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January 27, 2022 at 3:30 PM - Policy & Personnel Committee

1. Call to Order
2. Update Items:
2.A. Becoming an Entrepreneurial Community College
3. Standing Committee Items:
3.A. Update on TASB Salary Study
3.B. New TASB Policies
3.B.1. BD (Legal, Local):  Board Meetings - Exhibit 3B1
3.B.2. BE (Legal, Local):  Policy & Bylaw Development - Exhibit 3B2
3.B.3. BBH (Local only):  Conventions, Conferences, and Workshops - Exhibit 3B3
3.B.4. CDC (Legal, Local, Administrative Rule):  Audits - Exhibit 3B4
3.B.5. CM (Legal, Local):  Facilities Construction - Exhibit 3B5
3.B.6. CMA (Legal, Local):  Facilities Construction: Competitive Bidding - Exhibit 3B6
3.B.7. CMB (Legal, Local):  Facilities Construction: Competitive Sealed Proposals -
Exhibit 3B7
3.B.8. EA (Legal, Local):  Academic Year and Calendar - Exhibit 3B8
3.B.9. EBA (Legal, Local):  Alternative Methods of Instruction: Distance Education -
Exhibit 3B9
3.B.10. FB (Legal, Local):  Admissions - Exhibit 3B10
3.B.11. FC (Legal, Local):  Attendance - Exhibit 3B11
4. Other Business Items:
4.A. 2021-2022 Calendar Revision: Juneteenth Holiday - Exhibit 4A
5. Walk-ins: All
5.A. Board of Trustees Institute - March 1-2, 2022; San Antonio, TX - Exhibit 5A
Registration Deadline: February 2, 2022
6. Adjourn

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