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January 4, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Organizational School Board Meeting

Bohnsack, Habben, Hesse, Hentges, Schurman, and Wesenberg. 
Student Representatives: Emily Haus,
Presenter:  Wesenberg, Acting Board Chair
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The School Board Chair will lead the board and attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Presenter:  Board Chair
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This is the first meeting of the new term of office.  The previous terms for Lynn Schurman, Sunny Hesse, and Shannon Humbert have expired.  Elected in November were Chuck Hentges, Lynn Schurman, and Sunny Hesse.  These three members will be sworn into office by the presiding officer.
Presenter:  Board Chair
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Board action to approve the agenda for the meeting is expected.
Presenter:  Board Chair
As the first meeting of the calendar year, there are a number of annual organizational items for consideration.  The organizational agenda includes the items required for calendar year organizational issues.
Presenter:  Board Chair
The following organizational issues require action at the meeting but may also include discussion among the board members. 
5.A.1. Election of Board Officers
Four official offices for the ROCORI School Board need to be filled.  The offices include Board Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Clerk.
As the chair is chosen, the chair will assume responsibility for the conduct of the remainder of the elections and meeting.
Recommend action to fill the board officer positions.
5.A.2. Committee Assignments
The board has a number of standing committees and representative assignments.  The Board Chair has the authority to assign these positions but it is desired that the assignments be appropriate to the experience, interests, and skills of the members of the board. Discussion of assignments to all of the committees will be open during the meeting. 
Recommend approval of committee assignments as discussed at the meeting and as directed by the Chair.
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5.A.3. Board Meeting Format
It is the custom of the board to have discussion about the format of meetings during the organizational session.  Issues regarding items on the agenda, format of the meetings, and/or distribution of agenda information are appropriate topics for discussion at this time.  The question is whether the formats chosen have been effective for the board members or if there are changes that the members of the board would like to see incorporated for the 2021 calendar year. 
Discussion about the board meeting format would be appropriate at this time.
5.A.4. Board Inservice Needs
At the organizational meeting, it has been customary to discuss needs the board members might have for inservice, training, or work session experience.  The Minnesota School Board Association (MSBA) offers a variety of training services the board could access.  The format of inservice opportunities can take various dimensions.  Discussion regarding the needs of the board members would be appropriate.
5.A.5. Board Members Per Diem Rate For Fiscal Year 2021
The rates in effect July 1, 2020 and were set to $305 per month for chair, $280 for Treasurer, $1,400 per board negotiator, and $255 for all other members.  
Recommendation:  Adopt Board Member compensation rates as outlined.
5.A.6. School Board Meeting Schedule
The calendar of School Board meeting dates for the calendar year must be adopted as part of the organizational process.  The proposed calendar of dates was shared at the last June meeting.  Action must be taken to implement a calendar for the fiscal year.  
This calendar is most consistent with District Policy 2-2 regarding School Board Meetings.  
Recommendation: Based on consideration of the language of Policy 2-2, adoption of the school board meeting calendar with two meetings per month is supported.
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There are several items of organization that are defined in district policy and simply need confirmation through the consent agenda.
5.B.1. Board Spokesperson
Existing board policy #2-5 indicates that the School Board Chair will be the official spokesperson for public information.  The potential for a change in leadership at this meeting necessitates confirmation of the role of the Chair as spokesperson for the School Board.
Recommend confirmation of the Board Chair as the official spokesperson of the board. 
5.B.2. Authorization of Signature Plates
With the reorganization of the School Board, signature plates for checks and official district business must be authorized. 
Recommend authorization of signature plates to reflect the positions elected earlier in the meeting.
5.B.3. Expenditure Authorization
As a practice, the ROCORI School Board has expected the Superintendent and Director of Business Services to conduct district business within the parameters of the budget that has been approved and authorized.  It would be appropriate, however, for the school board to formalize the practice with specific action to authorize the Superintendent and Director of Business Services to make expenditures within the budget parameters.  
Recommendation:   Motion to authorize the Superintendent and Director of Business Services to make expenditures for the ROCORI School District within the budget parameters.
5.B.4. Student Representative To The School Board
For a considerable time and per policy #2-4, the district has recognized senior high students as representatives to the school board.  The Student Senate would like to continue to place student representatives to the school board.  Previous approach to this relationship has been that the Student Senate could place up to four students as representatives to the board with the expectation that the younger representatives would continue in their "term" throughout their high school experience. 
Recommendation:  Motion that the School Board authorizes up to four student senate representatives to serve as student board members.
5.B.5. Official Publication
The Cold Spring Record has been the official publication for the school district.  The Record meets the requirements of school districts in regard to public reporting processes. 
Recommendation: Motion to name the Cold Spring Record as the official publication for district records.
5.B.6. Authority To Make Electronic Transfers
The School Board has traditionally delegated the authority to make electronic transfers to officials within the district office.  In the past, the School Board has authorized the Superintendent, Director of Business Services, and the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent to make electronic transfers for the district.
Recommendation:  Motion to authorize the Superintendent, Director of Business Services, and Executive Assistant to make electronic transfers for calendar year 2021.
5.B.7. Official Depositories For Calendar Year 2021
The Granite Community Bank of Cold Spring, PMA/MN Trust,  and the Minnesota School District Liquid Asset Fund have served as the official depositories for the district and it is recommended to continue with these agencies for calendar year 2020.
Recommendation:  Motion to designate Granite Community Bank, PMA/MN Trust, and Minnesota School District Liquid Asset Fund as official depositories for the ROCORI School District.
5.B.8. Legal Counsel For Calendar Year 2021.
The ROCORI School District has, historically, used a variety of legal firms as legal counsel.  The nature of the particular issue requiring attention has dictated the legal firm consulted for advice and direction.  The school district has used the legal firms of Ratwik, Rozak and Maloney, P.A., and Kennedy and Graven Law Firm as legal counsel for educational issues and concerns.  The firm of Knutson, Flynn & Deans has been secured as legal counsel for election issues.  Willenbring, Dahl, Wocken and Zimmermann has been used for issues that are more local or property legal issues.  Because of the relationships with these firms and the particular attorneys within these firms, it is recommended that these firms be named as legal counsel for calendar year 2020.
Recommendation:  Motion to designate Ratwik, Rozak and Maloney, P.A.; Kennedy and Graven Law Firm, Knutson, Flynn and Deans; and Willenbring, Dahl, Wocken, and Zimmerman as legal counsel for the ROCORI School District.
5.B.9. IRS Standard Mileage Rates for 2021 are $0.56 cents per mile
Recommendation: Approve the Standard mileage rates for 2021
5.B.10. Columbus And Veterans Day Resolution
The school district has typically conducted school and business operations on Columbus Day and Veterans Day. Columbus Day, October 11, falls on the second Monday of October and Veterans Day, November 11, falls on the second Thursday this year. The school calendar includes regular operations on that date.  The resolution included in the exhibits has authorized the conduct of business on these dates and is recommended for adoption.
Recommendation:  Authorize school business to be conducted on Columbus Day and Veterans Day by approval of the resolution.
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The agenda is open to visitors of the meeting to offer comments to and/or requests of the school board. The comments and requests should follow the adopted district guidelines which are printed and available at the meeting.  As a general rule, items introduced in the opportunity for comments and requests do not receive action from the School Board, but are taken under advisement or consideration for future action.
Action items receive individual attention because of the nature of the issues, the need to discuss or review the information prior to taking action, or the specific kind of action required for the item.
Presenter:  Board Chair
Because the school district conducts business with the Cold Spring Bakery it is necessary to adopt a formal resolution to contract with board members.  The resolution is included in the exhibits.  The resolution reflects the school district's relationship with the Cold Spring Bakery. 
Recommend adoption of the resolution.
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A calendar of upcoming issues of concern to the school board is included as part of the agenda.
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