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May 16, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
Discussion:  The meeting was called to order by Chair Bredman at 7:00 PM.
2. Roll Call
Discussion:  Members present: Dion Bredman, Crystal Henderson, Dave Herbranson, Andy Maier, Marla Field, Ryan Lindbom, Jacob Thompson and Superintendent Ellerbusch.
Guests present: Bryan Strand, Todd Henrickson, Jodi Samuelson, Erin Ellingson and Michael Stein.
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Agenda
5. Approval of Minutes
7. Appreciation, Recognition and Presentations
8. Recognition of Citizens for Input Purposes
9. Reports/News
9.A. High School Principal's Report
9.B. Elementary Principal/Activities Director's Report
9.C. Superintendent's Report
9.D. Board Committee Reports
Discussion:  Marla reported on the Clay County Collaborative meeting.
10. Removal of Consent Items for Discussion
11. Approval of Consent Items
11.A. Personnel
Description:  All hirings are based upon the findings of each individual's background check, licensure status, and discipline report from the Minnesota Department of Education.
11.A.1) Mary Butenhoff's Resignation as a Cook
11.A.2) Unpaid Leave of Absence for Laura Anderson
11.A.3) FMLA Leave Request from Krista Detloff
11.A.4) Emily Olson as Kids Club Program Assistant Leader for Summer 2022
11.A.5) Katie Krotzer as Kids Club Program Assistant Leader for Summer 2022
11.A.6) Mathea Jablonsky as Kids Club Program Student Assistant for Summer 2022
11.A.7) Brynn Sossa as Kids Club Program Student Assistant for Summer 2022
11.A.8) Brooke Sossa as Kids Club Program Student Assistant for Summer 2022
11.A.9) Zander Weber as Kids Club Program Student Assistant for Summer 2022
11.A.10) John Flenner as BTW Instructor
11.A.11) Chris Messer as Youth Craft Advisor
11.A.12) Phil Trowbridge as Head Baseball PK-6th Grade for Summer 2022
11.A.13) Christian Lien as Youth Baseball Coach
11.A.14) Nick Robideau as Youth Baseball Coach
11.A.15) Collin Morey as Youth Baseball Coach
11.A.16) Matt Samuelson as 14-15's Babe Ruth Coach
11.A.17) Julie Boom as Head Softball PK-6th Grade for Summer 2022
11.A.18) Kiana Amundson as Youth Softball Coach
11.A.19) Lydia Braton as Youth Softball Coach
11.A.20) Ella Cossette as Youth Softball Coach
11.A.21) Lilly Trowbridge as Youth Softball Coach
11.A.22) Macie Pauna as Youth Softball Coach
11.A.23) Nicole Herbranson as 14 Under Softball
11.A.24) Aaron Schindler as 18 Under Softball
11.A.25) Grace Halverson as Youth Golf
11.A.26) Aaron Schindler as BHS Speed & Strength; Quickness & Agility
11.A.27) Shane Sigler as BHS Speed & Strength; Quickness & Agility
11.A.28) Elora Passa as Volleyball Camp
11.A.29) Samantha Passa as Volleyball Camp
11.A.30) Bryan Strand as Varsity Football Camp
11.A.31) Nate Strand as Elementary Football Camp
11.A.32) Jensen Beachy as Boys Basketball Camp
11.A.33) Ryan Bomstad as Girls Basketball Camp
11.A.34) Tracy Hinsz as Basketball Shooting & Competitive Camps
11.B. Donations
11.B.1) $1,025 Donation from Microsoft-Benevity Fund for Softball Team
11.B.2) $40 Donation from Barnesville PTO  for Elementary Auxiliary Account
11.B.3) $3,259.99 Donation from Barnesville PTO for TV for Elementary PE
11.B.4) $250 Donation from FM Muskies, Inc for Fishing Team
11.B.5) $500 Donation from Midwest Bank-Barnesville for Fishing Team
11.B.6) $1,000 Donation from Barnesville Rod & Gun for Fishing Team
11.B.7) $700 Donation from Barnesville Booster Club for Boys Golf Section Meet expenses and T-shirts
11.B.8) $656.25 Donation from Barnesville Booster Club for Girls Basketball Late Nite T-shirts
11.B.9) $1,787 Donation from Barnesville Booster Club for Band & Choir Trip T-shirts
11.B.10) $30 Donation from Bell Bank (custom debit cards) to General Fund
12. New Business
12.A. Audit Service Agreement for FY22
12.B. Capital Outlay Requests for FY23
12.C. Girls Basketball Tournament at Wisconsin Dells
12.D. Mechanical Preventive Maintenance Proposal and Contract 
12.E. River Watch
Attachments: (1)
12.F. Resolution Providing that School Board General Elections are Held in Even-Numbered Years
Discussion:  Item Tabled
12.G. Letter of Agreement and Waiver of Continuing Contract for Megan Hoyer
13. Addendum
13.A. FMLA Leave Request from Britta Teeples
13.B. Childcare Leave Request from Britta Teeples
14. Discussion/Information
14.A. School Tours during All School Reunion 
15. Enrollment Update
16. Dates to Remember
16.A. Regular School Board Meeting
16.A.1) Monday, June 20, 2022, 7:00 PM, Barnesville High School
Discussion:  The regular scheduled Board meeting for June will be moved to Tuesday June, 21st at 7:00 PM due to a federal holiday.
17. Adjournment

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