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November 9, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Join the Meeting Remotely
Description:  The public is invited to attend the meeting remotely. Information to join the meeting is below. Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, phone, or android device.
If you would like to address the Board of Education, please send your written comments to by 5:00 pm on the evening of the meeting. Please include your name as part of your remarks.
II. Call to Order
III. Roll Call
IV. Pledge
V. Communications
V.A. D91 Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
V.B. D91 Foundation
V.C. D91 Parent Athletic Association (PAA)
V.D. Board of Education
V.E. Invitation to Address the Board of Education
Description:  Description:  Description: 
Per Policy 2:230 Public Comments at Board of Education Meetings and Petitions to the Board 
At each regular and special open meeting, the members of the public and District employees may comment on or ask questions of the Board, subject to reasonable constraints. 
The individuals appearing before the Board are expected to follow these guidelines: 
  1. Such a person shall submit a request in writing to the Board Secretary to address the Board. Such a request shall be received at least five (5) working days prior to the Board meeting and shall include said reason for the request.
  2. At the meeting, a person who has complied with number 1 above shall inform the Board Secretary of his/her presence at the meeting.
  3. Address the Board only at the appropriate time as indicated on the agenda and when recognized by the Board President.
  4. Identify oneself and be brief. Ordinarily, such comments shall be limited to five minutes.  In unusual circumstances, and when an individual has made a request in advance to speak for a longer period of time, the individual may be allowed to speak for more than five minutes. 
  5. The Board President may shorten or lengthen an individual’s opportunity to speak.  The President may also deny an individual the opportunity if the individual has previously addressed the Board on the same subject within the past 2 months. 
  6. The Board President shall have the authority to determine procedural matters regarding public participation not otherwise defined in Board of Education policy. 
  7. Conduct oneself with respect and civility toward others and otherwise abide by Board policy, 8:30, Visitors to and Conduct on School Property. 
Petitions or written correspondence to the Board shall be presented to the Board of Education in the next regular Board packet unless the Superintendent deems the matter to be urgent. 
VI. Student Recognition
Description:  We will be recognizing the KG students of the month and MG second grade student representatives.  
VII. Staff Recognition
Description:  We will be recognizing all new District 91 staff that have joined the Hornet Family for the 2021-2022 school year.
VIII. Approval of Consent Agenda
The Consent Agenda is a list of routine non-controversial items, which do not require further discussion and which are approved with one motion and one roll call vote. It is an effective procedure to handle routine matters on the agenda expeditiously. All consent items shall be listed with an asterisk(*) and will be enacted with one motion. However, any member of the Board of Education may request that an item be withdrawn from the Consent Agenda and discussed in its regular order.
VIII.A. Approval of Minutes *
Attachments: (1)
VIII.B. Approval of Financial Reports 
VIII.B.1. Payment of Bills (online)*
Attachments: (1)
VIII.B.2. Monthly Financial Reports (on-line)*
Attachments: (3)
VIII.B.3. Activity Accounts*
Attachments: (1)
VIII.B.4. Treasurer's Report*
Attachments: (1)
VIII.B.5. Investment Report*
Attachments: (1)
VIII.B.6. Flexible Spending Account*
Attachments: (1)
VIII.C. FOIA Report *

We have not received any requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act since the October 2021 meeting of the Board of Education.

VIII.D. Suspension Report
Description:  Attached is the suspension report for Kelvin Grove for the month of October 2021.  There were no suspensions at Milne Grove for the month of October 2021.
IX. Board Reports/Discussion Items
IX.A. Finance Committee Update

The Finance Committee will meet on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 5:00 P.M. in the Kelvin Grove LRC.  The agenda for this committee meeting is listed below.  All members are invited to attend the meeting.

Workshop Reports/Discussion Items

  • Review Proposed Tax Levy 

Information discussed at the meeting will be reviewed with the full board during the Board reports/discussion items portion of the meeting Tuesday.  I look forward to seeing the committee members and all who are interested on Tuesday, at 5:00, in the Kelvin Grove LRC.

IX.B. Buildings and Grounds Committee Update

The Buildings and Grounds Committee will meet on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 6:00 pm in the Kelvin Grove LRC.  The agenda discussion items are listed below.  All members are invited to attend the meeting.

Committee Discussion Items

  • Energy Savings

  • Waste Management Savings

  • FY21 & FY22 Maintenance Grant Updates

  • Demand Star

  • Winter Break Projects

  • Lighting Project Plans

Information discussed at the meeting will be reviewed by the full board during the Board reports/discussion items portion of the meeting on Tuesday.  I look forward to seeing the committee members and all who are interested on Tuesday at 6:00 in the KG LRC.

IX.C. IASB Resolutions 
Description:  Tuesday evening, the board members will be asked to provide Mrs. Rodriguez feedback on each of the proposed resolutions to be discussed this year at the Delegate Assembly. I have attached another copy of the IASB Report to the Membership - 2021 Resolutions Committee Report for your convenience.
IX.D. Recording Secretary Position Proposal

In reviewing many board of education officers, other districts have chosen to elect a recording secretary who is responsible for the review of board minutes by the board secretary as well as typing up minutes from closed session meetings.  The recording secretary would also be responsible for being the second signature on various documents such as staff contracts, financial reporting, etc. confirming the board’s approval of an action item instead of the district paid board secretary's signature.


At the board meeting, we will be discussing whether it is the will of the board to name a recording secretary from the current seated board or not.  If the board chooses to add the designated position, there will be a formal request for nominations and vote for the position at the December board meeting.

IX.E. Board Discussion Group

On Tuesday night, Dr. Wilkey would like to discuss the possibility of having some board discussion group meetings prior to board meetings to review the status of the current strategic plan with topics not related to board committees.  The topics to be discussed could involve updates on current district/building initiatives to address the expectations of the strategic plan.  They could also include updates on district/building identified initiatives such as curriculum work, professional development, community projects, etc. 

X. Reports of the Superintendent
X.A. Shield Testing Update
Description:  On Tuesday night, Dr. Wilkey will provide an update on Shield testing that has taken place since the week of October 20th.  We will also discuss the current mitigation in place that have minimized the number of students who have to quarantine if considered a possible close contact at school.
XI. Action Items
XI.A. Accept Donations



Accept the donations listed below.



The following donations have been made to the Kelvin Grove Learning Resource Center:


First Donation from Ms. Laura Garrett & The Klauser Family.  They have donated a package of LEGO bricks to be used in the Kelvin Grove MakerSpace LEGO wall.


Second Donation from Mr. Malak.  He donated six brand new books purchased from the KG Scholastic Book Fair.  

We are grateful for the support received from our community. It is my recommendation these donations be officially accepted by the Board of Education.

XI.B. Personnel Report
XI.C. Estimated Amounts Necessary to be Levied for 2021 Levy



To approve the estimated amounts necessary to be levied for the 2021 levy.




The levy resolution being recommended will ensure that District 91 does not lose any dollars it is entitled to under the tax cap. It will make sure that even if the most recent estimated EAV from the county clerk increases or decreases (within limits), the district will capture its full entitlement. This year, the district will not need to ask for more than the 5% cap, therefore we are not required to publish a notice or hold a hearing before approving the certificate of tax levy in December.  


The estimated aggregate levy recommended this year is as follows:


Education $4,403,853

Operation and Maintenance $950,000

Transportation $200,000

Working Cash $11,917

Municipal Retirement $160,000

Social Security $100,000

Fire, Prevention, & Safety $4,981

Tort $80,000

Special Education $49,746

Unemployment $7,013

Total Capped Levy $5,967,510 (not including Bonds)


Estimated Bond &Interest    $575,204


Total Estimated 2020 Levy $6,542,714


It is my recommendation that the Board approve the estimated amounts necessary to be levied for the 2021 levy.

Attachments: (1)
XI.D. Memorandum of Understanding


Approve a memorandum of understanding that summarizes agreements between the Board and the Association regarding the addition of "school counselor" to the section 1.1 Recognition.




I worked with Mrs. Waxweiler to develop a memorandum of understanding (MOU).  This MOU outlines the changes and agreements between the Board and the Association regarding the addition of "school counselor" to the association under the current CBA.  

XI.E. Proposal for Staff Appreciation


Approval to purchase staff appreciation holiday gifts.



We would like to purchase each staff member a gift to recognize the exceptional work they have been doing as a team to meet the needs of our students over the course of the past few years. The current budget includes the funds for this purchase.

It is my recommendation that the Board of Education approve the purchase of staff gifts.

XII. Informational Items
XII.A. Correspondence
XII.B. Legislative Report
XII.C. Upcoming Dates
XIII. Closed Session
XIV. Adjournment

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