October 19, 2020 at 12:00 PM - Workshop Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Consent Agenda
2.A. Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
2.A.1. Workshop Meeting Minutes - September 4, 2020
2.A.2. Special Meeting Minutes - September 14, 2020
2.A.3. Workshop Meeting Minutes - September 14, 2020
2.A.4. Regular Meeting Minutes - September 15, 2020
2.B. Personnel
2.C. Items Exceeding $25,000 - Budgeted Funds
2.C.1. Two Reimbursement Agreements with Atmos Energy Corporation for the Installation of HDPE Service Line to the New Generator at the CCISD Technology Services Building and Approve the Associated Easements (Estimated $40,267.35 - Budgeted Funds)
2.C.2. Purchase of One 77 Passenger Bus and One 48 Passenger Special Needs Bus (Buy Board Contract #549-17 - Longhorn Bus Sales - $210,372.00 Budgeted Funds) 
2.C.3. CenturyLink VOIP Maintenance and Support ($34,001.66 - Budgeted Funds)
2.E. Donation(s)
2.E.1. Ted Smith Law Group;PLLC and Various Sponsors - $9,000.00
2.E.2. William Brown - $200.00
3. Consider and Discuss to Approve Construction Manager At-Risk as the Delivery Method which Provides the Best Value to the District for Rehabilitation and Additions At Mae Stevens Early Learning Academy, Hettie Halstead Elementary, Williams/Ledger Elementary, and Martin Walker Elementary, Approve the One-Step Process for Receiving Proposals, and Authorize the Superintendent to Negotiate Contracts. 
Attachments: (1)
4. Consider and Discuss the Report on Continuing Education Credit Requirements for School Board Members 
5. Consider and Discuss to Proceed with Engineering and Schematic Design for the HVAC Replacement at Copperas Cove High School, Miss Jewell Elementary, Mae Stevens Early Learning Center, Clements/Parsons Elementary and Athletic Annex 
6. Report Items
6.A. Resignations (Written Only)
6.B. Monthly Financial Report (Written Only)
6.C. Conferences
6.C.1. TASB Delegate Assembly - October 2-4, 2020 - Virtual 
6.D. LEP Student Enrollment and Their Primary Language of Proficiency in CCISD (Written Only)
6.E. 2019-2020 English Second Language (ESL) Program Annual Report (Written Only) 
6.F. 2019-2020 Safety and Security Audit Report - Presented by Jeff McGowen and Crux Technologies 
6.G. District Improvement Plan (Written Only) 
7. Information Items
7.A. Board of Trustees Calendar
8. Adjourn
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