socks, knee pads and food for away games for the student athletes.

F.1750 Received a total amount donation of $675.00 for new Linnwood Playground Equipment.
            $25.00 Diane Muffett
            $500.00 Thomas Haley-Hermiz
            $50.00 Harry & Constance Smith
            $100.00 In Memory of Kira Sleek

Jefferson HS Extra-Curricular accounts received monetary donation totaling $3,000.00  received from Gail Gripe for the Boys’ Volleyball Club.  

13) Treasurer
13)A) Financial Reports
13)B) Approve Claims and Ratify Payrolls
Description:  Presenter:  Eric Rody

The Administration recommends approval of the vendor claims and ratification of payrolls.
14) Board Reports
15) Information Only
15)A) 2022-2023 Textbook Rental 
Presenter:  Dr. Alicia Clevenger & Dr. Laurie Rinehart
15)B) Dr. Layton's Retirement Celebration 
Description:  May 17th from 4-6pm @ HIatt 
15)C) JHS Commencement 
Presenter:  Dr. Alicia Clevenger & Dr. Laurie Rinehart
Description:  Friday May 27, 2022 @ 7pm
16) Adjournment

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