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October 19, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Establish a Quorum
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Mission Statement
The mission of Norridge School District 80 is Inspiring Educational Excellence in a Nurturing Environment.
5. Celebrate the Success
6. Action Item
6.A. Consider approval of agenda as presented/modified
7. Recognition of Visitors
8. Correspondence
9. Public Participation (must sign in)
10. FOIA Requests
10.A. Vince Espi, LocalLabs, September 28, 2021, requesting all data of any faculty or student with (a) COVID-19 positive test results, (b) COVID-19 like symptoms or (c) close contacts to a confirmed COVID-19 case that were reported to the local health department over the previous seven days.
10.B. Vince Espi, LocalLabs, September 29, 2021, requesting a list of all materials in your district that fall under the 1619 project; a list of all books written by authors Ibram X. Kendi (aka Henry Rogers) or Robin DiAngelo that are used in curriculum or libraries in your school district.
10.C. Vince Espi, LocalLabs, September 30, 2021, requesting (1) How much money has the district received under the American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Grant program, otherwise known as ARP ESSER; please provide totals and dates of receipts along with a grand total of money received from this program; (2) Section 2001(i) of the ARP Act requires any district that receives ARP ESSER funds to develop and make publicly available on its website, within 30 days after receiving its allocation, a plan for the safe return to in-person instruction and continuity of services.  Prior to making the plan public, the LEA must seek public comment on the plan and take such comments into consideration when developing the plan.  Where is this plan available currently on your district website?  When did you publish the plan?  Did you seek public comment on the plan?  When/where/how?  Please provide all documents relating to the communication of this plan to the general public; (3) Also under the ARP act, every district that receives ARP ESSER funds must develop a plan for its use of them and submit it to the Illinois State Board of Education within 90 days.  Did you provide this plan to the Illinois State Board of Education?  When?  Please provide a copy of what you provided to ISBE; (4) ARP ESSER also requires enhanced reporting on spending of these funds from districts and the ISBE.  Have you provided any reporting thus far?  If so, please provide all reports.
10.D. Katherine Smyser, NBC Universal, October 4, 2021, requesting all documents, data, and/or spreadsheets sufficient to show all unclaimed funds under the control of Norridge School District 80 which have NOT been reported or transferred to the Illinois State Treasurer for inclusion in the state's Unclaimed Property fund and database.  This would include unclaimed money and property that is not yet old enough to be transferred to the Treasurer, including unclaimed refunds of any type; uncashed and/or "state" checks or warrants; refunds or reimbursements for taxes, tuition, housing, incidentals, insurance payments, expenses, or any other type of refund or reimbursement, and all other unclaimed property and money which is currently under the control of your agency.  For all documents, data or spreadsheets that contain information on these unclaimed funds, I am requesting all fields of data, including the specific amount of each unclaimed fund, the name and address of each person or entity to which each fund is due; a description of what each piece of unclaimed property or money is; any control number or property number attached to each property; and any applicable dates connected with each piece of unclaimed property.  Second, I am requesting documents, data, and/or spreadsheets showing all unclaimed property which your office HAS reported and/or transferred to the Illinois State Treasurer, in response to the requirements of Illinois Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act from January 1, 2016 to the present.  I request these documents, data and/or spreadsheets include all available fields, including the specific amount of each parcel of unclaimed property which was reported and/or transferred to the Illinois Treasurer's office; a description of what the property or cash is; the name and address of the person or entity due the property or cash; any date associated with each parcel of unclaimed property or cash; and any control number or other reference number for the property or cash.  Third, I am requesting documents, data and/or spreadsheets showing all claims for unclaimed property DUE TO Norridge School District 80 FROM the Illinois Treasurer's Unclaimed Property fund, for which you have submitted a claim or documentation to the Illinois Treasurer's Office from January 1, 2016 to the present, including the amount of each property claimed, the date your office submitted the claim, the property ID number from the Illinois State Treasurer's Unclaimed Property database, and the current status of each claim you submitted (i.e., whether you received the property or money, or whether the claim is still pending).  
10.E. Joe Hart, Illinois Education Association-NEA, October 7, 2021, requesting the names of all non-certified support staff employed by Norridge School District 80; their job titles; their date of hire; their work building and its address; the number of hours they are scheduled or have worked per week; the number of hours they are scheduled per year; their collective bargaining status (i.e., whether or not they are covered by a collective bargaining agreement) and if they are in a bargaining unit the name of the labor organization with which that unit is affiliated; the identity and services provided of any subcontracted companies currently engaged in district support staff work (including but not limited to: transportation services (regular or special ed), food services, custodial services, technology services, and security services).
11. Administrative Reports
11.A. Interim Superintendent Report - Mr. Grimm
11.B. Assistant Superintendent Report - Mrs. Guzik
11.C. Building Monthly Reports
11.C.1. Mr. Biedke - Giles
11.C.2. Dr. Rabiola - Leigh
11.D. Special Ed Report - Mr. Dore
11.E. Monthly Staffing Report - Mrs. Guzik
11.F. Discipline Report
11.F.1. Mrs. Ahrens - Giles
11.F.2. Mrs. Mysel - Leigh
12. Board Committees
12.A. Board Policy Development
12.B. Buildings and Grounds
12.C. Communications
12.D. Finance
12.E. Negotiations
12.F. Education
12.G. Parent-Teacher Advisory
12.H. Behavioral Intervention
12.I. Norridge Park District
13. Consent Agenda
13.A. Consider approval of Board Meeting minutes
13.A.1. August 9, 2021 special meeting closed session minutes
13.A.2. August 17, 2021 closed session minutes
13.A.3. September 21, 2021 regular meeting minutes
13.B. Consider approval of recommended board policy revisions - first reading (issue 107)
1:10 School District Legal Status
1:20 District Organization, Operations, and Cooperative Agreements
1:30 School District Philosophy
2:10 School District Governance
2:20 Powers and Duties of the School Board; Indemnification
2:30 School District Elections
2:130 Board-Superintendent Relationship
2:240 Board Policy Development
3:30 Chain of Command
5:10 Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment
5:30 Hiring Process and Criteria
6:100 Using Animals in the Educational Program
6:145 Migrant Students
6:160 English Learners
6:170 Title I Programs
6:235 Access to Electronic Networks
6:255 Assemblies and Ceremonies
6:260 Complaints About Curriculum, Instructional Materials, and Programs
7:220 Bus Conduct
7:230 Misconduct by Students with Disabilities
7:280 Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease
8:90 Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs
2:120-E1 Exhibit - Guidelines for Serving as a Mentor to a New School Board Member
2:120-E2 Exhibit - Website Listing of Development and Training Completed by Board Members
2:125-E3 Exhibit - Resolution to Regulate Expense Reimbursements
2:220-E4 Exhibit - Open Meeting Minutes
2:220-E7 Exhibit - Access to Closed Meeting Minutes and Verbatim Recordings
2:240-E1 Exhibit - PRESS Issue Updates
2:240-E2 Exhibit - Developing Local Policy
2:250-E2 Exhibit - Immediately Available District Public Records and Web-Posted Reports and Records
2:250-E3 Exhibit - Recurrent Requester Notification
3:30-E Exhibit - Organizational Chart for Administration
4:15-E1 Exhibit - Letter to Employees Regarding Protecting the Privacy of Social Security Numbers
4:15-E2 Exhibit - Statement of Purpose for Collecting Social Security Numbers
4:15-E3 Exhibit - Statement for Employee Manual or District Website Describing the District's Purpose for Collecting Social Security Numbers
4:140-E1 Exhibit - Application for Fee Waiver
4:140-E2 Exhibit - Response to Application for Fee Waiver, Appeal, and Response to Appeal
4:140-E3 Exhibit - Resolution to Increase Driver Education Fees
5:125-E Exhibit - Employee Receipt of Board Policy on Personal Technology and Social Media
5:170-E1 Exhibit - Request to Reprint or Adapt Material
5:190-E1 Exhibit - Notice to Parents of Their Right to Request Their Child's Classroom Teachers' Qualifications
5:190-E2 Exhibit - Notice to Parents When Their Child Is Assigned To or Has Been Taught for at Least Four Straight Weeks By a Teacher Who Does Not Meet Applicable State Certification/Licensure Requirements
5:190-E3 Exhibit - Letter to Teacher Who Does Not Meet Applicable State Certification/Licensure Requirements for the Grade Level and Subject Area of Assignment
6:100-E1 Exhibit - Guidelines and Application for Using Animals in School Facilities for Educational Purposes
6:100-E2 Exhibit - Student Permission for Exposure to Animals
6:235-E3 Exhibit - Online Privacy Statement
6:235-E4 Exhibit - Keeping Yourself and Your Kids Safe on Social Networks
6:260-E Exhibit - Curriculum Objection
9:95-E2 Exhibit - Verification of School Visitation
1:20-AP Administrative Procedure - Checklist for Handling Intergovernmental Agreement Requests
2:150-AP Administrative Procedure - Superintendent Committees
2:200-AP Administrative Procedure - Types of School Board Meetings
3:70-AP Administrative Procedure - Succession Plan
4:40-AP Administrative Procedure - Preparing and Updating Disclosures
4:60-AP3 Administrative Procedure - Criminal History Records Check of Contractor Employees
4:140-AP Administrative Procedure - Fines, Fees, and Charges - Waiver of Student Fees
4:170-AP5 Administrative Procedure - Unsafe School Choice Option
5:30-AP2 Administrative Procedure - Investigations
5:30-AP2, E1 Exhibit - Notice of Preliminary Hiring Decision Based on Conviction Record
5:30-AP2, E2 Exhibit - Notice of Final Hiring Decision Based on Conviction Record
5:40-AP Administrative Procedure - Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease
5:170-AP1 Administrative Procedure - Copyright Compliance
5:170-AP2 Administrative Procedure - Seeking Permission to Copy or Use Copyrighted Works
5:170-AP3 Administrative Procedure - Instructional Materials and Computer Programs Developed Within the Scope of Employment
5:240-AP Administrative Procedure - Suspensions
6:100-AP1 Administrative Procedure - Dissection of Animals
6:120-AP4 Administrative Procedure  - Care of Students with Diabetes
6:170-AP1 Administrative Procedure - Checklist for Development, Implementation, and Maintenance of Parent and Family Engagement Compacts for Title I Programs
6:170-AP1, E1 Exhibit - District-Level Parent and Family Engagement Compact
6:170-AP1, E2 Exhibit - School-Level Parent and Family Engagement Compact
6:170-AP2 Administrative Procedure - Notice to Parents Required by Elementary and Secondary Education, McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance, and Protection of Pupil Rights
6:190-AP Administrative Procedures - Academic Eligibility for Participation in Extracurricular Activities
6:235-AP1 Administrative Procedure - Acceptable Use of the District's Electronic Networks
6:235-AP1, E1 Exhibit - Student Authorization for Access to the District's Electronic Networks
6:235-AP1, E2 Exhibit - Staff Authorization for Access to the District's Electronic Networks
6:235-AP2 Administrative Procedure - Web Publishing Guidelines
6:250-AP Administrative Procedure - Resource Persons and/or School Volunteers; Screening
7:240-AP2, E1 Exhibit - Consent to Participate in Extracurricular Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
7:340-AP1, E3 Exhibit - Letter to Parents and Eligible Students Concerning Military Recruiters and Postsecondary Institutions Receiving Student Directory Information
7:340-AP1, E4 Exhibit - Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Military Recruiter Access to Students and Student Information
7:340-AP2 Administrative Procedure - Storage and Destruction of School Student Records
7:345-AP. E4 Exhibit - Notice of Parent Rights Regarding Student Covered Information
13.C. Consider approval of payment of monthly bills
(listing of bills $3000.00 and over)
CareerStaff Unlimited $   9,565.00
Citywide Building Maintenance Inc.    27,045.16
Curriculum Associates    12,500.00
Family Guidance Center/Metro Prep      8,959.64
Gourmet Gorilla, Inc.    16,461.46
IXL Learning      6,750.00
Maxim Staffing Services, Inc.      7,480.00
Northwest Suburbs SpEd Organization  155,352.06
Safeway Transportation Services Corp.      9,262.00
Solo Construction Inc.      4,700.00
Trane U.S. Inc.    16,985.88
VT Services, Inc.      7,220.00
Midwest Computer Products, Inc.      6,439.04
14. Action Items
14.A. Consider approval of district maintenance plan and presentation of draft job description for review
14.B. Consider approval of administrative assistant structure plan and draft job description
14.C. Consider approval of board policy 7:180 Prevention of and Response to Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment to waive first reading and approve on second reading
14.D. Consider approval of revisions to job descriptions for Administrative Assistants:  Board of Education and Superintendent, Payroll and Human Resources, Special Education, and District Registrar
14.E. Consider approval of revisions for board policies - second reading and adoption
2:265 Title IX, Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure
4:45   Insufficient Fund Checks and Debt Recovery
4:130 Free and Reduced-Priced Food Services
4:180 Pandemic Preparedness; Management and Recovery
6:250 Community Resource Persons and Volunteers
7:10   Equal Educational Opportunities
7:190 Student Behavior
8:30   Visitors to and Conduct on School Property
14.F. Consider approval of Consolidated District Plan
14.G. Consider approval of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding Teacher Evaluation
14.H. Consider approval of Speech Language Pathology Clinical Education Affiliation Agreement MSSLP Advanced Clinical Practicum
14.I. Consider approval of AT&T Three-year contract extension for elevator phone lines
14.J. Consider approval of Application and Agreement for Use of District Facilities for Rebels basketball
15. Discussion Items
15.A. Tax Levy Presentation - Dr. Schilling
15.B. Update on Master Facilities Plan to include status of District architect work on plumbing and miscellaneous work bid specs - Dr. Schilling
15.C. Collective Bargaining - Interest Based Approach
15.D. Outline of District Strategic Planning Process
15.E. Report from meeting with Village of Norridge regarding traffic study
15.F. Revised District Paraprofessional Evaluation Instrument
15.G. Norridge School District 80 Proposed ESSER III plan
15.H. District Documents Retention Schedule/Disposal List and Process
15.I. Requested change to contract with Citywide Building Maintenance
16. Board Comments
17. Closed Session
Consider motion to adjourn to closed session to discuss the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees (5 ILCS 120/2(c)(1), collective negotiating matters (5 ILCS 120/2(c)(2), and review of closed session minutes (5 ILCS 120/2(c)(14).
18. Personnel Action Items
18.A. Consider approval of employment of Rocco Pascente, District Title Paraprofessional
18.B. Consider approval of employment of Alexis Ruiz, District SpEd Paraprofessional
18.C. Consider approval of employment of Sandra Mich, District Title Paraprofessional
18.D. Consider acceptance of letter of resignation from Anna Bartoszuk, Bilingual Teacher, Leigh School, effective October 12, 2021
18.E. Consider acceptance of letter of resignation from Janet Metter, District Paraprofessional, Giles School, effective October 14, 2021
18.F. Consider acceptance of letter of resignation from Nicholette O'Sullivan, District Paraprofessional, Leigh School, effective October 22, 2021
18.G. Consider approval of reassignment of Anna Ossowska, District Paraprofessional to District ESL teacher
18.H. Consider approval of employment of Monika Scieszka, District Title Paraprofessional
18.I. Consider approval of assignment extension for Marta Sukyniuk, Bilingual Teacher, Leigh School
18.J. Consider approval of increase of Paraprofessional hourly rate when subbing for a certified teacher
18.K. Consider approval of employment of District Paraprofessional
19. Board Meeting Reflection
20. Adjourn
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