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February 8, 2022 at 3:30 PM - Board Executive Committee Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Legal Updates
3. Committee Updates
3.A. Property & Facilities Committee
3.A.1. Pedestrian Bridge
3.A.1.a. Update on Pedestrian Bridge timeline - Exhibit 3A1a
3.A.1.b. Update on Financials for Pedestrian Bridge - Exhibit 3A1b
3.A.2. Update on Health Sciences Education Center
3.A.3. Update on Stark Hall Renovation Planning
3.A.4. Update on Nolen Plumbing
3.A.5. Update on Bunkhouse - Asbestos
3.A.6. Update on ETPA Classoom Facility Renovation
3.A.7. Update on Aramark's Renovation to Sport's Grill - Exhibit 3A7
3.B. Policy & Personnel Committee
3.B.1. Update on TASB Salary Study
3.B.2. New TASB Policies
3.B.2.a. BD (Legal, Local): Board Meetings - Exhibit 3B2a
3.B.2.b. BE (Legal, Local): Policy & Bylaw Development - Exhibit 3B2b
3.B.2.c. BBH (Local only): Conventions, Conferences, and Workshops - Exhibit 3B2c
3.B.2.d. CDC (Legal, Local, Administrative Rule): Audits - Exhibit 3B2d
3.B.2.e. CM (Legal, Local): Facilities Construction- Exhibit 3B2e
3.B.2.f. CMA (Legal, Local): Facilities Construction - Competitive Bidding - Exhibit 3B2f
3.B.2.g. CMB (Legal, Local): Facilities Construction: Competitive Sealed Proposals - Exhibit 3B2g
3.B.2.h. EA (Legal, Local): Academic Year and Calendar - Exhibit 3B2h
3.B.2.i. EBA (Legal, Local): Alternative Methods of Instruction: Distance Education - Exhibit 3B2i
3.B.2.j. FB (Legal, Local): Admissions - Exhibit 3B2j
3.B.2.k. FC (Legal, Local): Attendance - Exhibit 3B2k
3.B.3. 2021-2022 Calendar Revision: Juneteenth Holiday - Exhibit 3B3
3.C. Student Success Committee
3.C.1. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee
3.C.1.a. Recommendation from the DEI Committee on the Commemoration of the Juneteenth Federal Holiday
3.C.1.b. Survey: DEI - Exhibit 3C1b
3.C.2. Academic Standing Update - Exhibit 3C2
3.C.3. Maps: Improving the Student Experience - Exhibit 3C3
3.C.4. Innovation Grant Recipients
3.C.4.a. Tina Rushing
3.C.4.b. Kristi Kleinig
3.C.4.c. Sarah Whitfield
3.C.5. Longview University Center Update - Exhibit 3C5
3.C.6. Faculty Awards
3.C.6.a. NISOD (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development) Excellence Award Recipients
3.C.6.a.1) Kristi Kleinig
3.C.6.a.2) Alesha O'Steen
3.C.6.a.3) Ada Ortiz
3.C.6.a.4) Lori Truman
3.C.6.a.5) Mary Shaw
3.C.6.b. 2021-22 Beeson Award Recipient: Julian Redfearn
3.C.7. Mental Health First Aid - Exhibit 3C7
3.D. Investment/Finance/Audit Committee
3.D.1. Capital Budget Process - Exhibit 3D1
3.D.2. FY23 Budget Process - Exhibit 3D2
3.D.3. Increasing Revenues - Entrepreneurial College
3.D.3.a. Return on Investment - New Model
3.D.3.b. Auxiliary Enterprise - KC Mobile Operations - Exhibit 3D3b
3.D.3.c. Tuition/Tax Increase FY23
3.D.3.c.1) Tuition and Fee Recommendations - Exhibit 3D3c1
3.D.3.c.2) Property Tax Increase Scenarios - Exhibit 3D3c2
3.D.4. CARES Update - Exhibit 3D4
3.D.5. October and November Financial Snapshots - Exhibit 3D5
3.D.6. Public Funds Investment Act (PFIA) Quarter 1 - Exhibit 3D6
3.D.7. Audit Update
3.D.8. TASB Policy Review - CDC - Audits - Exhibit 3D8
3.D.9. Financial Bridge Financial Update - Exhibit 3D9
3.D.10. Historic Property Tax Exemption Request from Matthew and Memori Ruesing - Exhibit 3D10
3.E. Executive Committee
3.E.1. Kilgore College Foundation Board Updates
3.E.1.a. To consider a proposed change in the Operating Agreement between Kilgore College and Kilgore College Foundation Board
3.E.1.b. Kilgore College Foundation Updates
3.E.2. Report from KC Board of Trustees Candidate Appointment Committee
3.E.2.a. To consider appointing Gina DeHoyos to serve the unexpired term of Larry Woodfin.
3.E.3. Advanced Manufacturing Academy - Longview
4. Review of Upcoming Board Meeting Agenda
5. Other Business Items:
5.A. Meals/Training before Board Meetings
6. Walk-ins: All
6.A. 2022 Board of Trustee Meeting Dates
  • Monday, April 11, 2022
  • Monday, June 13, 2022
7. Adjourn

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