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January 10, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1) Call to Order
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call
4) Administer Oath 
Presenter:  Bob Laszynski
5) Organization of Board 
5)A) Election of President 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
5)B) Election of Vice President 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
5)C) Election of Secretary
Presenter:  Les Huddle
5)D) Appoint Treasurer & Deputy Treasurer and establish amount of the bond (currently $100,000) 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
Description:  Mr. Rody, Chief Financial Officer, currently serves as the Treasurer with a bond set at $100,000. The Administration is also asking that Mrs. Deborah Speckman, Deputy Treasurer be established in the amount of $100,000 as well. 
5)E) Appoint Board Attorney and set retainer and fees 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
Description:  Presently Mr. Bob Laszynski serves as the Board Attorney with an annual retainer of $4,335.00 and an hourly rate of $200.00 for additional services. 
5)F) Make Appointments to Other Boards and Committees 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
Description:  1. G.L.A.S.S. Advisory Board- Rebecca Sprague 

2. Public Schools Foundation Board- Brent Clemenz 

3. I.S.B.A. Legislative Liaison- Dr. Robert Stwalley

4. Teacher Discussion Committee- Steve Bultinck 

5. Classified Personnel Discussion Committee- Kay Walton 

6. Classified Peronnel Bargaining Committee- Kay Walton

7. L.A.R.A. Advisory Board- Brian Wagner & Steve Bultinck

8. Administrative Salary and Benefits Committee- Dr. Robert Stwalley 

9. Teacher Negotiations Committee- Steve Bultinck, Dave Moulton, Dr. Robert Stwalley 

10. Greater Lafayette Redevelopment Corporation- Dave Moulton

11. Board of Finance- All seven (7) members of the Board of Trustees 

12. School Safety Officer- Scott Leverenz, Assistant Principal Jefferson High School (By School Code the Board must approve the individual who serves as the corporation's Head School Safery Officer.)

13. Board Recording Secretary- Heather McCarter
6) Approval of Minutes
Description:  The minutes of the December 13, 2021 Regular School Board Meeting  are presented for approval.
7) Staff and Student Recognition
8) Public Participation
9) Recommendations
9)A) Athletic Training Service Agreement 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
9)B) LSC Proposed 2022 Board Districts 
Presenter:  Les Huddle
9)C) Crawley Bleacher Bid Award 
Presenter:  Eric Rody
Description:  Attached is a detailed explanation of the bid results for the Crawley Gym bleacher replacement project. Administration recommends approval and requests authority for the Superintendent and/or Chief Financial Officer to execute documents accordingly. 
9)D) Fuel Bid Award for 2022 
Presenter:  Eric Rody
Description:  Bids for fuel purchases in calendar 2022 were opened on January 4, 2022. Fuel purchasing procedures will be the same as in past years with an approved call list of quoters for calendar year 2022 based on qualifications set in this bid. Administration recommends approval. 
9)E) Cash Transfer Resolution 2022 
Presenter:  Eric Rody
Description:  It is a necessary obligation of the Board each year to adopt a cash transfer resolution authorizing the Treasurer to transfer cash at least quarterly from the Education Fund into the Operations Funds. The State's limits for these transfers cannot exceed 15% of total Education Fund revenue. The attached resolution authorizes the Treasurer to make such transfers at least quarterly but in a total amount not to exceed the 15% threshold. Administration recommends approval of the resolution. 
9)F) Employee Dishonesty Bond
Presenter:  Eric Rody
Description:  The attached employee dishonesty bond covers all employees for some or any dishonesty act in a blanket amount of $100,000. This policy has been in place for many years and Administration recommends approval. 
10) Employee Recommendations
Description:  Presenter:  Dr. John Layton
The Administration recommends approval of the following employee requests:
 Angie Aldridge, State Data Reporter, Hiatt, effective December 31, 2021
 Austin Beidelman, Physics Teacher, JHS, effective January 7, 2022
 Laura Fry, 6th Grade Math, Sunnyside, effective January 5, 2022
 Joshua Goodwin, Math Teacher, JHS, effective January 4, 2022
 Angela Keller, Paraprofessional, Miller, effective December 21, 2021
 Jordan Lindquist, 3rd Grade Teacher, Edgelea, effective December 22, 2021
 Hannah Majewski, Paraprofessional, Sunnyside, effective December 16, 2021
 Teri Trent, Paraprofessional, JHS, effective December 13, 2021
 Aubrey Zajac, Paraprofessional, TJHS, effective December 22, 2021
 Jamie Brinn, Occupational Therapist, GLASS, effective December 22, 2021
Leah Miller, Math Teacher, JHS, effective December 30,2021-March 3, 2022
 Joshua Beauchamp, Title I Interventionist (replacement) 
 Kerith Bourff, GLASS Grants/Computer Specialist (replacement) 
 Mackezie Coar, 6th Grade Math Teacher (replacement)
 Kristie Cooley, Kindergarten Teacher (replacement)
 April Emery, Lunch Supervisor (replacement) 
 Trisha Fultz, Custodian (replacement)
 Ruth Guzman, Paraprofessional (replacement) 
 George Heathcote, Lunch Supervisor (replacement) 
 Rosa Hernandez, JHS Co registrar (replacement) 
 Hilary Lucas, SPED Teacher (replacement) 
 Maraya Neff, Band Office Admin Asst. (replacement) 
 Nathan Payne, Bus Attendant (new) 
 Rayna Pollard, Bus Attendant (new) 
 Fred Powell, Bus Attendant (new) 
 Abigail Ringstrom, Behavior Facilitator (new) 
 Dawn Sparger, Custodian (replacement)

Additional Employment After the Original Agenda was Prepared 
 MacKenzie Kuebler, Recess/Lunch Supervisor (replacement) 

Additional Resignations After the Original Agenda was Prepared
 Julie Demko, School Nurse, TJHS, effective January 5, 2022
 Laura Ryker, Assistant to Curriculum Directors, effective January 22, 2022

Additional Retirement After the Original Agenda was Prepared
Jim Bennett, Health Teacher, SIS, effective July 1, 2022 
Prentice Stovall, Courier, Warehouse, effective December 29, 2021

Additional Leave Request After the Original Agenda was Prepared 
 Ellie Boyer, 5/6 Band, Sunnyside, effective June 7-October 15, 2022
11) Acceptance of Gifts

The Administration recommends the acceptance of the following gifts for the month of  December: 
Oakland Elementary received $2,000 from Purdue University as part of their INMaC Microgrant for STEM. The Funds are to be used in the schools' Makerspace and STEM Education opportunities. 

Edgelea Elementary received 750 books from Barnes and Nobel Book Store. The store hosted a book drive and had received 750 donated books. They selected one deserving school to receive the books. Patrick Canaan, Barnes and Nobel Store Manger, said his goal was for every child to have a new book for Christmas. 

Jefferson HS Extra-Curricular accounts received monetary donations totaling $11,410.00 in the month of  December. A complete list of all donations is attached with a summary listed below: 
Broncho Wrestling Club: $50.00
Memorial Contributions for Dorthy Fitzgerald- $1,150.00 
Broncho Broadcasters/RTV- $10,110.00
It's My Closet- $100.00 


12) Treasurer
12)A) Financial Reports
12)B) Approve Claims and Ratify Payrolls
Description:  Presenter:  Eric Rody

The Administration recommends approval of the vendor claims and ratification of payrolls.
13) Board Reports
14) Information Only
15) Adjournment

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