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January 3, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Organizational School Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
Discussion:  The meeting was called to order by Chair Bredman at 7:00 PM
2. Roll Call
Discussion:  Members present: Dion Bredman, Ryan Lindbom, Jacob Thompson, Dave Herbranson, Andy Maier, Crystal Henderson
Members absent: Marla Field
Guests present: Michael Stein, Stephanie Maier, Paul Maier and Steven Maier
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Acceptance of Office and Oath of Office
5. Election of Officers
Description:  The School Board has traditionally elected 4 officers though only a chair, clerk and treasurer are required. Directors currently holding offices retain those offices until they are replaced. In the event of a tie vote for an incumbent position, the incumbent retains the position. Tie votes for open positions require continued attempts to break the tie or, failing that, some type of compromise, or the responsibility falls to the next officer in line until the tie can be resolved. Nominations do not require a second. Officers are voted on in the order nominated until someone is elected.
5.A. Chairperson
5.B. Vice-Chairperson
5.C. Clerk
5.D. Treasurer
6. Approval of Agenda
7. Recognition of Citizens for Input Purposes
Discussion:  Paul and Steven Maier addressed the Board to congratulate their Dad Andy Maier on being appointed to the Board.
8. Organizational Action Items
8.A. Setting of Regular Meeting Time and Dates
The School Board has met on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 PM. We cannot hold a meeting on legal holidays, except Columbus Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Agendas have been posted online in BoardBook on Thursdays prior to the regular meetings.
8.B. Setting of Compensation for Directors
Description:  Compensation is set at $65 for regular board meetings, special board meetings and committee board meetings.  The chairperson receives a $300/year stipend.  The vice chairperson receives a $50/year stipend.  The treasurer receives a $250/year stipend.  The clerk receives a $125/year stipend.
8.C. Naming of Official Depositories for District Funds
8.D. Investment of Funds
Description:  In the past, the Board has authorized the finance officer to make investments. All investments are reported to the Board.
8.E. Annual Delegation of Authority to Make Electronic Fund Transfers
Description:  The Auditor requires the Board to designate someone to make electronic fund transfers. The finance officer has been assigned to do this in the past.
8.F. Naming of Legal Counsel
8.G. Naming of Official Newspaper
8.H. Naming of Representatives and Committee Members
8.H.1) Naming of Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Committee Representatives (Presently Dion Bredman, Marla Field, and Leslie Shirek)
8.H.2) Naming of Technology Advisory Committee Representatives (Presently Dion Bredman, Marla Field, and Jake Thompson)
8.H.3) Naming of High School Site Council Representative(s) (Presently Marla Field)
8.H.4) Naming of Elementary School Site Council Representative(s) (Presently Dion Bredman)
8.H.5) Naming of Staff Development Committee Representative(s) (Presently Leslie Shirek)
8.H.6) Naming of Continuing Education Committee Representative(s) (Presently Ryan Lindbom)
8.H.7) Naming of Wellness Committee Representative(s) (Presently Dave Herbranson) 
8.H.8) Naming of Health and Safety Committee Representative(s) (Presently Dave Herbranson)
8.H.9) Naming of Community Education Advisory Board Representative(s) (Presently Marla Field)
8.H.10) Naming of Buildings and Grounds Committee Representatives (Presently Greg Berg, Dave Herbranson, and Jake Thompson)
8.H.11) Naming of Financial Committee Representatives (Presently Greg Berg, Dion Bredman, and Ryan Lindbom)
8.H.12) Naming of Policy & Public Relations Committee Representatives (Presently Greg Berg and Dave Herbranson)
8.H.13) Naming of Lake Agassiz Education District Board Representative (Presently Leslie Shirek)
8.H.14) Naming of Region 1 Board Representative (Presently Greg Berg)
8.H.15) Naming of Clay County Collaborative, MREA, MSBA and Legislative Liaison Representative(s) (Presently Marla Field)
8.H.16) Naming of Minnesota State High School League Representative(s) (Presently Ryan Lindbom)
8.H.17) Naming of Employee Negotiation Representatives (Presently Ryan Lindbom and Jake Thompson)
8.H.18) Naming of Meet and Confer Representatives (Presently Marla Field and Leslie Shirek)
8.H.19) Naming of Athletic Committee Representatives (Presently Dave Herbranson, Ryan Lindbom, and Jake Thompson)
9. Approve Credit Card Users for Calendar Year 2022
10. Approve Mileage Reimbursement Rate for 2022
11. Discussion/Information
12. Adjournment

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