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August 1, 2022 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call: Certification by President that the Provisions of Section 551.041 Sub Chapter C Government Code has been complied with in connection with Public Notice of this meeting and a Quorum is present.
III. Meeting Opening
III.A. Invocation
III.B. Presentation of Colors
III.C. Pledges
IV. Open Forum for Public Participation: Persons in attendance at the meeting may request a card to be completed and submitted to the Board President no later than five (5) minutes prior to the meeting. This provides the individual with an opportunity to address the Board during Open Forum. The audience may not enter into discussion or debate with the Board on matters being considered by the Board. No presentations are to exceed five (5) minutes.
The Board may not discuss or act upon any issues that are not posted on the agenda.  In addition, the Board has adopted policies to provide prompt and equitable resolution of complaints and concerns for employees, students or their parents, and the general public. Copies of our District policies and procedures on public comment and filing complaints are available at 
V. New Business (District Goal: Every student will be challenged in a safe and nurturing environment.)
V.A. Facilities Presentation
V.B. Safety Presentation
V.C. District of Innovation Public Hearing
V.D. Discuss and Consider District of Innovation Approval
V.E. Consider Approval of Proposed Date and Time for Notice of Public Meeting to discuss Budget and Tax Rate
V.F. Consider Approval of Posting a Notice of Proposed Tax Rate for 2022-2023
V.G. Discuss and Consider 2022-2023 Administrative Procedures Guide Employee Compensation Plan and Schedules
V.H. Discuss and Consider Student Code of Conduct
V.I. Discuss and Consider Endorsement of TASB Board Candidates
V.J. Discuss and Consider Innovative Course
V.K. Digital Record of MISD Board Meetings
V.L. Policy Update 119
VI. Superintendent's Report (District Goal: Every student will be challenged in a safe and nurturing environment; Strategic Goal: We will ensure district facilities support innovative learning.)
VI.A. Elementary & Secondary Student Handbooks
VI.B. 2022/2023 Athletic Handbook
VI.C. Employee Handbook
VI.D. Beginning of Year Professional Development
VI.E. 21/22 STAAR/EOC Data Comparison Region/State
VI.F. Counselor Report
VI.G. Bilingual/ESL Report
VI.H. Student Transfer Report
VI.I. Superintendent Civic & Professional Activities
VII. Unfinished Business (District Goal: Millsap ISD will ensure financial integrity to support educational, academic, and co-curricular programs.)
VII.A. Authorize Board Officers for Check Signing
VIII. Read and Approve the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting June 27, 2022.
IX. Review Bill Payment List for July, 2022
X. Consent Items (District Goal: Millsap ISD will ensure financial integrity to support educational, academic, and co-curricular programs.)
X.A. Tax Report
X.B. Comparison of Revenues and Expenditures to Budget
X.C. Cash Position of Bank Accounts
XI. Board Activities
XII. Executive Session: Executive Session will be held for purposes permitted by Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code Section 551.001 et seq. including 551.074 Personnel Matters and 551.076 Security Audits.  (District Goal:  Every student will be challenged in a safe and nurturing environment.)
XII.A. Consider Approval of Personnel Items (Tex. Govt. Code Sec. 551.074: Deliberating the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment duties, discipline, or dismissal of an elected officer or employee)
XIII. Reconvene from Executive Session for Action Relative to Items Considered During Executive Session
XIV. Adjournment

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